The weather was horrible. The dark sky had turned into a misty grey, and the wind blew with such vigour that branches started to snap off, and leaves flew off. The temperature had dropped. It was cold, so cold that the lake nearby was freezing.

It was unnatural weather.

Only fitting that something unnatural was going on in the mansion as well.

Her head throbbed. She felt sick. Her stomach was churning, and she suddenly had a loss of energy. She was surprised to find herself panting.

She had never felt like this before. Never, this bad. Never, this uncomfortable in her own skin.

The bile rose in her throat, and she leaned over and let the bitter content spill on the dusty wooden floor. The liquid was a yellowish-green, but what disturbed her most were the weird movements in it.

She peered closely. Her eyes widened in horror as the tiny worms crawled. Her mouth opened, releasing a strangled scream.

Recca scrambled to open the door as he heard his princess shriek.

Fuyu was patiently waiting for her prey. It had been years since she had last killed anyone, but she had learned, the hard way, that patience was a virtue.

She ran her fingers through her tangled hair, smiling at her victims' idiocy.

It was amusing really, watching them running away from something inevitable. Fuyu sighed as she shifted her position on the ceiling fan.

She was starting to lose her patience.

Kaoru was pulling Ganko along now. She was exhausted, and it was up to him to get them to their escape. He ran aimlessly down the hallways, searching for his Tokiya-niisan or his Recca-niisan. In fact, he didn't care who it was, as long as it wasn't that twisted little girl.


He ignored her as her continued running.



"Look at that. That black smokeā€¦"

Kaoru looked back, taking in the sight of the thick black smoke coming filtering down the hallway. He stumbled slightly as he continued running.

Yukiko was suddenly nowhere to be found. Fuuko could only feel the fear rising through her as Tokiya grimaced.

He was still there, towering over them. The thick smoke began to choke them. Tokiya, who had enough sense to cover his nose and mouth with his sleeve, did likewise for Fuuko, who seemed to be unable to move.

Tokiya scanned their murky surroundings. All he could see was a large magnitude of dark space. There was no escape. He was going to die. He was going to die with a purple monkey. A purple monkey in which he still did not know his feelings for.

Tokiya was so deep in his pessimistic thinking, that he did not even notice Fuuko slump unconsciously into his arms.