Who Knows My Secret?
Chapter Seven
By: Good Luck Kitten


A funny sort of taste, really. Not quite the peppermint it should have been; more of a sugar-y cheese-cake taste. I smiled, instantly feeling the world anew, and looked up.

He was beautiful... Absolutely stunning, with clear blue eyes, and perfect (in a slightly ruffled way) silken black hair lying peacefully atop his crown. Yet he was staring at me from his brawl on the ground, obviously frustrated.

"Moony!!" He whined in his adorable puppy-like way, "Why'd you go and offer me something, then take it for yourself?? I would've gotten it from James here." He stood up and kicked James lightly in the side.

"You can have the rest, love." To my horror, I'd actually said that, and I found myself popping out the peppermint and holding it out to him. He (and James, but I don't care about James) raised one eye-brow, then without saying anything, left the staircase (with James). I sat on the steps, near tears, with one hand clasped over my mouth.

What the hell had I done?! Inside, I was completely in turmoil. Though most of me (the part that controlled me whenever I was around Sirius, unfortunately) was completely in love with being in love with Sirius, there was a small reasonable bit of me that remembered why in the blazes I didn't want Sirius to know I love him in the first place.

Wait... Backtrack... 'I love him'? I guess these three words really confirm what I've begun feeling the past few weeks. It was so gradual; I'd hardly noticed when my feelings changed from just a mild secretive crush, to the spark that brightened every day, love.

I allowed myself to smile, finally accepting what I'd known all along... I love Sirius.

But back to the present, my reasonable self (now newly acquainted with my love-y-dove-y side) knew that I wouldn't be able o love Sirius if he found out. He'd disown me as a friend, and I'd die a slow miserable lonely (wolf) life.

This could not, and would not happen... I needed Lily, and quick.

Dashing down the stairs, I burst into the common room, greeted once again with silence and stares. I groaned not remembering my new appearance. "Where's Lily?!" I asked the public in general. "I need her desperately!!" All I got were more funny stares, and I walked to the portrait-hole, silently grateful that Sirius wasn't there for me to dote on.

The library, I decided, would be the best place to find Lily. She'd probably headed back there as soon as she was done defacing me.

I walked through the doors, nodded at Madam Pince, then began searching franticly for Lily.

Then I saw him, once again.

He was beautiful, even as he and his two friends (they weren't important) hovered over a book about who-cares-what... Light from the tall stained glass windows crowned his dark head with a halo of colored odd shapes. At a sharp intake of breath, they'd noticed me.

"Hey Remus." ("Hello," "Hey Moony," they chimed)

But... I had eyes, ears, lips, hands, only for him. "You're... glorious..." I whispered, meeting his gaze. FYI: The reasonable side of me was having an emergency evacuation; A disaster was heading my way.

"Excuse me?"

And I, in my tortuous blind love wanted nothing more than to comply to his every whim. And so I did. "I said you're glorious... Truly."

"Umm..." Sirius shifted his gaze, and to his right, James coughed.

I blushed; Even the love-y-dove-y side of me realized how public and embarrassing I was no doubt being. "Sirius?" I grabbed his hand from the table, "Go on a walk with me." He glanced down at our hands and shrugged, "Peter, James... Keep looking for it."

He followed me out to the hall, fidgeting every once in a while, trying to shake his hand away. I wouldn't let him of course. "Alright Remus, whaddyou want?"

"You" Inside, I, my reasonable side passed out.

Sirius furrowed his brows, confused, "I...what?"

"You, I want—"

"REMUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111" A streak of red hair flashed before my eyes, as the speed-demon Lily, whisked me away from Sirius and threw me against the wall, "Guess what?!?!"

"Umm... Lily?" I heard my love ask from Behind Lily, reveling in the sound of his thick voice... wow... I really –really- had to get off this drug-love-whatever-shiznit.

"Go away!!!" She shrieked at him, and he backed away as if with tail between legs, and muttered, "Merlin..."

"Alright!" she took a deep breath, "What were you saying to Sirius?"

I smiled, oh, the bliss of my love, "Only the truth... A profession of my deep, undy- inhf lurff fwah himsh!!" Lily had put her hand over my mouth, suppressing my doom fortunately.

"I... thought we agreed –I- would do this, yes?" If I hadn't been so befuddled by my present drugged-ness I would've realized what I should've known all along. Lily really didn't think that Sirius liked me back. If she did, she would've let me finish telling him of everything I felt for him.

I also would have realized that Lily didn't have control over me in this state, because he only excuse for my submission was the threat of telling Sirius my secret, and right now, that was all I wanted to do!!

But alas... Love makes us do stupid things. "Yes Lil," I nodded.

"Okay good! Now, meet your—"

"Remus!!!" This time, in a blur of blonde hair, I found myself lying on the tile, staring up at a girl with blurry features... wait... She was coming into focus.

I stared, utterly shocked; It was the eyelash girl.


"Moony?! You scored a date? Kickass," Sirius was laughing as I heard him walk away, "I hope you sleep well tonight!!"

"Lily!" I gasped trying to shove the weight of the Ravenclaw off my chest,

I'd thought we were waiting... You know..."

"Well, see..." She reached out her hand to help me and the girl up, "Alisa here," Alisa beamed, "Was –so- excited when I told her that I'd talk to you, that you couldn't say 'no'! So you said, 'yes'!"

"I did?" Alisa promptly latched herself parasitically to my arm. I was momentarily caught up in her spider eyelashes once again.

"Of course you did!"

"I'm so glad you did, Remus!" Insert giggling here. "We should go somewhere really sweet for our Hogsmeade date!!"

"Umm... like Honeydukes? Well... I mean, we'll go wherever you'd like." I saw no reason to be mean to the girl. She'd never done anything to me, and overall, seemed like a sweet kid. You know... If you're into that sort of thing. "Can I have a word with Lily though? ...I'll catch up with you after Astronomy." I detached Alisa from my arm and hugged her quickly before she giggled and walked off.

"Lil! I love him!! I want him to know... I love everything about him: his perfect body, his deliciously thick voice, the way he's so clever, and even how he picks on Severus all the time!! I just want to be with him..."

Lily blinked at me, a blank stare emanating from her placid eyes. "...you... ate the peppermint, didn't you?"

Shocked, I sputtered an excuse, "I-it... Wasn't my fault, truly!! It was an accident... How did you know anyway??" –inspiration strikes- "...It only did it 'cause James was trying to take it from Sirius and all I can say is I'm SO glad I didn't look at –him-." See? The way to turn it around, it to blame it on James. Works like a charm.

More blank stares from Lily, "He will die. Now."

"No, no!! Lily!! Wait!!" she paused, "...Will it go away? I mean... I want him to know. But... I don't. I'm so confused."

"Well. You screwed yourself over my friend It won't come off 'til midnight. So umm... Advice? I suggest skipping the rest of the day and hide in your bedroom and try to go to sleep. Now if you'll excuse me, I have business I need to attend to." She turned on her heel and left.

Groaning, I rubbed a hand over my face, and scrubbed through my hair. I'm gonna have a lot of make-up work tomorrow, I just know it. With that I set off towards the Gryffindor common room.


The lights in the 6th year boys dormitory flicked on, and three boys silently crept out of bed. The tallest one carefully pulled open the curtains to the last remaining bed, and peeked inside. He turned back to the other two and gave them the thumbs-up sign. "Are you sure this'll work Peter?"

Peter, the smallest of the group looked around nervously but nodded, "It should... we just need to recite the spell, then we're free to ask any three questions." He grabbed a book from his bedside table, but had it snatched away by the tallest boy.

"Better let me do it. I've a knack for this sort of thing."

Peter fidgeted but nodded again, "Page B34... It's towards the front."

The three boys clustered around the book, as the tallest read aloud, "Recite the spell... Blah blah... Any three questions... blah blah blah... Careful. Never... Warning? Spell only works once every new moon. ...Man!! We better make this worth it."

"Alright Sirius. On the count of three. One... two... three."

"Conicio interrogo!" A few seconds of silence... Then Remus seemed to suddenly sit up in his bed and look around.

"Uhh... Remus? Eh heh... What're you doing awake?"

"I am not awake." The three boys stared blankly at the groggy figure before them.

"Damn it James!! You wasted a question!! ...It's my turn. Who do you like Remus?"



"Sirius," and with that, Remus fell back against his pillow, and began breathing slowly once again.

"...That was bizarre." James stated slowly, still trying comprehend what'd happened.

"...That completely sucked ass!" Sirius fumed, "I'd wanted to know who he liked –liked- not who he liked..."

"Yeah, 'cause that makes all the sense in the world." James stated blandly. Peter was still in a sort of shock.

"Whatever. I've got a good plan finally... We won't have to wait another month. All we'll need is a little trip to Lynch-pin's office... I wish I'd thought of this sooner!!!!" Sirius smiled, with an evil glint to his eyes, and flipped off the lights.


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