"A Whole New World"


Text of an electronic communication from Angelina Munch to the Doctor and Tegan Jovanka, sent via Gallifrey's Panotropic Communication Network:

Ahoy, Cosmic Wanderers!

You asked in your last letter how things are here on Gallifrey… well, as you've probably guessed, Nikki's shaken things up considerably, and I've done some shaking up of my own since my arrival! Even though I am quite absorbed in learning the language in preparation for my entry into the Academy, I've still found some time to have a few nights on the town with Nikki. Needless to say we leave devastation in our wake everywhere we go! The Time Lords simply don't know what to do with us, or about us!

You'll be happy to learn that Andred is back in the fold as Castellan. He was never really happy as a presenter for the PRV, but it was all he could get after he got the sack. The vacancy he left at the PRV was recently filled by none other than Nikki, who is giving him quite a run for his money as a presenter of a salacious gossip programme. She's like a cross between
Maury Povich and Sixty Minutes, and Time Lords tremble in their boots when she and her camera crew show up in their offices!

And speaking of trembling in their boots, the Chancellery Guards are quite on their toes nowadays, what with Munch putting them through their paces every morning. Many of them have protested that it's silly, all this target practice and whatnot, because there's never been any sort of threat on Gallifrey. Munch told them darkly of recent events in New York, and what can happen when one isn't prepared. I'm not sure they're very happy about a human being second in command to the Castellan, but at least they seem to accept his authority.

Thank you for the photograph you sent. It looks like rattling 'round the Universe in a battered old time capsule agrees with the two of you. Munch said you're the outer space equivalent of a retired couple who gets an RV and drives 'round the country seeing the sights. Well at least you're not boring like Nikki's parents… her father's an accountant, for God's sake.

Well, that's about all I have time for right now… I've got to get back to the books and try to drum more of this alien gibberish into my head. Honestly, it's like trying to learn to read Greek, Russian, and Hebrew all at once while simultaneously working advanced calculus equations in your head. I only hope I can manage it… Lord Gamma once promised me that I'd never be admitted to the Academy, and he might turn out to be right after all if I can't wrap my brain around the language. Oh well, the PRV is always looking for new presenters with scandalous pasts who aren't fit for doing much else but jabbering vacantly on outer space television… I suspect I'd fit right in!