tears in heaven

raindrops the sequel

by: say-chan

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Ein :: It's hard to Let go...

I must be strong and carry on... Coz I know... I don't belong... here in Heaven...

The slow beeping of the electrocardiograph filled the room, vibrating on the walls and into the quiet hallways. Covering the crude silence, tensions rose as the harsh breathing of a certain Kurt Wagner rasped slowly. His chest went up and down irregularly, his face turning to a mixture of both blue and crimson. Occasionally, some unearthly groans and moans were heard as sweat dripped from his forehead.

A girl peered into the small rectangular glass that on looked to the room Kurt was in. She placed her hands over her lips in shock.

"Oh my God..." Those three words escaped her lips as she stared at the bedridden Kurt.

The sight was unbearable. The fuzzy blue elf lay there, unconscious. A number of tubes were connected to his nose and mouth. A thin tube connected an IV to his left hand.

"How long has he been there?" she spun around, turning away from the sight as she faced two men, one was sitting on a wheelchair while the other was wearing a brown cowboy hat.

"Three days." the man in the wheelchair whispered into the silence.

"Can I see him?" she cut in sharply.

"I'm sorry, Kitty. No one's allowed to see him until the doctors say that it would be safe to. For the meantime, he has to remain- "

"But, Professor! I-" Kitty again cut in, her voice raised a bit.

"Kitty, you'll have to wait until I come home tonight with the results." the professor said.


Logan looked up at her. And as if words were spoken, Kitty hung her head, turned around and walked away.

As her figure disappeared in the long hallway, Logan sighed and shook his head. "We can't blame her, Logan. We just can't." Xavier said as he continued to watch the young Nightcrawler.

Minutes later...

Kitty walked into the common room and found Evan sitting down the couch. She sat down in the chair perpendicular to his and buried her face on her hands.

"What happened?" Evan asked.

"I- I couldn't talk to him."

Kitty let out a muffled sigh. "You should've seen him, Evan. He was covered in all those tubes and stuff-"

"Chill out Kitty. Kurt ain't going anywhere." a voice said from behind said. Both Kitty and Evan looked up, surprised at the recognition of the person that stood there. "Remember what you told me? That he promised you he'd never leave us, right?" smiling, she faced Kitty.

"Rogue?" Evan asked in confusion.

"Look, guys, Kurt wouldn't want us tah be this gloomy, you know." Rogue began. "Besides, he'll be alright. I'm sure the doctors know what they're doing." she continued.

Her statement left Kitty and Evan dumbfounded. Kitty looked down on the floor, finding it more interesting than what Rogue just said.

"Yeah. I think Rogue's right. The fuzzy dude wouldn't want us moping around for him, would he?" Evan said as leaned backwards to the cushion.

"I guess, he wouldn't like that." Kitty formed a smile as she swallowed a lump that was forming in her throat. The smile quickly faded away as thoughts of Kurt leaving them- leaving her filled her head. She wiped a couple of tears that welled up in her eyes. "Yeah, I guess." she whispered to herself.

As the room fell to an eerie silence, Kitty's hands shook with tension. Visions of the poor elf laying in bed was too much for her to take. That fuzzy face, once beaming with a smile, was breathing heavily. Kitty knew by the look in Kurt's face that this was serious.

Sure, it could be some flu or something. she assured herself. But something wasn't right. She felt so nervous all of a sudden. Maybe because he's my best friend?


The rain fell mercilessly on two silhouettes in the dark sky. One held the other in a tight grip. Droplets doused both faces, not knowing if it was rain or tears. No one could tell.

"Katzchen..." a German voice whispered weakly. Kitty looked down at him, his pale blue figure lay limply on her hands.

"Kurt! Like don't move! I'll try to contact the professor." Kitty said as she finally got her thoughts organized.

"Katzchen... I need to know..." Kurt said, his voice shaking.

"Yeah? Like what is it?" Kitty asked as she felt her heart pound on her chest. Kurt paused and sighed. A cough followed.

"If... if I die... vill you cry?" he asked meekly, barely looking up to her.

"Kurt! Don't talk like that!" Kitty said as she felt her pulse go faster and faster. She felt as if her heart was going to burst.

"Katzchen... you never answered me..." Kurt mouthed, barely audible.

Kitty held his three-fingered hand in hers, smiling faintly. "Of course I would, Kurt. But you won't die, right? Promise me you won't?" she said, her voice shook with uncertainty. Anyone would cry if he dies... He's such a...

Kitty's line of thought snapped as Kurt spoke. " I promise... But there's something else I need to tell you..." he spoke. Kitty froze on the spot as Kurt drew near her. "Ich Liebe Dich." he whispered in her ear. Thoughts rushed in and out of Kitty's head.

What did Kurt just say? she asked herself, disoriented by those words. Her heart was thumping faster... She could hear his breath against hers in the cold dark night. Her thoughts were jumbled up, like a piece of puzzle she couldn't even start. Everything was... a mess. She felt Kurt's body level down. She looked deep in his pale eyes. He let do of the grip he had on Kitty's hand. "Kurt! Kurt! Don't leave us! You promised, Kurt! Don't leave me!" her voice echoed in the rain. She was panicking.

But somehow, a part of her knew what to do. Her voice fell in a mere whisper. She looked down, making sure he was going to listen to her confession. "Kurt... I... I love you."

Her heart skipped a beat as she heard herself whisper. Kurt's face turned from to surprised, to reassured. He opened his mouth, but no words came out. Now, Kitty's heart was at an alarming rate. Oh my God. she thought to herself.

She was going to open her mouth again, but something stopped her. She felt all the strength leaving his hand as he collapsed in her support. Now, tears began streaming from Kitty's face. The sound of the rain was plugging her ears as she looked at him, frozen cold.

Kitty's head went blank. She shook her head vigorously. She tried to control the feelings jumbled in her, but this was too much for her to take. "Kurt! NO!" she screamed, her voice drowned by the thunder that struck.

She watched as all and everything happened. As he lay there, emotions drifted in and out of Kitty's head. "Kurt..." she whispered to herself.

-end flashback-

Kitty found herself in a state of confusion. Tears were slowly sliding down her face as she remembered those events that happened.

"Kitty, you should get some sleep..." Rogue whispered, offering her a hand. "Evan left an hour ago."

Kitty shook her head. "No... I need to be here when professor comes..." she replied, refusing her offer.

Rogue's face broke to a small smile. She sat down beside Kitty, put her feet up and sighed. "Don't think about him much. It bothers me and everyone else that you're that way."

Kitty nodded as the seconds ticked by. She was half-asleep as she heard a wheelchair enter the room. Her eyelids perked as her vision fixated on the professor.

"Kitty, Rogue, why are you still awake?" he asked.

"Professor, we needed to know the news..." Kitty began as she stood up and walked a few steps towards the professor.

"Yeah. How's Kurt doing?" Rogue continued.

Xavier bit his lower lip, deep in thought.

"Is he okay?" Kitty asked as the professor looked down to the floor. Silence hovered over that same place all over again.

Xavier let out a sigh. "I don't know if I should be telling you this but-" he paused, then looked at both of them.

"But what?" Rogue asked.

Kitty's hands shook as she clasped them together. Scenes from the hospital flashed before her eyes.

"Kurt..." the professor paused at the mention of his name. "He-"


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