Forever in Eternity

Yami marched when the meeting room, followed by Jono. Yami was fuming; he had the look of murder in his eyes. He had never expected the Advisors to be so sneaky and wretched. He stopped before reaching Setti's bedroom and stood still, he was shaking with anger.

Jono stopped beside him.

"Yami let it out," Jono stated.

"Those cynical bastards, how dare they do this to me and not expect me to be angry. Then they had the nerve to drag Setti in to this. I should fire them all, this is treason isn't?" Yami shouted.

Jono was about to talk then Yami when into another fit. Jono let him; it wasn't good for Yami to keep it all in.

"…and I am sure that brother of yours is in on it too," Yami stopped.

"Don't even mention him right now, I have no doubt that he is," Jono stated not even going to try and defend his brother.

Jono and Yami stopped when they noticed two pairs of eyes watching them.

Yami smiled at Setti and opened his arms to his love, and smiled when he ran into them.

Jono watched with a smile as Setti calmed Yami with his gentleness.

He turned to look at Caleb, who walked to his side.

"Anzu again?" Caleb asked.

Jono nodded and turned to look at the couple. Setti had a pout on his lips at the mention of the said girl's name.

"What did she want now, Yami?" Setti asked.

"It wasn't her, it was her father, he was here trying to convince me to marry his daughter at the advisor's request," Yami answered.

"I feel sorry for the old man, he doesn't know the snake he has for a daughter," Jono stated.

Setti continued to have a pout until Yami distracted him by nuzzling and biting lightly on his neck.

"Will leave you two," Jono said as he wrapped his arm around Caleb's waist.

Yami nodded and pulled Setti back into their room.

Jono smiled and pulled Caleb with him.

"Where are we going?" Caleb asked not trying to pull out of Jono's grasp.

"To the gardens, it's a nice day outside, besides I promised to take you to the Nile today didn't I?" Jono stated.

"Yes you did," Caleb smiled.

"So you like you present?" Jono smiled.

"Yes, but Jono one problem, Yami is with Setti most the time. Where does that leave me?" Caleb asked.

"With me," Jono grinned.

"You thought this out, that's a first," Caleb laughed snuggling closer to Jono, who simply tighten his hold on the boy.

"What are you still doing here?" a voice demanded drawing their attention.

They turned to look at an angry Marik.

"So you decided to keep a pet now, Jono. Really is that good in bed?" Marik smirked.

"How dare you? Caleb has a new job,"

"Oh, really and what is that?"

"It's…" Jono started.

"None of your damn business," Caleb finished pulling out of Jono's embrace.

Marik narrowed his eyes, and grabbed Caleb's arm with a bruising grip and hissed in his ear, "Remember, a word to anyone and he dies."

Marik smirked at Caleb's eyes widen. The boy visibly paled at the comment.

Before Jono could demand he release Caleb, Marik shoved him in Jono's arms.

"What did you say to him?" Jono demand of Marik who was walking away laughing.

Caleb was shaking and clutching at Jono.

"Only that you won't be around forever to protect him," Marik laughed.

"Why you …." Jono stopped when Caleb pulled on his shirt. He looked down and it broke his heart to see such sad eyes.

He wrapped his arms around the lithe form.

"Don't worry, I always be here for you," Jono whispered and his soothed the young man.

Caleb nodded and tightened his hold Jono.

They just stood there in each others embrace.

Setti lay beside Yami with his head on his chest, playing with each other's hair.

"Yami, do you think something is wrong with me," Setti asked.

"Why would you say that?" Yami said as he stopped running his fingers down Setti's hair.

"Do you think I'm too weak?"


"I do,"

Yami sat up and pulled Setti to his lap.

"Do not confuse innocence and gentleness with weakness. It is because of those traits that I fell in love with you," Yami said as he lifted Setti's chin so he could look in to the deep blue eyes.

"So I am not weak,"

"No you are not,"

Setti still looked unsure.

"Here I have a surprise for you,"

"What?" Setti looked at him with curiosity.

"I remember, someone wanting to go to the beach," Yami said with a smile.

Setti smile and throw his arms around Yami's neck and planted a quick kiss on Yami's lips.

"We're going to the beach?"

Yami nodded and enjoyed another kiss.

"But there's a catch," Yami stated when Setti pulled away.

"A catch, what catch?"

Yami had an evil grin and slipped out of bed and walked to his dresser and pulled out a garment. Setti eyed it until Yami spread it out on the bed.


"You have to wear that," Yami smirked.

Setti looked wide eyed as he lifted up the garment.


Jono held Caleb's hand as they walked to the Nile; he noticed how Caleb clutched at his arm, keeping his eyes downcast.

He stopped at the edge of the river and turned to look at Caleb.

"What's wrong?" Jono asked as he lifted Caleb's chin so he could into his eyes.

"Marik is just getting to me," Caleb answered.

"Why didn't you let me tell him you job is to keep Setti company, I just but he love that," Jono said earning a small smile from Caleb.

"The less he knows about me the better, I just don't anything to do with him," Caleb stated.

"Alright no more talking of my brother, let's enough a swim,"

"Jono I can't swim I've never been to the Nile,"

Jono smiled and pulled him close.

"I won't let anything happen to you, I swear,"

Caleb smiled and pulled out of Jono's arms and went to a near by tree.

"Where are you going?"

"To change,"

Jono pouted and Caleb laughed.

Going to a different tree, Jono changed as well.

After a while, the both emerged Jono smiled at Caleb's shy demeanor. Both were in simply skirts and bare chest. Jono made his way to Caleb wrapping his arm around him, with Caleb's hands at his chest, but not to push him away.

"Don't worry I won't let anything happen to you," Jono smiled and lead him to the river.

Never letting go the emerged until the water was just below their chests, Jono lifted Caleb's hands so they would rap around his neck.

Scoping up water from behind Caleb, he poured water over them.

Caleb smiled and snuggled closer to Jono.

"Hold your breath," Jono whispered.

They submerged under the water.

Yami sat on the blanket as he watched Setti danced at the shoreline just before he reached the water. Setti had begged him so much to bring him. Yami watched memorized by the sway of Setti's body. Yami loved how Setti was so flexible it made his nights more interesting.

Setti had blushed when he saw it.

"That's the entire outfit?" Setti asked.

"Yes," Yami clearly answered. He was sitting next to him on the bed.

"But, it's just a skirt!" Setti stated.

"Well, you can't go in the one your wearing," Yami stated.

"What's wrong with the one I'm wearing," Setti pouted. It was his favorite outfit, a white with blue, his two favorite colors.

"Nothing, Previous, but I would really like to see you in this," Yami purred as he pulled Setti on his lap.

"But it's too reviling, and you get so jealous with someone even looks at me," Setti stated.

"But no one is going to see you, where we are going, no one is allowed to enter but royalty. Besides it just going to be you and me, I'm not going to take guards with me, so they could drool over you," Yami stated.

Setti just looked at him.

But in time he had gotten his way.

Yami watched as he continued to dance, seductively. They almost didn't make it, because Yami insisted that he help put the outfit on him, well, that lead to other things.

He smiled as he saw him, over some time; Setti got over his embarrassment and danced on the sea. He gracefully twirled and spun causing the skit to raise and fall as if it had a mind of his own.

He was wearing just a skirt, but what a skirt. It was simply to long pieces of white linen kept together with a thin silver sting. Yami could all of his leg and most of hips because of the gold strings.

"Precious," Yami called his innocent lover.

Setti turned, at his new nickname, Yami had been so romantic about it, he didn't mind being called like that anymore.

Setti made his way to him, and sat down beside him but Yami would have none of that, he quickly placed him on his lap.

"Having fun?" Yami asked.

Setti nodded and moaned when Yami quickly kissed him. It wasn't a chaste kiss, but one of passion and hungry, the ones that left him breathless.

Yami pulled away and kissed his neck, sucking on the tender flesh.

Setti moaned and purred, at Yami actions.

Then Yami stopped and went up to his ear.

"I have other ideas of fun," Yami whispered before he nibbled at his ear.

Setti gasped and arched his back as Yami's hands began to roam under his skirt.


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