Draco Malfoy's Little Black Book


A Veela story like no other as Draco sits pondering his "little black book" he has to face the fact of finding one true love.  Harry is sick of being a good little boy and wants to rebel and Ron awakens to what's been in front of him all along…Not all happy with flowers and roses (I can hear you feeling sick already) loss, sorrow, depression (don't want to give too much away just read and find out!)


Draco Malfoy – sex god come caring person!

Harry Potter – Slytherin attitude come emotional reck!

Ron – Finally gets a clue!

Hermione – Could this be love!


A little black book is a book like a journal (normally black – funny that) in which you record all your "lovers", "dates", "guys/girls" you know what I mean right?!  Also I can't spell so sorry about that!


Yes this will have slash (male/male relationships) but not too steamy to start with I'll give you a warning later on.  Also maybe some adult themes such as love and depression, could be PG13+ but I'm making it R to be safe I don't want to offend people I just want to write.


These characters belong to JK Rowling who is God for inventing them even if we do have to wait for years to hear the story.  So in the mean time I'll borrow them and take no credit or profit from what I write.  Also this story is mine entirely I have not read one like it but if you think I'm copying let me know because I don't mean to I just haven't ready everything on fan fiction.net yet.  Now on with the show…

Chapter 1

Good-buy Book hello World



Millescent  - yuck, awful, foul – must have been drunk NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!


James – mmm too good



Lucy - boring


Pansy – that girl just keeps coming back for more!!

Justin and Dean – interesting…

Scott, Scott, Scott…(and) Scott

Draco sat on his bed smirking as perused his "Little Black Book" (a/n see note above*) mostly displaying last years achievements.  Ah, the sadness of it all he thought as he closed it and locked it with several complicated locking spells.  The book already more than half full he knew would now have to stay that way.  As he, Draco Malfoy, prepared for his sixth year at Hogwarts along with all the extra work and fun was presented with a challenge of his own, which he knew would sadly but most likely transform him from the Slytherin sex god he was to the more stable kind of relationships guy.  Ha, what a joke, he slammed the book onto his bed and pointed angrily at one of the house elves who was packing his school things,

"You, careful with my dress robes I believe I'll be needing them this year!"

At the same time but miles away Harry and the Wesley's had just met up at platform 9 ¾.  Ron and Harry were both showing signs of having grown up heaps of the summer both being taller, broader and in the case of Harry at least god dame sexy!  On the other hand Hermione had changed heaps and in Ron's view for the better.  She herself didn't seem aware of it or of the adolescent hormones running ramped through her best friends bodies as she hugged them hello and flicked her now long and silky hair over her shoulder as she boarded the train.

Ten minutes later they were steaming towards Hogwarts and Ron and Harry had immersed themselves in Quidditch conversation forcing Hermione to sit and read her new book, not that she minded that of course.  It was shortly after lunch that a disturbance in a carriage further up the train interrupted the trio who were now happily discussing Fred and Georges joke shop.

"What is that noise?"  Hermione frowned sticking her head around the carriage door to investigate the noise and turned back to Harry and Ron with a curious expression on her face.  "Guys come have a look at this!"

Rushing to the door the scene which greeted them in the next carriage is one Ron will laugh about for the rest of his life.  Standing in the middle of the carriage wearing nothing less than what he was born in was none other than Draco Malfoy, he was dripping wet from head to toe like he'd just gotten out of the shower, his long blond hair was bedraggled and sticking to back and for some curious reason he was wearing a glowing silver crown upon his head and a white dove was flying around him in what appeared to be an attempt to land on his shoulder!

Madness erupted in the carriage around him.  Girls were screaming, Ron was rolling around the ground unable to contain himself from laughter and Harry blushed slightly as he noticed that Draco was defiantly gifted in his, well shall we say, manhood!  Draco himself stood stunned for a moment whimpering and it wasn't until Hermione got a knowing look in her eyes and grabbed him dragging him into their carriage with Ron and Harry and locking the door that people started to calm down.

Harry started blushing even more when he realised it was just him, Hermione, Ron and a very wet and naked Draco but luckily no one noticed as Ron looked on in discussed as Hermione handed Draco one of Ron's spare robes which was lying on the seat.

Draco pulled on the robe in a rush then realising that he was surrounded by none other than his most hated enemy and a mudblood he grunted and stormed out the door.

"Well don't worry about thanking us!" Ron called after him half in shock before dissolving into another laughing fit

"Hermione!  What was that all about!" he managed to get out between breaths.  Hermione frowned, "Well couldn't you work that our for yourselves, I mean I never expected it, but once I saw what was going on, I mean it makes sense doesn't it, but really who would have guessed, and on the train how embarrassing for him!"

She looked up at her two friends blank faces and frowned even more.  "Don't you two ever read!  Don't you realise what just happened to Malfoy?!"  Ron looked at her in disbelief and Harry's expression was blank.

"Oh honestly you two your hopeless, look here."  She heaved a heavy book out of her bag which turned out to be her new 'Advanced Magical Creatures' book and opened it on her lap so they could all read:


"Unlike normal Veela, Lex-Veela, although having similar traits, remain themselves (i.e. do not turn into bird like creatures when upset).  They are creatures of love who can only mate with the once chosen for them.  Every time a Lex-Veela is born another person (normally a non Lex-Vela) is born through an ancient spell to be the chosen mate for the Lex-Veela.  The Lex-Veela will awake around the age of 17 a spontaneous awakening will leave the Lex-Veela naked and will be washed of all previous sins with water, given a dove for renewed purity and enhanced powers to help them locate, bond and protect their mate.  Lex-Veela cast everyone under a lust spell as do normal Veela until their mate is found, this spell makes everyone who sees them instantly attracted to them, to find their mate they go by a magic touch, when they make physical contact with their mate, skin to skin, in anyway, a magic in their skin will let the Lex-Veela know they have found their partner"

And so on and so on, although it appeared Hermione had memorised the whole chapter as she continued to discuss the many "amazing" facts of Lex-Veela and how she should have known Draco was one until arriving at the great hall when she stopped in the doorway and turned to her friend with a giggle, I wounder who Draco's mate will be!

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