Title:: My Evil Plan to Save the Thing

Author:: Lokaia

Summary:: Bova gets ta thinkin'...


Disclaimer:: The show is Nickelodean's, the title is (mostly) Five Iron Frenzy's. All else is mine.


"If I had any sort of authority at all, I would use it to take over the ship. Then I could take over whatever planet we're docked in at the time. I would progress to the surrounding planets until I had taken over an entire system. I would be a dictator and reign supreme. Eventually my rule would spread all the way to the Sol System, and once I controlled that, I could command someone come and get us and take us home. Then I would give up all rule to Harlan or the Commander or something. Because who really wants to rule the universe?

"This is my evil plan to save the ship... planet... system... thing.

"And it would work if I had any sort of authority at all.

Which I don't."

"Bova, you can whine all you want, but you still have to do diagnostics on the Engine Room," Suzee said from her position on the couch of the Team Room.

"I would reign supreme..."