"Recca-niichan! Admit it! You've gotten us lost!" Kaoru accused. Everyone turned to Recca, to see how he would manage to get out of this one.

"Of course not! I know perfectly where we are!! We're... we're at... give me a sec... let me see..." Recca stuttered.

Fuuko, very agitated, aimed a dart straight at Recca's head, a dangerous glint in her eyes. "Are we, or are we not, lost?"

Recca looked at the dart. It didn't scare him as he could easily avoid it. Only when he sensed Domon, Tokiya and Kaoru behind him, preventing him from moving away, did he start swallowing nervously. "Ok, fine, we're lost." He sighed out.

At his reply, the gang sighed and grumbled. Yanagi, being a sweetheart, comforted her ninja. "That's ok Recca-kun; we'll get out of here." Her sweet smile gave Recca back all his enthusiasm.

The group, following Recca's lead, soon found themselves deeper into the forest than they were before. They were surrounded by trees and fog. The fog was turning thicker. In fact, the only way they could keep together, were by the grumbles of Fuuko.

"First he brings us on a picnic in a forest, then he loses his way out of the forest and now, we are stuck in the goddamn forest! All because of this maniac... wait till we get out... I'll kill him... I'll kill him... I'll kill him..."

She stopped when she noticed that they had somehow, miraculously; incredibly; astoundingly, found their way out of the forest. The group cheered in delight until Tokiya pointed out that they were still lost. That's when Domon spotted the mansion way ahead of them. Recca, in a bout of intelligence, decided to stay the night there.

Just as he was about to knock on the door, Recca was stopped by his Hime. "Recca-kun, I have a bad feeling about this. Ano, this mansion is really old... and it looks scary," she whimpered.

"Don't worry, Hime! I'll protect you! I'm sure everyone else will too!" Recca grinned. Assured that she would be safe, Yanagi finally nodded in agreement.

Before knocking on the door, Recca looked at his friends, for affirmation. They all looked tired, and annoyed. All except for one. Who stood right at the back. And kept on looking over her shoulder, as if expecting something to pop up behind her. She looked terrified.

"Fuuko... you alright?" Recca asked concerned. Everyone else turned to look at her. They hadn't noticed that the usual non-stoppable chattering monkey had actually gone silent. They had all been too eager to leave the cold and the mist. She looked like she was about to burst into tears at any moment. "Fuuko-neechan, what's wrong?" Ganko asked her, face full of worry.

"I'm... not... entering... this place!!!!!!" she wailed.

"Nani?! Why not?!" Tokiya asked.

"Cause it's probably dark... and old... and scary-looking... and dark!!!!" she screeched again.

Recca looked at Fuuko in surprise. Wondering why she was acting so weird, that's when it hit him. With a sly smile, he asked, "Fuuko...are you telling me that you are afraid of the dark....?"


"Then what's the fuss? Let's go in already!" He continued.

"Iie!! No!! Ok!! I'm afraid!!There!!!Please, please, please don't go in!!!" she yelped.

Her reply was laughter from Recca, Kaoru and Domon. Even Tokiya was smirking at her in satisfaction. The great and mighty Fuuko, who faced every opponent bravely and fiercely, scared of the dark? It was too much!

Just as the quartet were about to tease her, the door creaked opened, to reveal a little girl, no less than eight years old.

"Hello! Are you all here to stay the night?" the little girl asked cheerfully. She had on a yellow long-sleeved dress, her black hair was let down, and her chocolate eyes sparkled with delight... and mischief.

"... Yes. Would you please allow us to stay for the night? We have apparently lost our way, and can't seem to find our way back. We're hoping that we would have better luck if we find our way tomorrow morning instead." Yanagi said politely.

"Sure! Come in," the little girl said, pulling open the door wider, and stepping aside allowing them to enter. Yanagi stepped in, followed by Domon, Kaoru and Tokiya. Recca and Ganko had to drag in a howling, struggling Fuuko.

The little girl watched them in amusement, as Yanagi helped to drag in Fuuko, who was desperately clutching the side of the door to prevent them from pulling her in. In the end, Tokiya lost all his patience and lifted her up and carried her into the mansion.

"Mi-chan! Put me down!! Put me down!!" she screamed. But his grip only got tighter.

"You are lucky I didn't bring ensui or you'll be dead. Behave monkey and stop embarrassing us!" he muttered to her before letting her down. At which, seeing a way to get out of the house, quickly scrambled towards the exit, only to be pulled back by Recca.

"Alright! Follow me!" the girl said, leading the gang deeper into the house, towards their awaiting doom.