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Draco Malfoy smirked as he looked in the mirror, studying his body. He was in his dorm-the first night of seventh year. Hogwarts was almost over, thank God. Just one more year, and then he could go away from his father and all those stupid obligations forever. He frowned as his took in his sexy six pack and nicely shaped arms, lost in thought about his father. Lucius Malfoy was a bastard. Draco didn't give a shit about the Dark Lord, so why help him out? But all summer long, Lucius had been nagging him about taking a position in the Dark Lord's inner circle. Screw the fucking Dark Lord. Draco didn't want to help anybody. He wasn't good by any means. He had no intention of defeating the Dark Lord or anything. It was just the fact that Voldemort didn't instill fear in his heart like he did to everyone else. Draco knew he'd always be safe, but he was lazy, and uninterested in killing people. Not his favorite past time.

Draco slipped on his robes and sauntered slowly down to the Great Hall for dinner. He'd grown sexy over the summer, and he knew it. Since sixth year, girls had drooled over his fabulous looks, but if possible, he now looked even better. The blonde hair that he once slicked back with oodles of gel had grown out shaggy and his bangs dropped into his eyes, giving him a mysterious and seductive look. At the Great Hall, the first person he ran into was his ex, Pansy Parkinson. Pansy wasn't anything much to look at, Draco mused to himself. In fact, she was quite ugly, now that he knew her true persona. But hell, she was good and easy. Since he broke up with her (she was just so stupid!) he'd used her as a FWB (friend with benefits) when he really needed to. He made it a vow that this year he wouldn't sleep with her (unless natural urges took over, yikes!)

"Hey, Draco!" Pansy gushed when she saw him. He flicked his head upward in a way that guys do as an acknowledgement. He knew this was something that really turned girls like Pansy on, because his shaggy hair flipped back and it looked really great. "How have you been?" she continued. He shrugged. He wasn't really in the mood to talk to Pansy. She was such an idiot sometimes. This year, he decided he was going to find a girl that he could talk to without having to repeat himself ten times. Someone sexy but really clever.

He looked around, checking out all the girls around him. Over the summer, his hormones had gone into overdrive. Seventeen years old now, close to eighteen, and he knew he had a right to be. Millicent was still fat and heavy. Truth be told, he was terrified of her. She was the one girl that he was really nice to, for fear of getting squashed flat. Pansy-still goddamn ugly. He looked over to the other houses out of a slight interest. His buddies Crabbe and Goyle were really very boring to talk to, unless it was about beating someone up. He scanned the Ravenclaws. He knew about Potter's old thing with Cho Chang, and he had to admit-that girl was good looking. Potter. Draco swung his eyes over in his direction.

There Potter was, laughing it up with his two best friends, the Weasel and the mudblood, oh, wow, she didn't look half as shitty as she had through sixth year. Was something wrong with his 20/20 vision or had she grown.well, for lack of a better word in his immature mind, sexy? Draco was absolutely obsessed with that word. Everything was sexy now, even the mud blood. He looked at her bushy hair, slightly tamer, which now hung in long curls down to her waist. Sexy. He took in her figure. She was very slim, but sexy. Her smile radiated a glow of happiness. Sexy. He shook his head, trying to get that out of his mind. Sure, sure, she was sexy, but she was a fucking mud blood with an attitude problem. She'd be good, he mused. So good. He scowled suddenly. What was he doing, thinking about Granger? Hermione Granger, first of all, Gryffindor, and secondly, mud blood? He quickly moved his silver eyes, focusing instead on the chicken curry that sat in front of him.

* * * * * * *
Harry Potter couldn't believe it. His seventh year at Hogwarts! Amazing. Simply amazing. He felt a warm sense of bliss just sitting here with his two best friends in the entire world. He looked them over. Ron had grown, if possible, even taller over the summer. He must be like 6"3, Harry mused. Jesus. And Hermione, well, Hermione was something special to look at now. Shit, even Slytherin guys probably found her hot. And the funniest part was, Hermione really didn't know it. It was what made her so appealing. She didn't try to be really good-looking. She just was. Harry smiled at her, thinking about what it would be like with Hermione. Good, he mused. So good. Over the summer, Harry's hormones had totally gone into overdrive. He suspected he wasn't the only one. Wiping the silly grin off his face, Harry reminded himself about his platonic (and he stressed the word) relationship with Hermione. Sure, she was good looking, but she was his best friend. He looked at her again, just to make sure he didn't have feelings. Nothing sloshed around in his stomach and he smiled, relieved. It had just been a shock to see how pretty she'd grown over the summer.

Harry knew he wasn't the only one thinking about girls and sex these days. Ron was seriously ogling at Hermione. Harry frowned in slight distaste. He really didn't think that Ron and Hermione would work out together. He remembered in sixth year, when Ron had really liked Hermione, and she had never known. Would it be like that again? Harry sighed to himself, and continued scanning the hall for someone interesting to check out. He never realized that a hundred other seventh year sex crazed boys were doing the same thing.

* * * * *

Ron Weasley barely touched his food that first day back. He was just awestruck with Hermione. He'd liked her since fourth year, although he'd only told Harry sixth year. It wasn't just her amazing looks, which weren't, in fact, stunning like Fleur's…they were neutral but somehow in an odd and inexplicable way, quite captivating, but the fact that she was so smart and so sweet. He adored her, secretly. He almost felt in love with her. It was scary, he thought to himself, to feel this way about a girl. He could understand loving Quiddith and loving Pig, but loving a girl…?

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