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Chpt 1: To leave your life behind

It seemed like it was only yestaerday that her and her father had been

working the weapon shop, & having good times, with even better friends just like any

other normal day. but yesterday wasn't just any other normal day. Yesterday Kagome's

father had her go to a neighboring village to buy some more Iron for the shop because

they were running out. But when she returned to the village she had found pure chaos.

The village had caught fire while she was away and her house was one among many to

have burned down, but that wasn't even close to the bad new, out of all the villagers only

one had perished. her father. And now Kagome had to leave her home, her friends,&

her life behind because of how this twisted world she lived in worked. Because you see,

kagome & her father lived on the western lands, and the Western lands belong to Lord

Inutiasho. Since the land she lived on belonged to lord Inutiasha there was taxes that

must be paid. Kagome and her father weren't the wealthiest of people, but they had

always gotten by fairly with the tax laws. But now he's dead and only she is left.

Kagome's father had always been the weapon shaping master not her, so the business

was dead, and she had no way to pay the tax laws. And Accourding to the laws, if you

can't pay your taxes. then you belong to Lord Inyutiasha of the Western Lands.

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