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Notes: /" "/ indicates either Yugi or Yami talking mentally to each other.

--- indicates a scene change and/or time passing

(" ") indicates thinking

Chapter Seven

Jounouchi walked up to the incinerator on the side of the building and slid open the door.

Kaiba narrowed his eyes. What was Jounouchi planning?

"If you really love Yami, throw your three Blue Eyes in there."

"...are you insane?"

"Hey, YOU'RE the one who loves Yami, right? You should be willing to do anything for him then, right?" Jounouchi smiled, "If you burn the cards, I'll say it's okay for you to screw him."

Kaiba was silent.

This was perfect. Jounouchi had found the one thing Kaiba would never ever do. Soon he'd have Kaiba out of Yami's life.

Kaiba slowly shifted through his deck and removed one Blue Eyes.

Jounouchi frowned. He just wanted Kaiba to admit that his cards were more precious than Yami and get this over with.

Kaiba looked at the card for a second, silently apologizing, then threw it in the fire.

It took Jounouchi a second to register what had just happened. Had Kaiba just done that?


As the sound of Yugi's footsteps drew nearer, Jounouchi cursed; this was not going to be good.

"Kaiba-kun, what did you just do?!" Anzu had told him she thought the two might be going outside to fight. He was pretty certain of what he had witnessed, but he didn't want to believe it.

"I burned the Blue Eyes. Jounouchi told me to," he held up the second one, "Two more to go."

"Don't do it!!" Yugi grabbed the arm that held the card.

" really don't have to..." Jounouchi grimaced.

"Jounouchi said this is what I have to do. If I burn them all, he'll stop getting in my way."

Yugi turned his eyes to Jounouchi, not wanting to accept it was true, " didn't..."

"...I-I..." Jounouchi struggled. This was the worst possible way it could've turned out for him... and the best for Kaiba, "I really didn't think he would..."

"Then why did you say it?!" Yugi was furious, "Just to try and prove that Kaiba-kun was lying about mou hitori no boku?!"

Yugi understood it all. Jounouchi couldn't think of a way out, "I-I was sure he wouldn't do it! I didn't want him to burn the cards!! I-"

Jounouchi was cut off by Yugi slapping him across the face, "You should've believed Kaiba-kun!"

It took Jounouchi a moment for the shock to wear off. He looked and the ground and was about to try and explain himself more, but gave up and walked away in silence.

Kaiba was already starting to leave when he heard Yami call him, "Seto, wait."

Kaiba complied and turned around.

"That was an awful thing to do, Seto," Yami said, his arms folded, "You can't just go throwing your Blue Eyes away, it's very disrespectful to the heart of the cards."

Kaiba smirked and stepped closer to Yami. He stroked Yami face with one hand, "Why don't you be honest?"

It had been so long that even the slight touch of Kaiba's fingers were enough to break Yami in a second, "...I don't want to say it... It goes against everything I believe in..."

"Say it."

Yami closed his eyes, "...I'm happy... I never thought you would do that for.."

"For you?" Kaiba frowned, "Even you doubted me?"

"Ah, no! That's not-" A quick kiss from Kaiba cut Yami off mid-sentence.

"I know," Kaiba said close to Yami's ear, "Come to my house tonight."

Yami shivered, /"Uh, ai-"/

/"Go."/ Yugi answered shortly.

"I will."


Yugi stopped off at the Game Shop after school first. He proceeded to practically throw his backpack across the room.

/"Aibou, you seem more angry than I am about this."/

"Of course I am! I can't believe Jounouchi-kun would do that!"

/"He said he didn't think Seto would do it..."/

"That's exactly it! Why doesn't he believe Kaiba-kun?"

Yami smiled softly, /"Not everyone is as trusting as you. With the way Seto has treated Jounouchi-kun in the past, I think it makes sense."/

" still wasn't right."

/"Well, no I agree with you on that, but-"/

"Mou hitori no boku, can we just not talk about it now?"

/"...sure. Sorry."/


Kaiba's eyes opened. He looked around and frowned. Checking the clock and seeing that it wasn't even 4AM yet, he wondered why he was alone.

He pulled himself up and heard a muffled voice from the hallway. He walked towards the door and could clearly tell now that the voice was Yami's, although the door was too thick to make out what he was saying.

Kaiba waited a moment and the talking stopped. The door opened.

"Seto!" Yami was startled by seeing him right there in the doorway.

"Talking to Yugi?"

Yami suppressed a laugh, then said, "...yes."

Kaiba raised an eyebrow, "What was that about?"

"Oh, aibou just saw you and ran away. I guess he wasn't expecting to see you naked when I opened the door."

Kaiba rolled his eyes, "You can't even leave him alone for the night?"

Yami's mood turned serious, "I didn't want to. He's very upset right now... sorry if I woke you up."

"It's early, let's just go back to bed."

Yami nodded and took Kaiba's suggestion.

After a bit of silence, Kaiba sighed. He really couldn't care less whether Yugi and Jounouchi got back together, but he was getting tired of having only half of Yami's attention, "So what's their problem?"


"Yugi and Jounouchi."

Yami was a bit confused by Kaiba bringing up that subject, "...aibou won't forgive Jounouchi-kun."

"And you're trying to convince him to?"


"Why don't you just leave it up to him?"

"Because he's being stubborn. I know he wants to forgive Jounouchi-kun, so he should just do it."

"It's his decision though, you should stay out of it."

"Seto, I won't," Yami said, leaving no room for argument in his tone.

Kaiba sighed again, "Fine, then can you just stay out of it for one night? I'm sick of you acting so distracted."


After a moment of silence, Kaiba sighed for a third time, "Come here."

Yami shifted closer to him, and Kaiba put an arm around him.

Yami closed his eyes, content, "I just want this for aibou..."


The next day a t school Anzu went up to the roof, "So you're hiding up here?"

Jounouchi didn't answer.

"Really, Jounouchi, what were you thinking?"

"I didn't think he'd do it, okay? I was wrong! I admit it! Leave me alone!"

"...what are you going to do?"

"I'm open to suggestions."

"Mmmm..." Anzu pondered.

" have an idea? Anzu, you gotta help me!!"

Anzu was slightly put off by the extreme change in attitude, "Uh, well... Yugi's really forgiving, I'm sure he won't stay mad for long..."

"That's not good enough. Come on Anzu!"

Now he was just getting annoying, "Have you tried begging?"

"You think it would work?"

"You never know," Anzu smiled, quite worried at the fact that he seemed serious.


A little later in the day, Yugi and Anzu were walking through the hall; Anzu was trying to distract him from thinking about Jounouchi.

It would prove to be in vain though, because Jounouchi walked up to them moments later. Yugi cringed and tried to walk around him, but Jounouchi made it impossible by dropping to his knees and grabbing Yugi's waist.

Yugi was more a than a little freaked out, "J-Jou- what're you-"

"PLEEEEEEEASE FORGIVE MEEEEEEEE!!" Jounouchi whined, clinging to Yugi.



("I can't believe he took me seriously....") Anzu thought nervously and quietly snuck away.

"I'm really really sorry! I swear I didn't want that to happen! I should've just believed him!!"

"You are aware that you're in the school hallway, aren't you?" Kaiba commented, having appeared in the hall.

"Come on Yugi, pleeeeeeeaaase!!!"

"...give me a minute," Jounouchi reluctantly let go of him and Yugi walked a few steps to turned the corner. He leaned against the wall.

/"I think he's suffered enough, aibou."/

/"...I guess so..."/ Yugi let out a small laugh, /"It was really hard to keep a straight face through that."/

/"You're going to forgive him then?"/

/"...yes,"/ Yugi smiled, /"But, he'll have to agree to some stuff first..."/


Yugi returned to where Kaiba and Jounouchi were waiting in silence.

Jounouchi was looking desperate, ""

"I'm willing to forgive you, Jounouchi-kun," Yugi started out, "but there are some conditions."

Jounouchi nodded.

"The first is pretty obvious: you can't object to mou hitori no boku and Kaiba-kun's relationship anymore,"

"I won't."

"The second one goes for both of you."

Kaiba raised an eyebrow, "What did I do?"

"This is just to ensure that this all works out... neither one of you can ask anything about what's going on with the other."

"Like I care anyways," Kaiba muttered.

"If there are any conflicts or anything, mou hitori no boku and I will work it out. I don't want you two fighting... over this at least."

"Don't worry, I'll be good," Jounouchi confirmed, dead serious.

"So...everything's worked out then?" Yugi asked.

"Yep, no problem."

"Fine," Kaiba sighed.

"Then, Jounou-"

/"Aibou,"/ Yami interrupted him.

/"Mm? What?"/

/"Can I talk to Seto for a minute first?"/

/"Sure I guess."/ Yugi switched with him.

"Seto, come over here."

Kaiba followed Yami around the corner out of Jounouchi's sight, "I don't like being ordered around like this..."

"Aren't you happy now?" Yami asked


"Because it's all worked out."

"It doesn't matter that much..."

"Seto," Yami frowned.

Kaiba pulled Yami close to him, "Whether they had worked it out or not, I still would've found some way to have you."

"Seto..." Yami smiled.


A few minutes later, Yugi returned to where Jounouchi was waiting.

"Man, everything worked out for Kaiba..." Jounouchi muttered.

"...that's not true. He lost one of his Blue Eyes... and, hey, don't forget about what you got!"


Yugi looked at him.

Jounouchi smiled, "Mm, you're right. Heh, I think I won," he kissed Yugi.

"'Think'?" Yugi teased.

"Okay, I know I won then," Jounouchi grinned, "Let's hope this all works out."

"I'm sure it will, "Yugi said brightly, "We'll balance it out somehow."


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