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The castle Ryoushi no Yoru looked eerie and perilous against the blackened sky. Lightning clapped overhead and thunder roared proudly in response. The sleek gray stones that built the castle walls were illuminated by each bolt of light. The ominous, dark clouds overhead, filled with water, threatened rain, though they did not release water, as though they enjoyed the apprehension it created. The wind whistled through the trees and leaves flew from the branches, swirling and tumbling with each gust of wind.

All the while, a woman crouched atop a precipice, keenly watching the illuminated windows of the castle with piercing green eyes. Her long silver hair swirled around her, and her cold eyes and merciless expression easily illustrated her heartlessness. With each bolt of lightning, light shone on her face, illuminating her pale complexion. Her dark cape flew around her shoulders and her hair fell into her face. Her dark, worn dress billowed in the wind. Suddenly, she felt raindrops against her bare arms. She looked towards the sky as the rain began to pour down. With the density of the rain, the lightning ceased to lighten the sky brightly. Now, it was only a dull light that danced among the clouds.

The woman reached to her leather belt, and grasped the scabbard dangling from the thick band. She gripped the handle of her dagger, and pulled it from its holder slowly. The blade was curved and long and its handle was a dark emerald green. She held the dagger in front of her and watched as the raindrops fell against it, causing the blade to shine brightly. She positioned the dagger at her face and opened her mouth. She slowly licked the dagger's blade, consuming the drops of water that had built up on the sword, only to have the blade become slick with water once again. Her blood red lips curled into a malicious grin and in the darkness, her emerald eyes seemed to glow.

Placing the dagger back in its scabbard, she stood from her kneeling position and stared at the castle coldly. Her eyes narrowed at her turned her gaze from one window to the next.

"Soon..." she whispered. Her voice was icy and venomous. "Soon, I shall have my revenge!"

Then, as another bolt of lightning clashed against the sky, she turned and walked away from the cliff. As the rain poured harder, she disappeared.


Umi and Clef sat in the study of the castle. Umi sat staring, captivated, at the heavy downpour of rain. Clef sat in a worn, leather armchair, reading a book he had become enthralled in, contentedly.

"It sure is raining hard out there, isn't it?" Umi called to Clef.

"Mm-hm..." Clef murmured, without looking up from the pages of his book.

"I don't think I've seen it rain so hard since—" Umi cut off and her eyes grew soft. "Since..."

Clef looked up from his book when he heard her suddenly stop. "Umi..." Clef rose from the chair and placed the book to the side before approaching her. He sat down beside her and embraced her tightly, and Umi's eyes grew watery as her memories all came rushing back to her quickly.


"Ascot!" Umi cried again. "Why? Why did you save me?"

"Because..." Ascot whispered. "I... love you."

Suddenly, Ascot shuddered once, and his body grew limp.

"Ascot..." Umi whispered. "I'm sorry..."

End Flashback

Clef held her tightly and remained silent as she nestled up against him. Suddenly, Umi lifted herself from his arms and wiped her eyes with her wrists.

"I'm sorry," she laughed half-heartedly. "What's done is done, right?"

Clef's face remained sympathetic and he stayed silent.

Umi smiled softly and reached towards Clef. She gently fingered the silver medallion that hung from his neck upon a silver chain. The head of a wolf was crafted onto its surface. The intricate details were phenomenal: it was as if each strand of hair upon the wolf's mane was individually crafted in. The eyes of the wolf were made of bright amethysts, and the gems glittered brightly in the light.

Umi smiled gently once again. Presea had created a silver wolf medallion for each Clef, Ferio, and Lantis. Each medallion was nearly identical, except for one thing: the eyes were different colors. Ferio's wolf had eyes made of yellow diamonds, and Lantis's were made of deep garnets.

"Is there nothing I can do to lift this guilt from your heart?" Clef asked gently.

Umi sighed. "Can you bring the dead back to life?" she asked flatly.

Clef's gaze averted downward. Umi suddenly felt as if she had offended him.

"I'm sorry!" she blurted out quickly. "I didn't mean—!"

"No," Clef shook his head. "I cannot bring the dead back to life."

Umi paused and began to fidget nervously with the hem of her skirt. Clef looked past her into the rain, and suddenly gasped when he saw a pair of green eyes staring straight at him from in the bushes. He stood abruptly, knocking over the chair on which he had been sitting. His azure eyes grew wide, and Umi withdrew her breath sharply in surprise as he bolted up. Clef scanned through the foliage outside and saw nothing, and he sat back down slowly.

"God, Clef!" Umi gasped. "You scared me! What's wrong?"

"Nothing..." Clef whispered as he rested his head in his hands. "I-I must have been seeing things."

Umi stared at him for a moment before turning to look out the window herself. She carefully skimmed the trees and bushes, but only saw a few long, wet, shining sliver hairs, entangled in the leaves of the bushes.


The silver-haired woman ran swiftly away from the castle. Once she was a distance away, she dropped to her knees, panting. Her breath was a puff of fog in the cold night air.

"Damn!" she cursed bitterly. "That damn mage nearly saw me!"

The woman clenched her teeth tightly and stood. She stared at the castle resentfully, her piercing emerald eyes narrowed coldly.

That ex-demon slayer was with him... she thought. She shivered slightly and turned, retreating once again. Thunder roared overhead, and she disappeared once again in a cloud of mist.


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