Who Knows My Secret?
Foreword and Disclaimer
By: Good Luck Kitten


Okie! Hello all! And welcome to my fic! *grins*

Please note that I have never written RL/SB before, so this may come across as really weird. Well... Actually it's supposed to be really weird anyway.


Anywho, I really hope you can read this with a light heart, 'cause I realize that my writing style is really strange, especially since I wrote it in 1st person.

Now before I can tempt you anymore (Tch yeah right =D) I must perform the typical ritual that is Ye Olde Disclaimer. Bear with me a few moments so I can get this out of the way and never ever have to do it again! *cackles insanely*

*ahem*! I solemnly swear... That I claim no ownership over JKRowling's Harry Potter books, nor do I claim that my work should be taken seriously and truthfully. I'm just a fanfiction author. All I do is fantasize, savvy?

ALIRIGHT! Now on with chapter one! Please! Just go!! *starts shuffling readers with a fan in the general direction that is the next chapter*

Oh, and before I forget, please please pretty please with sugar on top leave me a review? Reviews are pretty much my sole motivation after I've posted the first chapter. *huggles*--