It's quiet in the Jedi Temple right now. The loss of so many of our number presses on me, the silence is a weight in my chest. So many of my friends have fallen or are scattered. There is mourning to be done, but that must wait. There are children to be saved, and the Archives must be purged.

A Jedi Knight Charis M'keoth returned to the Temple as well to attend to these tasks with me. We must disperse the creche children. There are families they can go to. We have always had them ready, just in case. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined this day.

Charis headed to the creche, and I headed down to the Archives. Master Jocasta Nu would no longer greet me. She had been killed in a brief resistance when the Clone Wars came to Coruscant. Our first duty was to burn the bodies of those slain Jedi.

This planet, once the shining gem of the Republic is now the stronghold of the Emperor. In secret, those of us who remain have scattered. Charis and I were dispatched to the Temple to safeguard our future, and to destroy our past.

I attend to my task numbly. The Jedi Holocrons will be taken from here and scattered amongst those of us who remain. Some will go with the children, some with surviving Jedi. The rest of the Archives I must destroy.

My eyes blur with unshed tears. I remember. The faces of friends who have fallen on countless worlds. The times spent at the Temple training with Master Qui-gon and Master Yoda. My friends, Bant, who died on Alderaan, and Bariss Offee, who was captured and tortured to death on Vendaxa. And Anakin.

I did not hear Charis come into the room, and so lost in pent up grief, that I failed to sense her. She startled me when she laid a gentle hand on my shoulder. Her luminous dark eyes sought mine and I smiled gently. There were tears in those eyes and I could tell by the sting that there were in mine as well. I then noticed that the screen before me was blank. The Archives were gone. My task was accomplished. It had taken me two days to destroy what the Jedi had amassed over thousands of years. It was all gone. Only the Holocrons remained.

It was then that I realized it was over. I briefly asked Charis about the children, and she nodded indicating that the last of them were safely off to new lives and new homes.

The next morning, we boarded unmarked transports to take us to our places of hiding. I did not ask Charis where she was headed, to do so would endanger her, and she did not ask me. For safety's sake, so we can never betray another Jedi, no one knows where we all are.

Two days later, I turned to my new home. I chose Tatooine for so many reasons. The primary one being a baby named Luke. In obscurity I will remain here, guarding a small peice of the future, and contemplating my arrogance. I have a long time to reflect. A very long time.

Obi-wan Kenobi