Note: Takes place right after the 8th volume in the manga series. And this is just what I imagined what would have happened if they did have a party...

Love's Promise

Chapter One: Let's Party!

By: Enchanted Pink Jade


There's so much to celebrate! We have to have a party!

Hayama Akito, looking out the classroom window and watching the barren tree branches sway in the wind, was oblivious to the rants and chatters of his fellow classmates that circled around the room.

Okay, it's a plan! I'll tell everyone! It'll be fun!

Tch. Having a party isn't so bad... He sighed wearily as he unconsciously rubbed his right hand with his left, despite the fact that he couldn't feel a thing. He stopped when he realized what he was doing. He stared at his now useless hand in dismay. Things would be different from then on- he couldn't even do the simplest of tasks.

"A-CHAN!" Startled, he turned his head around only to come face to face with a grinning Sana. What'd she do that for? He'd been so deep in thought that he hadn't sensed her approach.

Akito turned back around to stare outside, though now his attention was focused solely on her. "It's just you."

"Nani!" The young actress drew out her toy hammer and bonked him on the head. "You can't even manage a proper hello!"

With eyes full of affection, he watched her turn the seat in front of him around so that she sat facing him. "What are you doing here?" he asked, while stealing a glance at the doorframe to make sure that Sengoku-sensei wasn't stepping in anytime soon.

"Well, class hasn't started yet, so I thought I'd come here and visit you. I also wanted to give you this." Sana pulled out a small card and handed it to him. Akito saw that it was decorated with Christmas ornaments, birthday cakes, and 'Welcome Home' signs. Won't this confuse people? On the front read the words: YOU'RE INVITED TO THE "WE GOT SO MUCH TO CELEBRATE HAPPY PARTY"! Below that were her address, the day, and the time for the occasion.

Leaning closer over to him, Sana propped her elbows on his desk and rested her chin on her hands. As she did so, Akito caught a whiff of what was unmistakably her sweet scent. For a second, he closed his eyes, ingraining this aroma forever in his heart.

Mentally, he shook his head to clear his thoughts. "You ah... What's with the long-winded title?" Akito suppressed the chuckle that threatened to burst out.

"There's nothing wrong with it," Sana said defensively. Then she went on to say something about there being more people, her Mama not minding, and what not. He didn't really listen to the words, and their meaning was lost to him. All he heard was the sound of her voice. What's so special about it? He wasn't really sure. But it had a soft and lulling sound, a comforting quality that made Akito feel at peace with himself and everything around him.

"You're sure you want to have another party?" Akito asked, before he got carried away with his thoughts. It's always happened before, and what it left him was a sticky situation of being embarrassed when he was caught. He didn't know why his mind wandered... but it was all her fault.

"Of course! I've been telling people that they don't have to bother with the presents, but they still insist on bringing some."


"That's right Aki! You better get me one, too!" A paper fan came out of nowhere, and for the second time in the past few minutes, he was smacked on the head.

"Fuka-chan! Ohayo!" Sana greeted cheerfully. The awkwardness that had once been between them now seemed nothing more than a make-believe mishap. They were as close as they had been before, if not closer, and they were often seen together laughing or arguing about the most ridiculous of matters.

"G'morning to you, too, Sana. I figured you'd be here. The party'll be in three days... Don't forget though, I can't stay long. I'll just drop by and- Oh no, that's the bell. Homeroom's gonna start, so we'd better go! Bye Aki!" Akito, who hadn't been able to get a word in edgewise, watched her run off before turning back to Sana.

"She comes like a breeze, then takes off like the wind..." Sana waved to Tsuyoshi and Aya as they walked in. "Being in the farthest class from each other is such a drag... ne?" she said remorsefully.

He didn't like it either, but there wasn't really any choice for them. "Yeah... You'd better get going."

"Hm... I'll see you later, A-chan!" And with that, she left.

A snigger could be heard on Akito's right side. It was Tsuyoshi. "A-chan?"


'A-chan' had been the name that Sana called him when she was playing the role of his "mom", that night when her TV movie came out. It was so long ago... Why is she using that name now? Akito thought gruffly, and then, Three more days, huh?


"I'm going to go shopping later," Akito announced to his family. They were gathered in the living room watching TV, something they were accustomed to doing every now and then.

Natsumi sat bolt upright, surprised. "Honto? You? Shopping? I thought you were broke."

Akito chose to ignore his sister.

"What for?" Otou-san asked.

Akito hesitated at first, and then, "Presents. For Sana and some friends."

Natsuimi clapped her hands together and squealed in delight. "Kawaii!"

Curious, their Otou-san asked, "What will you get for Sana?"

Akito shrugged. "I don't know yet... Something special."


There was a pause in which the father smiled softly at his son. "As long as the gift comes from the heart, she'll love it no matter what."

"..." A gift from my heart...


Akito's eyebrow twitched in annoyance, but still he pretended that she didn't exist. His Otou-san was in the middle of pulling out his wallet when Akito shook his head. "I have all that I need." And it was true, he did have money. Money he didn't knew he had until a few days ago when he was cleaning out his closet. Planning to run away, he'd hidden a stash of money underneath a pile of old clothes. This was right before Sana barged into his life- more like saved it. Because of her, Akito had forgotten all about it. Amazing... How one person can affect his life so much.

Everything changed after she came along.

Looking at his family now... the idea of running away would never come to pass.


Akito's reserve finally cracked. "Will you shut up already?" he snapped.

"I can't help myself! My little brother is being so adorable right now!" Natsumi giggled as she saw his cheeks flush with color. "Oh! Who knew you could be so... So romantic! I think it's romantic." She sighed whimsically as her eyes glazed over, a faraway look on her face. Being a star was special enough, but being able to capture her brother's heart was... something. And that something was good.

Akito shifted uncomfortably in his seat. "It isn't that big of a deal."

His sister jerked out of her stupor. "Of course it is! I want you to go now!" Natsumi stood up and stomped over to her brother. "Come on." She grabbed him by the arm and pulled him up as well.


"No! Now! Get your stuff and go!"

Akito snatched his arm away from her grip. "Such a sweet-tempered little girl," he muttered under his breath, but still loud enough for her to hear.



"Mama! Tadaima!" Sana said as she donned her slippers.

Kurata Misako came in driving her red car. "Hi Sana. How was- Huh? Oh, Onda-san. You're here," she said in mock surprise.

"I've been here all day, Sensei! I need the manuscript! Please! You promised to have it done by today." Sadly, this is what he'd also been saying all day. One might think that he'd get tired of repeating himself, but nooo, he wanted to be persistent. That did him no good anyways- he still didn't have a manuscript.

Sana smiled pitifully at her mother's sobbing editor, as her manager walked in accompanied by a guest, Kurumi Asako. She ran over to her and they hug briefly in greeting. "What are you doing here?" Sana asked.

"Just visiting Rei."

"Aha! Wanting to spend some quality time together, eh?" Sana wiggled her eyebrows up and down, looking mischievous. Then she nudged Rei in the stomach and winked.

"Sana, stop that," Rei said, cutting in. "And Sensei, did you really promise that you'd have the manuscript done by today?"

Misako stopped the car, looking deep in thought. "I might have... Yes, I think I did."

Rei tsked. "When you make a promise, you're supposed to keep it, you know." But then again, has she ever? he thought ruefully. There wasn't a time he could remember... not one.

Asako sat down on the couch and with a haughty air, said, "You're one to talk, Rei."

"What do you mean?" he blinked twice, not knowing what she was talking about.

"When we were on the set of "Mansion of Water", you promised me that you would take me somewhere special. Nothing special has happened yet."

"Right... Right." Rei laughed nervously. "So I did. And we will. Just you and me. Christmas. We'll spend the whole day together. I promise." And with that, he left the room, intent on making the arrangements for the 'promised' special date.

Sana turned to Asako. "Did he really promise that?"

The older actress smiled mysteriously and winked. "Of course he did. Just now."

Misako let out a sinister laugh. "I like your style, Kurumi-san! I can use that in a story... Do you mind?"

"Oh, Mama! Before I forget, is it okay if I have a party here on the 24th? Like last year? I'm inviting my friends. Actually... I already have... Oops."

"Whatever you want!" Misako started up the car, and was once more driving like mad around the living room, her forgotten editor on her tail. (Sensei! Please!)

"Yay! And Shimura-san can help with the food! It's all set!" Now all I have to do is get him a present... But what?

Their maid walked in at that moment. "Some tea, anyone?"


Akito and Sana walked out of the main school building side by side. Whispers from students trailed them as they went. Ever since the incident with Kazuyuki, and the fact that they were dating was let out, everyone was trying to find out what had happened. Not much was known.

"Don't they look cute together?"

Akito twitched, but said nothing.

"Yeah! I heard they've already kissed!"

Another twitch.

"I thought that Sana would go for Naozumi..."

Okay, that was it.

Akito turned on the whispering people, a group from Class 7. "Don't you guys have better things to do? Other people to annoy?" he snapped at them, and they promptly shut their mouths, but one was still brave enough to comment. (I heard that he really is another softy, but only for Sana.) Akito simply gave her one of his infamous death glares.

The star actress tugged on his sleeve, trying to calm him down. "It's okay, Akito. I don't mind much, really."

"Hmph. It's still annoying."

"Oh look, there's Rei!" Sana exclaimed, as they neared the front. "He's coming with me to get a couple more things for the party." She hesitated momentarily before throwing her arms around his neck in a hug, exactly the way she used to hug her manager, excluding the kiss on the cheek.

Rei, seeing this, was now flooding the inside of the car with his tears. There once was a time when she only hugged me like that... Hayama! You stole my little Sana! Wahh!

She stepped back and smiled up at him. "I'll see you tomorrow then!"


"Yo, Akito!" Tsuyoshi walked up to him as Sana and Sunglasses guy drove away. "Hehe. I saw all that. Why didn't yo-eouch!" Akito had Karate chopped him yet again.

I wasn't careful... I should change the subject. Tsuyoshi walked a little faster to catch up, for the cheetah was already stalking away. "So, have you done your shopping? The party is tomorrow."

"Yeah. I've never been so broke in my life."

"Ah... hahaha. Wait, I thought you were already broke?" Tsuyoshi asked. His only answer was a shrug.

"It was hard to pick, though, for Sana."

"I'll bet," Tsuyoshi muttered under his breath, remembering what had happened last year.

Akito sighed. "I just didn't know her size, so I guessed. I'm sure it'll fit."

Wait... What? Size?

Suddenly, something Akito had said long ago popped into his head...

Giving her a bra would piss her off, right? Hmm, don't know her size anyway.

He looked at his friend in horror. He didn't. He wouldn't. Would he? Knowing Akito, he wasn't about to put it pass him. "What did you get for Sana?"

"Not telling."

"It isn't something that would anger her, is it?"

"Anger her? No. Don't think so."

"Come on, tell me."


Oh no... was Tsuyoshi's foreboding thought.


Author's Note: Hahaha. I ended it right here. This was supposed to be a one-shot... but I became sooo lazy. So the party, the present and the promise (Oooh! Party, Present, and Promise!) will all come in the next chapter! It'll probably be shorter than this, but you guys won't care right? Just as long as I upload it... Unless I find a way to drag it out but still be effective.

Yeah, and what I wrote in the summary, that's also gonna happen in the next chapter. Woulda happened here, but like I said, I got kinda lazy. Oh yeah, and I might even word it differently, but it'll still be there. I just wanted to put something there that might attract attention... Are any of you angry at me? Or do you just want the next chapter? I promise, it's coming. I just dun know when.

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