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Title: Lie to me

Author: R Dimeria


Rating: 18

Spoilers: Weiss Kreuz

Summary: Weiss Kreuz and Sacrifice my Love cross over. Love is in the air...and so is rape and torture.

Disclaimers:I do not own Weiss.

The Song is by Depeche Mode, "Lie to Me", XTC "Dear God", "No soul to steal" is from sacrifice my love.

Yes, there typing and grammar errors, live with it.

Side note: there is no relationship between nagi and tot. and ouka simply doesn't exist in this world.

I heart reviews--it makes me update faster- no really i promise to get off my ass and write more if you tell me you love me.

Part 5

Omi's rough morning

Omi woke up feeling less than pleasant. He had been sneaking out of the club when he been captured by the red head member of Schwarz. He had felt an intense pressure spot of pain behind his eyes then he had blacked out. He had awoken chained to a bed, he was wearing a metal collar that was chained into the wall, on his hands were metal cuffs that were currently attached to the collar on his throat- it had been a terrifying way to wake up.

Omi had prided himself on being highly intelligent. He had been chained to the bed-which had seemed odd. Why hadn't schwarz bound him to a chair or something for interrogation? The way he was chained had struck him as odd mostly because he was naked-why would they want him naked for interrogation? He was gagged but being gagged made sense. Then Crawford the leader of schwarz had come in the room. He grabbed one of his legs and bound it the lower corner of the bed, then bound his other leg to the other corner. He was stuck on his stomache, he could bend his knees but couldn't manage to get on all fours due to his hands being connected to his collar. Then he had heard a zipper coming undone. Which had startled him, he looked over and noticed that Crawford was undressing, neatly removing his clothes and hanging up his suit.

It took a few more seconds before the realization really set in. Then he screamed a sad little muffled scream. Crawford raped him. He woke up sore and humiliated.

Nagi carefully placed two bowls of misao soup, rice and tea on a tray. He liked to eat with Crawford's little playthings. It reminded him that someone else had it worse off than him. Because after Crawford was through with them, and they were broken little imitations of the vibrant humans they had once been, he gave them to Schuldig to finish off.

Nagi was humming to himself as he opened the door. He could see the boys blonde hair sticking out from under the sheets. Nagi moved a chair next to the bed with his telekinesis. He hoped he wouldn't have to force feed this one, that was always such a nusance. He sat down adjusting the tray on the night stand next to the bed. The boy in the bed huddled further under the sheets.

Omi had wiggled as far under the bed covers as possible when Crawford had left. Then he had returned in a fit of rage and changed his suit, then he had left again. And now he was back he heard him set some thing heavy on the floor next to the bed. Then some thing else on the bedside table it had clinked a little, something fragile.

Nagi reached over and pulled the blankets away from the boy on the bed. He heard him whimper a little.

Omi felt the covers being pulled away he kept facing the opposite direction. He shivered. He felt the restraints fall off his feet and hands. Then he felt as though his head was in a vise grip- he felt himself forcibly straighten and turn so he was sitting facing the other man.

"Oh."Nagi felt very annoyed and put upon. Why was weiss here? Was Crawford mixing business with pleasure?

Omi found himself looking at the youngest member of Schwarz. He was wearing his usual school uniform- which didn't make any sense because shouldn't he be at school right now? His brow in a tiny furrow and his lips pursed, he looked almost angry-for some reason this amused Omi.

Nagi jestured vaguely at the food on the tray.

"Crawford-san says you need to eat and have a bath....I would prefer it if you would do this of your own will." Nagi didn't meet his eyes when he spoke.

Omi immediately stopped feeling amused. He felt dirty and more than just a little humiliated being chained naked to a bed. Nagi looked so pristine, his clothes neatly pressed, even his hair looked orderly and well brushed. Omi felt sick, he pulled a sheet around himself.

"I'm not hungry."

"Well you are going to eat-regardless of your lack of hunger. The experience will be far less painful if you feed yourself otherwise i will be force feeding you." Nagi was looking at soup trying not to notice Omi.

Omi found himself staring at the soup as well. He did not want Nagi force feeding him, he been dominated and humiliated enough. He picked up his soup bowl and gulped it down in a just a three large gulps, then the devoured the bowl of rice and downed his tea. Nagi stared at him with wide eyes. Nagi looked at the empty food containers with a confused glare.

"Well then..." Nagi felt a little lost.

"Now what?" Omi felt better now that he gained some control over the situation.

"Well, um, you need to bathe." Nagi was looking at his uneaten soup. Omi stood up and walked in to the bathroom.

"Are you gonna watch me?" Omi fisted his hands angrily.

"No, there are no windows there is no way out except the door." Nagi continued to stare at his soup. Nagi could hear the shower turn on. He slowly started to eat his soup, he quit when he finished half of it. He could still hear the shower running. He ate at third of his rice and sipped his tea while he waited for Omi to exit the bathroom. After almost an hour of waiting he tentavily knocked on the bathroom door. He waited exactly 30 seconds then used his skill to open the door.

Omi was sitting in the tub the water had started to run cold and he had scrubbed himself until he was raw and bleeding. Nagi listened as he babbled incoherently to himself and continued to scrub his bleeding flesh. Nagi sighed impatiently. All of the pathetic little boys Crawford seemed so fond of tended to take scalding showers and clean their skin off. Except one boy who Nagi had 'accidently' let escape with a good 10,000 yen of Crawford's money.


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