Family Getaway

Chapter 1: Ray

Terminal City was bustling with activity, the new arrivals that were on their way had been recently broken out of a Familiar holding. TC was fast becoming a haven for unwanted transgenics. The place was safe and kept away the Ordinaries, everything and everyone was settling in just fine.

"Here's the stuff you needed," said Max.

"Thanks, could you hold Faith for a minute."

Max took Faith from Gem as she gave her the bag. Gem had been asked to help out with the other pregnant X's. Max had just come back from a supply run with some things she needed.

"Is she getting big or what?" asked Max bouncing Faith on her hip. She was such a cute kid, chubby and soft. The child smiled and made a grab for Max's hair.

"She sure is," said Gem rifling through the supplies and putting them up in the storage cabinet, "Tori should be going into labour any day this week."

"How many-"

"Aunt Max?"

A little eight year old boy with sandy blonde hair was standing in the doorway.

"Oh, hey Ray, what is it?"

"Logan's onscreen, wants to talk to you."

"Tell him I'll be up in a minute."

"Alright." Ray went running down the hall towards central.

"He's a sweetie," said Gem.

"Yeah, he is."

A couple months ago, Ray White's aunt was killed in a car accident. The boy had no other relatives to stay with so it was decided that he came to Seattle. What better place to hide him then right under White's nose? Max had went down to Florida before Logan, much to his annoyance, go get the boy.

During the ride back to Seattle, Ray and Max had formed some sort of close bond. Ray loved it at Terminal City. What eight year old wouldn't love running around outside, climbing on metal trash heaps? He had quickly made friends with a group of X8's, the five of them were almost inseparable during the day.

"So…how are things between you guys?"

"With Logan? I don't know, I mean, I came clean about Alec and I not being a couple. I told him it was to push him away but, there's still the virus I just…I just remember what Mia said about how love isn't supposed to be easy."

"Max, I think you'll find a cure."

"How do you know?"

"You just got to have faith."

Gem reached over and tickled her little girl.


Logan tried to wait patiently as he stared at the computer screen. He had finally gotten his penthouse redone and was again, comfortably living in style.

What was taking Max so long? She was working at Jam Pony today, and he needed her to pick up something for him. He didn't want to tell her for what yet, so he hoped she wouldn't ask. And what didn't Logan want Max to know about? A cure for the virus. Logan thought that he might have something, know someone that might be able to figure it out. He didn't want to get Max's hopes up though, just in case his lead didn't turn out.

"Hey Logan," said Max coming on screen," What's up?"

"Hi, uh hey Max, I was wondering if you'd mind picking something up for me after your run today?"

"What run?"

"I thought you said you were working today?"

"Work?" Max looked confused until the realization hit her, "Dammit! Jam Pony oh god." Max looked at her watch, which told her she was running late.

"I gotta go! What do you need? Hurry up!"

"Just swing by Carr's office, he'll have it ready."

"Carr's office, Jam Pony, check! Okay bye!"

Max went jumping off the bridge and running towards the exit. Once she got out, she made it to her bike before she realized there was something hanging onto her waist. Looking down she saw a blonde head, the little Familiar looked up at her.

"Where ya going?" Ray asked innocently.

"To where I work, I'll be back in a couple of hours okay?"

"Can I come?"

"Didn't we talk about this?"

"But I'm bored," the miniature, bit sized Ames Jr. whined, "Please let me come? I've been there before. Everyone likes me."

Ray tried using his patented 'look at me I'm cute and adorable and won't interfere with anything' smile to try and get Max to bring him along.

"I--," Max's sentence was cut off by the use of puppy dog eyes, "I've gone soft."

Ray smiled and took his place in front of her on the Ninja.


"I knew it," said White as he watched 452 leave Terminal City with his son. He and a couple of his men were watching from a secure location with a direct view of the entrance to TC.

"We tracked him from Florida, sir," said Hayes.

"And his aunt?"

"Dead sir, killed in the car explosion."

"Good," said White, "now to get my son."


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