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Chapter 8: Hangings and Escape.

The three day voyage to Port Royal was very difficult for Lara. She couldn't stand the idea of Jack being in the brig, or the thought of him having to be hung after saving at least three lives. She hadn't even visited him after the first time, since she didn't want the Commodore being suspicious of her being friendly with a pirate.

Elizabeth was as distraught as Lara was. Both girls would spend their days in their cabin, pacing and wondering how to help Jack. Elizabeth had gone down to visit Jack the day after Lara, and had come back with a depressed look on her face, and refused to talk about it.

On their arrival to Port Royal, Jack was taken to the prison, though not before giving Lara a wink and a smile before being led away. She had given a small, tentative smile back, though she knew he could see the tears in her eyes. After he had been taken away, the Governor took the two of them back to the mansion, and told them that Captain Sparrow was to be hung the next day. The two young women spent the entire night together in Elizabeth's room, thinking of Jack and his tragic fate.

The next day dawned bright and clear, the sun warming the entire island. Most people were murmuring that it was a great day for a hanging.

In the Swann mansion, Lara dressed in one of her favorite pale blue gowns, helped Elizabeth into a white, silver, and crème gown, then placed a hat on her head. The two of them looked at each other for a few moments before the Governor's call beckoned them downstairs. Lara sent Elizabeth ahead, then put on the bracelet that Jack had given her. She hadn't told Elizabeth about the gift; she felt it was too special to share with another person. After taking a deep breath to gather her courage, Lara followed her friend downstairs and out into the awaiting carriage.

A few hours later, Lara stood to the left of her mistress, who stood with her father and fiancé, watching the officials lead Jack to the gallows from a high nook in the wall. Lara stood watching, her heart slowly tearing up inside as Jack was led into place and the official began reading the charges. Despite the sadness of the situation, Lara couldn't help but be impressed on the amount of charges being read.

"Piracy, smuggling, impersonating an officer of the Spanish Royal Navy, impersonating a cleric of the Church of England."

She saw Jack smile fondly at that charge.

"This is wrong," she heard Elizabeth plea to her father.

"Elizabeth, the Commodore is bound by the law, as are we all. This must be done."

The charges continued to be read to the audience.

"Also, sailing under false colors, arson, kidnapping, looting, poaching, brigandage, pilfering, depravity, depredation, and general lawlessness. For these crimes you have been sentenced to be on this day, hung by the neck until dead. May God have mercy on your soul."

The four of them saw Will walk up to them and bow.

"Governor Swann, Commodore, Lara," he paused. "Elizabeth. I should have told you every day from the moment I met you.I love you."

The four of them stood staring after him as he walked away and the noose was put around Jack's neck. Elizabeth grabbed Lara's arm, and held fast. Lara looked up at her face and saw her looking at something. She quickly followed Elizabeth's gaze and saw Mr. Cotton's parrot on a flagpole. Elizabeth began to start swaying.

"I can't breathe," she quietly gasped, looking at Lara and winking. Lara's eyes widened as Elizabeth fell to the ground.

"Lizzie!" she cried. The Governor and Commodore swung around and rushed to Elizabeth's side.

"Move!" she heard Will cry. She then heard the crowd gasp as there was the sudden sound of a sword hitting wood, and the sound of the gallows trap door opening. She looked up and saw that Jack was barely standing on the tip of the sword, and Will was cutting him down.

Elizabeth immediately sat up, looking around to see what was happening. The Governor and Commodore looked at her in confusion before realizing the distraction, then turned towards the small battle going on. The two of them watched as Will and Jack fought Norrington's men until they were surrounded. Immediately following this capture, the Commodore and Governor started walking up to them, Elizabeth and Lara a few steps behind them. As they approached the two cornered men, Norrington began to speak.

"I thought we might have to put down some sort of ill conceived escape plan, just not from you," he said to Will.

The Governor looked angry. "Upon our return to Port Royal, I granted you mercy, and this is how you repay me? By siding with him? He's a pirate!"

"And a good man!" Will stated defiantly. "If all I gain from this is a double hanging with Jack, so be it. At least my conscience is clear."

Norrington stepped up toward Will. "You forget your place, Mr. Turner."

Will lifted his head. "It's right here, between you and Jack."

"As is mine," cried Lara, taking a place in front of Jack and facing the soldiers.

"And mine," said Elizabeth, standing between Will and Lara.

"Elizabeth, Lara!" exclaimed the Governor. "Lower your weapons! For heaven's sake, men, lower them!" he cried to the soldiers, who lowered them.

Norrington looked crushed. "So this is where your heart truly lies, then?" he asked, looking at Elizabeth.

"It is," she replied, holding Will's arm.

"Well then!" Jack blurted out. "I actually feel fairly good about this." He turned toward the Governor. "I think that we've managed to make a special connection, eh? Spiritually, ethically, grammatically?" He turned to Norrington. "I want you to know, mate, that I was rooting for your side, really. Will?" Will looked at him. "Nice hat." Will smiled. "Miss Swann," he said, tipping his head. Elizabeth nodded in reply, smiling. Jack turned to leave.

"Oh, one more thing," he said, turning back. He grabbed Lara by the same wrist that the bracelet was on, pulled her close, then bent her backwards in a passionate kiss, just like one would see in a play. All of the soldiers gasped at his treatment of a lady.

Lara's eyes widened before she gave in and enjoyed the kiss. Suddenly, she was on her feet, and Jack was whispering into her ear.

"I'll be back for you, my bonny lass," he whispered, winking at her.

She stared at him as he gave her another brief kiss before racing off the edge of the cliff and diving into the water below. Lara gave a cry of horror as she raced toward the edge, trying to see if Jack had made it or not. Apparently he had, since he was swimming away from shore. He turned and waved at her before blowing her a kiss.

"Idiot!" cried a nearby lieutenant. "He's got nowhere to go but back to the gallows!"

"Sail ho!" cried another voice. Everyone looked up to see a black ship sailing toward them. Lara recognized it as the Black Pearl.

"What course of action should we take, sir?" an officer asked the Commodore.

Lara quickly turned off her hearing as she saw Jack swim over to the Pearl, then get pulled onboard. As he landed on deck, he turned back toward her again and waved. His last words rang in her mind.

"I'll be back for you."

She smiled, then turned back toward the others, just in time to see Will and Elizabeth smiling at each other. She decided to give them some time alone together.

She quickly turned away and started walking toward the mansion, wondering if Jack had actually meant what he said, and would really return for her, or was simply acting out in the unpredictable ways of the pirates.

Meanwhile, on the Black Pearl, Jack was sailing toward the horizon, thinking of his bonny lass back on land. He smiled as he remembered their first kiss, then smiled even wider at her reaction. He would be back for her, and she would join him on the Pearl, whether she liked it or not!


Or is it?

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