War of Nine Ages

BY Dragonfang33


Alcar/Lita, and Spawn/Mina (PS I will change the Spawn couple if it sounds too wierd)


Vampire Spawn- the soul of a Vampire, though its physical body dies, the soul of a Vampire possess the nearest living being, thus dividing his/her soul in half.

Chapter Two

Memory of a Lost Love

p The journey from the ruins of Portland (I orignaly wanted New York but 9/11 you know) to Rat City was no picnic for Alcar. The entire heartland of what was once the United States was now nothing more then a barren Gothic waste land with the occasinal Human settlement popping up every now and then. But other then that North America, like Crystal Tokyo and half of the other continants, was a dead continant.

p Alcar gazed over the gothic waste that was once a lush and prosperus land, like so many other nations of the world, all the time thinking back to the day it all began. He reached into the pocket of his black trench coat and pulled out a golden locket, inscribed on it was a bright green number 4. As Alcar opened it the image of someone he lost long ago appeared.

p "Alcar," the tall brunete said, "As you know the Queen won't do anything to stop the Hell Hordes, but I know you can. Chaos is engulfing the globe and Serena refuse to do anything, saying that its Rini's birthday. Plese fight on for me, for I now see that you were right, Queen Serenity doesn't care for anyone. But I beg you don't kill her, for the nightmare that is engulfing the world is not her falt. The King and the Queen haven't forgotten the destruction of the Negamoon War. But, when this is over what do you say we marry, I'll be waiting for you. Signed S.J. Sailor Guardian, Crystal Tokyo."

p "Lita," Alcar said quietly, "Why?" Suddenly his eyes began to glow red, and almost as if another being was in side him, Alcar spoke to himself.

p "Why do you still whine over her,"

p "Because I loved her, and your kind made sure she would die."

p "Don't whine at me Alcar."

p "Get out of my head." Alcar began banging his head aganst the ground in another effort to drive the Vampire Spawn that possessed his soul from his body.

p "Quit whining, Do you think I like being sharing a body with you, if you havn't forgotten you're the reason I'm now your room mate. So what do you say you let me out and." Alcar shut the Vampire Spawn out.

p "Never," He said, to himself, "I will never let you out again, not after last time." Then as soon as it began the Vampire Spawn fell silent. With his other self once again dormant Alcar began his journey across the Bad Lands to Rat City.

p Well Heres Chapter Two, and yes I plan to make Chapter Three a little longer, and I hope to add Spawn there. See you after I get two more reviews