Random Info:

Title: Lie to me

Author: R Dimeria

Email: Forestelf77@hotmail.com

Rating: 18

Spoilers: Weiss Kreuz

Summary: Weiss Kreuz and Sacrifice my Love cross over. Love is in the air...and so is rape and torture.

Disclaimers:I do not own Weiss.

The Song is by Depeche Mode, "Lie to Me", XTC "Dear God", "No soul to steal" is from sacrifice my love.

Yes, there typing and grammar errors, live with it.

Side note: there is no relationship between nagi and tot. and ouka simply doesn't exist in this world.

I heart reviews.

Part 1

Enter the Dragon Girl.

Everything had happened so suddenly for Nagi Naoe...his father's death, his mother's drug overdose, which resulted in him ending up living on the streets. His degrading life as a whore then being trained as an killer. Joining Schwarz and living with his abusive team mates.

This particular evening Crawford was out, Nagi didn't know where he was nor did he care. Schuldig came home early-which Nagi hated.

Nagi kept his eyes trained on his computer monitor and continued to type to report he had been working on for Esset. He felt the German enter his mind, then he felt searing pain. He felt Schuldig grab a had full of his hair and jerk his back, he could him laughing. He felt his pants being opened, a rough hand fighting open the button and tearing downt the zipper, his boxers along pants being pulled roughly down, exposing his rear. Schuldig was still laughing and saying something....Nagi worked hard on blocking out the German as best he could. Then he was being bent over and Schuldig was still rambling on about something he obviously found amusing as forced his way into Nagi's unwilling body. Then there was pain, pain as Shuldig drove his penis into him, pain as rough hands gripped his pale hips, pain as the other man orgasmed-leaving him sticking and sick feeling.

Nagi sat on the floor his pants around his ankles blood and cum oozing down his thighs.

"Thank-you Schuldig, I love it when you fuck me. I'll always be your whore." Nagi smiled when he spoke.

"Night my little puppet" Schuldig gave him a sloppy kiss and left again.

Nagi felt the German's presence exit his mind, he pulled his pants off and stumbled into the bathroom, he took a scalding shower to clean the stickyness from this body. Nagi had never been able to create a good enough mental sheild to keep Schuldig out his mind and therefore out of his body. He never cried or begged or pleaed with his 'teammate' unless Schuldig took over his mind, but then he was just a puppet. Schuldig's little puppet....

When he had first joined Schwarz he had met Crawford whom he had like from the start. Crawford had been nice, fatherly, caring and loving towards Nagi. Then one night Crawford had raped him, it had hurt but was nothing new. Crawford apologized and had started crying ....so Nagi had told him it wasn't the first time...

"it's ok...don't feel bad..."

"I'm so sorry Naoe-kun, forgive me....you poor little innocent thing, how could i have done such a thing to you" Crawford had held his stroked his face and started crying. He had gone on and on about Nagi's poor innocent little body so eventually he just broke down--

"it's ok...really...i mean...i've had this happen before" Nagi told him about his childhood about living on the streets about his life as a prostitute. Crawford had beat him senseless afterword saying he would never have sex with some filthy whore. Nagi had not heard a kind word from the leader of Schwarz since that day. Crawford had never slept with him again, and only told him that he deserved what Schuldig did to him and if ever complained he would give him Farfarfello.

Farfarfello....now that he thought about it he hadn't seen the Irish man today, maybe he was with Crawford.... Farfarfello was terrifying going on long rants about hurting God cutting himself and anyone/thing he could get his hands on.

Nagi finished up the report and went to bed...all in all it had been an uneventful night.

Nagi was the first one awake in the mornings. He usually went downstairs and slipped quietly into the kitchen and made a pot of tea. However this morning when he got to the kitchen he could hear one of his teammates already in the kitchen. He silently prayed it wasn't Schuldig, he didn't think his bruised body could take anymore abuse he desperately needed time to heal. Schuldig had been using him more and more as of late.

Nagi timidly opened the door. It was not his team mate, it was girl, a girl he had never seen before. She had long black hair tied back with a strip of white cloth. She was wearing one of Farfarfello's old straight jackets that had been cut off at the wrists to allow her hands freedom. She was standing barefoot without any pants her legs had various cuts running up and down them, in their kitchen making tea. Smiling insanely at him.

It looked like it was going to be an eventful day.