Sailor Moon: The Wars of Nine Ages

BY Dragonfang33

Synapse: A Spawn/Vampire the Masqurade/Sailor Moon Crossover. The Forces of Darkness have joined up with the Heartsnatchers, in a bid to rule over the universe. Now all that stands between the Un-dead and the Bural of Bad Behavior is a Vampire, the Scouts, and a tortured warrior known only as Spawn, set during the Tome Saga (Sailor Moon S)

New Characters

Alcar- a tortured warrior, born a Mage but possessed buy a Vampire Spawn. Now when ever he becomes enraged the Vampire side of his soul awakens and he becomes an almost unstoppable killing machine

Al Simmins- better known as Spawn, a warrior much like Alcar, only bred from the bows of Hell. Once he was the US Governments for most assassin, now he is a renagade Hellspawn, charged with defending the Earth from the encrotching darkness


Wars of Nine Ages- the name given to the series of Wars that has ravaged the Earth since the Year 3010, so named, because of a prophacy that was first unearthed back in 3009, saying that the "Great War of Nine Ages is upon us." At first Neo-Queen Serenity refused to beleve it, but on October 31 3010, the gates of Hell opened, unleashing hordes of Demons, Vampires, Werewolves, Hellspawn, and other creatures of darkness upon the world, transforming the Earth from the glittering world of the Silver Millenium to a gothic wasteland that dies a little more each day.

Chapter One

Tale of a Tortured Warrior

p The Diary of Alcar Shadowhawk

p October 1 3030

p Once I was a man, but not just any man. I was a Mage,a Hunter of Darkness, charged with defending the Earth against the armies of darkness. Till that one fateful day.

p It began like so many other nights in the City. The Earth died a little more, as more evil awoke. That night was known as Shamala, Holloween, the one night out of the entire year when the Earth dies more then normal, the one night where the battle lines between hevan and hell are the most visible, and the barrer between Earth and Hell are the weakest. It was the one night the dead, and Demons of Hell pray on the living and the innocent the most.

p All I remember is the scream of an elderly woman. As I looked into the dark alley I saw it, a Vampire about to earn a free meal. Naturally I acted, but my powers were to no aval. So I resorted to my next best thing, the blade I carried on my back. Though I managed to kill the Vampire, his Vampire Spawn (Soul) entered my body, and since that day I have been cursed, not quite dead, but not quite alive. I have become two men inhabiting one body, one a powerful wizard and deadly hunter, the other a dark blood thirsty killer.

p But now I've learned that the Hellish Overlord Maleblogia, is once again mustering his forces for an invasion of the World of Darkness. Once again the fires of the Wars of Nine Ages come, this time the target is not Humanity's future but the past. A past that was once golden before the Wars came in 3010, a past that I know one would love to see and maybe if I join the tortured warrior who calls himself Spawn we may have a chance to not only stop Maleblogia but prevent the Wars from ever beginning.

p Al Simmins, Spawn, I'm coming for you!

p Alcar Shadowhawk

Well there's chapter one and I hope you like it, I will put up chapter two after I get two reviews