Servant Girl
(PotC fic)

Disclaimer: Don't own it; wish I did (who doesn't?).

AN: This is an AU story that takes place before and during the movie. Elizabeth is about fourteen and is later eighteen at the time of the film (I don't know that for a fact, but humor me, will you?).

Chapter 1: The finding:

Elizabeth Swann stood on her balcony, overlooking the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean, the wind pulling at her hair. It was a peaceful night in Port Royal, but sleep had not come easy for her that night; her mind was troubled, telling her that something was wrong, and that going to the beach was the answer. Turning and walking into her room, she wrapped herself in a shawl and walked downstairs.

"Elizabeth, where are you going?"

She turned toward the voice. "Oh, just for a walk, father, I won't be long."

"After dark? That's not very wise, my dear. Strange things happen after the sun sets."

She inwardly sighed. "I know, but I feel restless. It is only a walk on the beach! I promise to be back soon! Please?" She put on her best pleading look, knowing that her father would give in. She was right.

"Alright, but be quick. If you are not back in exactly one hour, I'll send the guards after you!"

Elizabeth smiled. "I promise, father." She quickly raced out the door before he could change his mind.

Fifteen minutes later, Elizabeth held her shoes in her hand as she walked down the beach, her eyes roaming the sand, the sea, and the waves. Tonight was peaceful, and although the moon was covered, the stars overhead twinkled between the clouds, and the sound of waves on the sand was soothing. As she walked, the clouds drifted across the sky, revealing the full moon in all her glory. Elizabeth stopped walking, her breath stopping in her throat.

There was a body washed up on the beach!

Remembering the time she had rescued the boy Will Turner four years ago, Elizabeth rushed to the still form lying on the beach and turned it over, revealing the face of a young girl. Looking closer, Elizabeth realized that she was more of a young woman, probably about seventeen years of age. Dark hair pooled around the face, and bruises showed signs of trouble in the past. Leaning closer, Elizabeth realized that the girl had a Spanish look about her; her skin was darker, and the exotic shaped of her eyes were a dead give away. Before she could awaken the girl, Elizabeth heard her name being called. She turned around and saw her father and several guards with him.

"Elizabeth, I thought I told you to be home in an hour?"

"Father, there's a girl on the beach! Can we help her?"

The Governor leaned closer, and, feeling pity for the young thing, motioned for the guards to pick her up. "We will take her to the house and see what information we can get from her. She could be shipwrecked for all we know."

As they began walking toward the house, Elizabeth wondered about the young woman.

"What if she has no one left, father? May she stay with us?"

"Now Elizabeth, if she has no one, there may be someone in town able to put her to work. After all, that is what we did with young Mr. Turner, after we found him."

"But I would like to keep her with us! She could be my."

"Your what, Elizabeth?"

" lady in waiting!"

The Governor smiled at the remark. "Only queens and the higher nobility have ladies in waiting, my dear. Besides, there might be family looking for her. But, if not, I suppose we could keep her as a servant in the house. Ah, here we are, home at last! No Elizabeth, take good care of her, and when she wakes, come fetch me, understand?"

"Yes father, at once." As her father left for his room, Elizabeth motioned for the guard carrying the girl to follow her. She guided him to a guest room next to hers, one that was connected to hers with an extra door. This would allow her to hear any movements or sounds made by the unconscious girl.

After she was set down, Elizabeth dismissed the guard and ordered her maids to wash and tend the girl's wounds while she found clothes for her to wear. Twenty minutes later, the girl was tucked nicely in bed, and seemed to be sleeping peacefully. Elizabeth watched her for a few minutes, then decided to get some rest herself.

As she turned down the lantern, she couldn't help thinking what could have happened to her, and whether or not this was another case like Will Turner's.