Title: Every Girl Needs

Rating: PG

Genre: Romance

Pairings: Seth/Summer [gasp]

Spoilers: up to The Outsider

Summary: Summer doesn't understand Seth. Seth/Summer.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Not even Ryan and Seth. [pause] Dammit.

A/N: Yes, I wrote Seth/Summer. Please don't bite my head off. The allure of the dark side is just too tempting…and if Marissa's character doesn't get any better, I might actually become a fan of Summer. The horror…

Summer does not understand this guy.

He is all brown puppy-dog eyes and curly dark hair and tall, skinny awkwardness. She is not sure what to do with him. He has seen her at her least flattering, has endured the humiliation she put him through, and still persists in looking at her like she is the Mona Lisa brought to life.

This, for some reason, makes Summer's heart race just a little faster, her hands go a little sweaty.

Summer simply doesn't get that kind of devotion. The closet thing she has seen to it is when she watched Moulin Rouge with Marissa and Holly and saw Ewan McGregor pining away in his nasty little apartment for the dead Nicole Kidman.

And perhaps, maybe with her father also. He is still married to the Stepmom-From-Hell, but still faithfully loves the woman who abandoned him and his child.

Even though he is married to someone else, Mr. Roberts can only love the woman who disappeared years ago with 250,000 dollars she withdrew from his account and the pool boy.

Perhaps that is devotion, of a sort.

But Summer doesn't want to feel devotion like that. She knows the pain her father went through, still is going through, and she doesn't want love. Not if it makes her go through that much suffering. Not if it gives someone that much power over her.

And Summer has no idea what she has done to earn this kind of devotion from this Seth guy. She has no idea what she has done to make him want to shield her from a psycho with a gun. She doesn't even have anything to say to him, doesn't know what to say to him—and just what does he want from her, anyway?

She doesn't know what he wants. And even if she did, she has a feeling she wouldn't know how to give it to him.

Tonight she will dream of a dimpled smile, and brown eyes, and warm breath on her fingertips. Dream of a time when only the right words come out of her mouth, and hears a male voice telling her just how much he cares, that he's never going to hurt her, and to have him mean it.

And in the morning when she wakes up, her fingers will still be tingling.

"Every girl needs a white knight."

"Seth Cohen, white knight."