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Forever Alone

Chapter Six

He sniffed the ground searching frantically for her scent, for his scent.  They had to be somewhere, anywhere.  The moon hung high in the dark starless sky.  A frigid breeze blew gently over his body sending chills to the deepest hollows of his spine.  His dark amber orbs pierced the depths of the peaceful forest surrounding him.  His small fur ears twitched with every sound, listening for the tiny sound that would lead him to her. 

He would not lose her again.

Inuyasha stood from his crouch, his silver hair wiped as the wind picked up speed.  The sharp nails on his fingers dug into his palms quickly drawing blood.  His heart ached in fear for his Kagome, in fear of never seeing her beautiful smile again. 

He would find her.

The hanyou closed his eye while his mind concentrated on one single thought…Kagome.  He let his heart reach out and let it guide his way.  A tug at the beating organ increased its pace.  The eyelids still blocked his vision; he took a step forward and felt the same tug. 

Step by Step, one foot in front of the other his walk broke out into a full spirit towards the woman who had captured and mended his heart and who would own it until the end of time.  The red cloth of his fire rat robe clung to the front of his body as the wind pressed against him.   Inuyasha allowed his senses and his heart to lead the way.

A burst of pink light shot up from the treetops a little ways from the distressed half demon.  The power radiating off the beam was enough to cause the hanyou to open his eyes.  He skidded to a halt as the magenta light dissipated and as quick as it appeared, Kagome and Kouga's scent evaded his nose. 


Kouga set Kagome on her feet, but refused to release his tight painful grip on her waist.  He sniffed her hair, indulging in her soft jasmine sent.  Kagome squeezed her eyes shut, biting her bottom lip while the wolf prince rubbed his cheek against her face.

"Inuyasha, please…" she whimpered, his slick tongue ran down her jaw line.  She grasped his wrist trying to get to release his hold but his hands would not budge.

"No use calling out to the mutt, he will not come." Kouga huskily whispered in her ear.

Kagome nails began to dig into his arms, "Why are you doing this?"

Kouga could smell the salt of her tears but would not allow it faze him, he had waited too long for her, she returned, and now whether or not she was willing, Kagome would belong to him.

"You are mine…" he whispered locking his eyes with hers, a small sadistic smile playing at his lips.

Anger began to build inside her small body.  She glared at him in defiance, "I am NOT yours to be had, Kouga…. Inuyasha WILL save me." She hissed at him.

"On the contrary, my dear miko, I assure you he will not."

Kouga's hold on her waist tightened as one hand began to travel underneath the back of her shirt.   He had been slightly disappointed when he found that she no longer wore that skimpy green outfit.  But again it had been a long time since he had last seen her.  He could sense her rising anger, but it only fueled his desire to have her, to break her, to make her his. 

"Inuyasha will not save you, if he cannot find us.  We are enveloped in a translucent bubble that blocks our scents from Dog-Turd. Heh, he's probably running in circles by now, chasing his imaginary tail."  Kouga spat out before placing his lips over her mouth.

Kagome's clamped her jaw shut as his hand came from under her shirt to hold the back of her head in place. She could feel the river of hot tears tracing to contours of her face.   Kouga tried to deepen the kiss but she would not budge.  An evil thought entered his mind.  He dug his nails into Kagome's hip causing her to grasp in pain and open her mouth.  Kouga wasted no time and forced his tongue in her mouth and began the forced exploration of her mouth.

Kagome whimpered at the feel of his tongue against hers.  Her stomach flipped at the thought of what would happen if she were not saved.  She knew without a doubt in her mind that Inuyasha was looking for her but if he could not smell or sense her then it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.  Her strength could never match Kouga's, but Inuyasha's strength surpassed the youkai prince.  Somehow, she had to break the barrier surrounding her and Kouga. 

Kouga continued his attack on her lips as she placed her hands on his chest pushing against him.  She squinted her eyes tightly together and concentrated on a single thought, Inuyasha.  She called upon her miko powers; she would destroy the bubble so that Inuyasha would be able to find them.

When Kouga's tongue brushed across her teeth, Kagome snapped her jaw shut, capturing Kouga's intruding muscle between her teeth before releasing her hold seconds later.  Kouga yelped in pain and his grip on her relinquished when he brought both hands up to his mouth. Kagome watched as his eyes cloud red in anger but before he could attack her for her insolence, she threw her purifying beam towards the center of the barrier, diminishing it instantly.  

Now she could only hope that Inuyasha would find her in time…


Inuyasha felt his anger soar.  Kouga would pay for taking Kagome away; he would pay with his life.  The hanyou raced towards his soon-to-be mate's scent, and it was only seconds later he entered a clearing to see Kouga strike Kagome square across the face.

He began to see red and the control over his rage started to disintegrate.  Kagome's head turned in the direction her right cheek was slapped but it quickly returned to its previous position.  She started daggers at the youkai before her, no fear radiated from her persona only fury.  From behind Kouga, she could see Inuyasha standing at the edge of the clearing, flexing his claws.

"Kouga, I suggest you get your ass out of here before the fuming hanyou behind you sends you to your death." Kagome warned, her eyes narrowing.

Despite the small facts that he kidnapped her, tried to force himself on her, and hit her; Kagome did not want to see him die.  Kouga did not understand, and she was beginning to wonder if he even wanted to. Kagome knew the wolf prince was not in love with her and it was only an obsession. Something that Kouga would have to overcome.  However, Kagome would not deny Inuyasha the right to fight for her honor and his own if Kouga chose to stay.

Kouga knew Inuyasha was close before he even arrived.  He ignored Kagome's warning as he turned to face his rival.  Silence fell among the trio while the two with youkai blood stared each other down, the anticipation growing causing the air to become dry.  Kagome tried to run to Inuyasha but Kouga caught her wrist. 

His red eyes stared down at her, "You are going no where."

"Get your fucking hands off her." Inuyasha yelled at the same time he drew Tessaiga and charged.

Kouga pushed the miko away from him while he too charged.  Kagome watched as a battle between Inuyasha and Kouga ensued.  The fight was matched; neither rival could land a blow on the other for sometime.  Eventually Inuyasha knocked the wolf prince off his feet and from then on the battle became one-sided as Inuyasha's strength and anger fueled his ambitions to beat the youkai once and for all.  

Battered and bruised, Inuyasha finally pinned Kouga to the forest floor, holding his blade to the prince's neck, jabbing it enough to pierce the skin.  

"Inuyasha…" Kagome's sweet, gently voice flooded his ears.  He knew what she was thinking, what she wanted without even asking.  That was just the kind of person his Kagome was. 

Inuyasha sheathed his sword and grabbed Kouga by the neck lifting him off the ground, "If it were my choice, you would die right now. I only spare your pitiful life for her and in returned I never want to see your fucking face again.  If you ever come near my mate ever, I will not hesitate to rid the world of you."

Inuyasha threw the defeated youkai across the clearing and watched Kouga disappear into a wind tunnel of dust.  His attention turned to Kagome, who instantly launched herself at him.  She buried her face in his fire rat robe while her arms hugged neck.  Inuyasha returned the embrace, not ever wanting to let go. 

"Are you okay?" he asked bring her face to meet his so that he could see her eyes.

"Yes, thank you…" she pressed her lips to his and it was only moments before Inuyasha lifted her feet off the ground, holding her closely to her body while the kiss deepened.  Thunder shook through figures, as their souls and heart rejoiced in being reunited.  

"Kagome, I love you…always have and always will" he said after breaking the kiss and getting lost in her sparkling orbs, his hand brushed her cheek.

"I love you too, Inuyasha." She replied all the while her smile beaming up at him.

Inuyasha fingered the jewel around her neck before he spoke again, "I want to spend the rest of my life with you, protecting the scared jewel, and watching our children grow up."

Kagome's smile grew even more, "So do I, Inuyasha."

Inuyasha captured her lips one more time before turning his back motioning for her to jump on.  When she was secure, her legs wrapped tightly around his waist, and her arms around his neck, he took off for Kaede's village to begin the rest of their lives together. 

The End.


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