Hello all, sorry for the EXTREME delay in updating. I went to Germany on exchange, and ever since I got back, thinks have been hectic, what with me having to catch up with school and my mom having a baby and all. However, it's summer, and I have no doubt that I will finish this story once and for all! Thanks to everyone who has followed this story for so long! Also, for those of you who have read HBP, can you see the slight tribute to it? Don't worry, it isn't a spoiler for those of you who haven't read it yet...but if you haven't, why are you wasting yoru time on fanfiction!

Hermione ran through the halls, trying to think of where Remus could be. 'Bloody coward' she thought to herself angrily, 'Couldn't even wait half of a minute for me to tell him that I don't bloody care!'. Almost immediately, she felt guilty for her thoughts. He had had a rather trying life. It wasn't his fault that most everybody despises Werewolves. Suddenly, she realized that she was nearing the Fat Lady, and skidded to a halt.

"Teapot" She gasped. "I'm a little Tea Pot". The Fat Lady looked at her critically. "Hmm, I don't know..." she said slowly, "Your rather new to Gryffindor...To prove that you should really be allowed through, why don't you sing the password, with all of the proper hand gestures."

"What?" cried a startled and annoyed Hermione. "I-That's preposterous! You aren't allowed to do things like that!" The Fat lady crossed her arms. "I shan't open up unless you do it." Hermione really was desperate to find Remus, otherwise she would NEVER consent to doing anything so completely stupid.

"I'm a little Tea Pot, short and stout;" sang Hermione with a scowl on her face, "Here is my handle, here is my spout;" She curled one of her arms to her side, and stuck the other out. "When I get all steamed up, I just shout..." sang a rather steamed up Hermione, "Tip me over and pour me out" She dipped her arm, and then quickly straitened when she heard several first years giggling behind her. She gave them a death glare, then turned to the Fat Lady, who was quite red in the face. "Oh, dear, that was wonderful!" She chortled. "Really, what a spirited performance!" She then swung open. As the agitated Hermione stepped through, she heard the Fat Lady giggle and say "Tea Pot!".

Hermione straightened as she stepped into the common room, and was greeted by a blue of black and red sitting on the couch. Lily and James appeared to be snogging as if there was no tomorrow. Hermione noted that several curious 3rd years were watching, wide eyes. Hermione stormed over to them. "Lily! James! Stop it!" They didn't. "LILY! JAMES!" No avail. With a sigh, she pulled out her wand.

"Petrificus Totalus!" The two froze. It took Hermione several seconds untangle the frozen couple, and put them on opposite sides of the couch. The 3rd years were watching with, if it were possible, even more astonishment than before. Hermione shooed them away, and them unfroze her two friends. James glared at her. "What was that for? Me and Lily were-" Hermione held up a hand to silence him.

"I need to find Remus." She said quietly. Lily raised an eyebrow. "Why isn't he glued to your hip anymore?" she asked. Hermione sighed. "We got in a fight," She explained. "He wanted to break up with me, said it was for my own protection." James and Lily exchanged dark looks. "He refused to tell me why," Hermione continued, and noted that Lily and James seemed relieved. "But.. Well, I forced it out of him." James leaped out of his seat. "Hershey, how could you! If you hurt him, I will hunt you down and trample you to death!" Hermione raised a eyebrow at him. "Well, if I was planning on hurting him, I would quite frightened right now. But, my dear boy, how on earth would you trample me?"

James went a bit red, realizing his mistake, but chose not to comment. It was Lily who spoke next, a mixture of amazement and incredulity in her voice. "He told you, and you...don't care? Are you sure he wasn't lying to you?" She asked softly. Hermione sighed, and glanced out the window at the crescent moon. Softly, she said "Aaahhoooo". She could tell that this proved that she really knew. Lily and James stared at her.

"I need to find him." She said softly. "As soon as he told me, he ran out of the library, and I don't know where he could be."

"The Astronomy Tower" said James, matter of factly. "He always goes there when he wants to be alone."

Before Lily or James quite realized what happened, Hermione was halfway through the portrait hole. As it was closing, they heard her yell "Thank you so much!"

Hermione ran through the halls, and up several staircases, without even bothering to apologize when she kocked over Professor Tryon, who was carrying a large vile of a bubbling liquid. She paused for a moment, smelling the odd combination of freshly cut grass, parchment, and an odd husky smell that reminded her of Remus, but then tore herself away from the intriguing smell, and hurdled up the last 3 staircases.

Finally, she was at the door to the Astronomy Tower. She paused, her hand stopped above the doorknob, suddenly nervous. What if he was angry with her? What if he was just using the Werewolf excuse because he really didn't fancy her anymore? She dismissed this idea, however- Even though they had only been together for a week, they had such a strong bond...it couldn't have been fake.

She quietly opened the door, and peered in. She could see a silhouette- Remus's silhouette- in the window. He was sitting there comfortably, as if he didn't even realize the incredibly drop inches from him. Suddenly, his head whirled towards her, and she cringed- she had forgotten about his enhanced hearing.

"What do you want?" he asked in a quiet, defeated voice that broke Hermione's heart to hear. She slowly walked towards him. He recoiled away from hr, and towards the open window, which broke her heart even more. Afraid that he would accidently fall, she pulled out her wand and pointed at him, Wingardium Leviosa on the tip of her tongue.

He laughed hollowly. "So, fancy yourself a Werewolf hunter?" He asked quietly, the pain now quite evident in his voice. "Going to finish me off? I can't say I don't deserve it..." Hermione stared at him, her mouth slightly open, her eyes filling with tears. "Remus," She whispered. "How could you think that?" Remus obviously didn't expect anything like that to be her answer, because the look of surprise on his face was rather comical. "Hershey, I thought...I thought you were repulsed that you had been dating a...a...a werewolf." On the last word, he hung his head.

She was close enough by then to put her hand under his chin, and lift his face up. With her free hand, she stroked his hair off of his forehead, and brushed a single tear gathered in the corner of his eye away. "How could any of that matter to me?" She asked him softly. "Remus Lupin, you are incredible. Don't ever forget that." And with that, she leaned down and kissed him.

There previous kisses had been, in the beginning, timid and shy, and then had progressed to frenzied snogging. This kiss, however, was slow and tender, with Hermione trying to convey exactly how much she loved him through there joined lips. Finally, they broke apart, an Remus stared at her. Finally, he spoke. "Hershey, what did I ever do to deserve you?" Hermione smiled softly, countered "No Remus, what did I do to deserve you?"