Like cat and dog

Warnings/notes : Seto/Joey, fairy-tale-ish AU, third pov, slight fluff, hints at Yami/Yugi and Ryou/Bakura, Mokuba.

Disclaimer : I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh.

written at 9th august 2003, by Misura


Once upon a time, there lived two princes. Well, actually that's not entirely correct ; there were a lot of other princes and princesses in the age I want to tell you about but ...

The two princes this story is about were unlike any other royal siblings.

They lived in neighboring kingdoms, so their fathers often put them together, to become the best of friends. Unfortunately, this didn't quite work.

You see, one of the two was always rather lively, yelling and laughing so loud he gave his parents and their courtiers headaches. His name was Katsuya, but everyone called him Jou.

The other was quiet and introvert, so he didn't get along with Jou very well. To make things even worse, the usual so silent and calm prince turned into a venomous loudmouth whenever he got near Jou. After a while it became so bad, the people couldn't even say Jou's name without this prince, whose name was Seto, though everyone called him Kaiba, starting to yell what an annoying person the other prince was.

Unfortunately, 'Jou' sounded a lot like 'You'. And while it was easy to avoid the name of a prince, no one could get used to never using that other word.

Thus, one day, the king who was Prince Seto's father called his most loyal servant to him.

"Yugi-san," he started, "you know my beloved son is very sensitive about a certain word. Now, I've heard about a sorceress who can cure any disease, no matter how strange. I want you to escort my son to her, so that he may be healed from this strange affection. It's not good that he dislikes another person this much."

Yugi bowed. "I will gladly do so, sire. Where does this sorceress live?"

The king frowned. "It is said she lives in the Woods of Peril."

Yugi swallowed and thought this over for a while. "In that case, can I take someone else with me? Someone who may know his way around in there?"

The king nodded graciously. "Take anyone you want, Yugi-san."


[meanwhile in the other kingdom]

"Ryou-san. You are my most trusted advisor. Therefore I want to ask you to go on a mission of the utmost importance for the future of this kingdom." The queen began.

Ryou looked at her uncertainly. "Is it something dangerous?"

The queen shook her head. "Not at all. You only have to go and search a famous sorceress who lives in the woods to the north and ask her to cure my son of his unnatural dislike for Prince Kaiba. She is, by all accounts, quite friendly."

"That doesn't sound too bad." Ryou admitted.

The queen smiled at him sweetly. "I have already had my servants pack your belongings, as well as the prince's. Have a safe journey, Ryou-san."

Before Ryou could even think of objecting, he found himself on horseback, with an also slightly dazed prince Jou next to him.

"Where are we going, Ryou-san?" the prince demanded. "What's going on?"

"We are going to the woods in the north, to visit a fabled sorceress who dwells there." Ryou replied faithfully.

"Oh." Jou thought this over for a while. "Hey, aren't those called the Woods of Peril?"

Ryou paled.


[kingdom of prince Seto]

After a lot of asking around, Yugi discovered there was only one person who had entered the Woods of Peril and came out again sane. More or less.

This person was the dreaded robber and assassin known as Bakura. Who, fortunately for Yugi, was currently residing in the royal dungeons, waiting to be executed.

Given the choice between aiding Yugi in his quest and being killed immediately, Bakura agreed to accompany them, though the king wasn't too happy to let him go.

And so, on a lovely morning, the company of Yugi, Bakura and a grumbling prince Seto set out on their quest.


A/N : If you want me to, I will probably write more of this after finishing 'Blue eyes, brown eyes'. The remaining cast for this fic so far is :

- Yami : a mysterious stranger (^^;)

- Anzu / Mai / Pegasus : the sorceresses (will probably be slightly bashed)

- Mokuba : a mysterious stranger