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[Digimon Tamers Opening theme "The Biggest Dreamer" plays]

The Birth of Guilmon! The Digimon I created!

September 3, 2011

It was a beautiful morning in the city of West Shinjuku. The sudden silence was now disturbed by a deal of traffic and loud car honks. But that didn't seem to bother the woman walking by through the streets carrying a briefcase. This young woman was wearing a colorful light pinkish shirt and white pants. She looks up and brushes her hair away from her face. She then continued her walk towards what seemed to be an elementary school of some sorts.

She took a deep breath and began to think to herself for minute. This was her first day to teach a class, so would it be that hard?

"Alright this is it. But why am I so nervous? I should go in there knowing of what to expect. Many happy little children would greet me. Well, ok, not exactly happy, but children nonetheless. I didn't just do this for the money. I'm volunteering as part of my community service to make up for my college credits. But I should just be myself and let them know who I am."

The woman takes a few steps into the playground and began looking around. She could easily remember the days when she was a little girl and that she used to play in these playgrounds such as these.

"Oh and by the way! In case that you're wondering who this beautiful young woman is here, well you can take a good guess. Yep, it's me, Kari. I'm exactly twenty-one years old here. This was going to be my first day to teach a class, but I'm doing this out of voluntary work as a substitute. I really love kids and would like to get associated with them a little better. Gatomon told me to go for my dreams and that's exactly what I'm doing. Now if only, she would have been here to keep me company. But you can't exactly bring a digi-kitty into school now, would you?"

Kari then began to make her movements towards the school entrance and through the doors. She slowly walks through the hallway and looks over towards the registrar's office.

"Also, if you're wonder where the other Digi-Destined are, I'll explain everything. First off, my older brother, Tai, is now a soccer coach over at Odaiba elementary. He makes one heck of a coach and he still didn't cut his hair. Typical. As for Matt, he's now getting into the business of rock concerts. He and his band are the number one hit all over Japan as we speak, and he still didn't cut his hair. Sora now owns the flower shop after her mother retired from the business and is making a whole a lot of profit. But she also takes time out of her schedule to assist Tai in soccer coaching."

Kari walks right over towards the registrar's office and goes to open the doorknob. She walks right in and goes to sign in.

"Izzy works at a computer company and he's still creating programs to help preserve the Digital World. He takes a whole lot of his time to do so and wants to take his work into perfection. but that's just Izzy. Mimi, well surprise, she and Matt are married. Mimi travels all over the country with Matt during the tours. They're having quite a blast. They've even sent me some cards letting me know on their progress. Davis lives in West Shinjuku and he is also a soccer coach but only during certain seasons like the springtime. He also made Veemon the team mascot for the fun of it. But I don't think Veemon wouldn't take that too kindly. Did I mention that he and Sonja are married? Yep, Davis managed to marry a former evil artificial. But she actually turned out to be such a decent person. She's just anti-social. She even gave me these cute earrings for my birthday. Though, she never wears the earrings I give her. She's totally into anything cutesy."

Kari signs in and then greets the office workers. She then goes to walk out, but then turns around to ask one of the office workers on what room number that she will be teaching in.

"You'll be teaching up in room 5-2. That's over to your right and up the stairs. You won't miss it," said the office clerk.

"Thank you. Um, do you know the reason why a substitute was needed?"

"Yes. The teacher in 5-2 is Ms. Asagi, unfortunately she is out with ill for a couple of weeks. But we are grateful that you would volunteer to take her spot."

"Yes, I really love children. I really wanted to take this job. And you give Ms. Asagi my regards on a speedy recovery."

"We will and welcome to West Shinjuku Elementary."

Kari smiles and then walks out the door. She turns towards her right side and goes to walk up the stairs in order to reach her destination.

"Cody is set to finish high school as we speak. He plans to study to become a lawyer. I wish him luck. Oh and we can't forget Ken and Yolei. They're now happily married and they already have a little girl named Naomi. Ken works a detective while Yolei takes a part time job at a local computer company but she often brings her daughter over, in order to watch over her at the same time. Yolei even told me very to have any children because it requires a lot of work. But, I don't see the problem of me having kids. I just love 'em, period."

Kari walks up the steps and looks right over towards the door reading "5-2" on it. She slowly approaches and was about to open it.

"Michael still lives in New York and he's working as a manager of a local hockey team. He still keeps in touch with everyone of us when he gets time out of his busy schedule. And last but not least, how can we forget TK? He was the one who saved my life during the War Games, seven years ago. Virus would have destroyed our world along with the digital world. I thought it would be a long time before TK and Patamon would be revived and reformatted. But that sure didn't take long and he returned back with open arms. He certainly lived up to his promise. As far as TK is concerned, we live together in an apartment but we are not married. We're doing this since we don't have enough money to live out on our own separately, so we agreed to rent an apartment home so that we can save up our accounts. TK is currently writing a novel of our adventures in the Digital World and he sure is a hottie. That's all I got to say."

Kari turns the doorknob and walks right through the door. She peers through and she sees a large group of children looking over towards her direction. Kari gulps to herself and comes walking in, while putting on a smile on her face.

"we haven't heard from X or any of his allies. I suppose that they're still looking over parts of the digital universe. Overall, our lives certainly changed forever when I was the one that defeated Virus and made sure that he would never regenerate again."


"Now its your chance, Kari!!!"

Celesta X looks out as if she were a deep trance but then she quick regains her senses. She screams out and shoots out her Seven Heavens Beam, pushing in more energy into it. A huge explosion occurs and the beam quickly overtakes Virus' Positron Laser. Virus turns his back and watches the beam going right through him.

"No!!!! This can't be happening!!"

Celesta X pushes back on her Seven Heavens Beam and watches it starting to kill Virus. The beam was too much for the evil artificial to handle and he let out his last screams.

"ARGH!! NO!!!"

Celesta X concentrates on more of her energy and pushes the beam right through Virus and watching his body slowly starts to decompose. His once fully evolved body was disintegrating right before her very own eyes.

"Impossible!!! I'm… supposed to be… the fully… evolved being!!"

The blast then starts to disintegrate the whole body of Virus down to his very nucleus. Even the last single nucleus was quickly vanquished. The last remains of Virus were no more. The enormous ki blast continues into the realm of the dark realm, where it dissipates.

End of Flashback

"Those last few moments were quite historic to say the least. I saved the two worlds after all. However, the presses all over the world proclaimed it as a savior angel sent to them from the higher power himself. Well, I guess that's a good thing. I don't want all those press to come up to me and ask questions. I was happy to have kept my Celesta X fusion form a secret…"

Kari placed her briefcase on the front desk and looked out towards the class full of children. They all looked at her, as if ready to go through another boring day of teaching.

"Hoo, boy. This is going to be a challenge… They're like looking at me… I guess I should start now… Its better than standing here like an idiot."

Just then, the children all greeted her in unison.

"Good morning!"

"Hi. Good morning, class. How is each and every one of you doing? As you know, Ms. Asagi is out with an illness and I will be your substitute teacher for the next few weeks. Let us all wish for Mrs. Asagi to have a speedy recovery. Ok, then. Let us begin the day by introducing ourselves. First, I'll introduce myself. I'm Ms. Kamiya. But my friends like to call me Kari. But as a teacher to you all, I would rather you call me Ms. Kamiya. My favorite hobbies are teaching, taking care of animals and just hanging out with my own friends."

The children only looked on and listened to her every word. They seemed to like Kari already, maybe because they feel Kari has common sense and is not strict like many teachers. They knew that this was just her first year of teaching and would give her a chance. But, not everybody wanted to give her a chance. A boy with a hat named Kazu was sitting down and snoozing on his desk.

"Now, I would like to get to know each and every one of you. Ahem. Ok. Now where's the role sheet? I'll call on people randomly."

Kari picks up the role sheet and then looks right through all of the names. She points over and sees the name Katou, Jeri.

"Yes. Um. Jeri Katou. Are you here?"

Just then, a young girl with a green skirt and a t-shirt underneath stood up. She has a pigtail tied on one side and was wearing tennis shoes. And what made her quite interesting was the fact that she was holding a sock puppet in her hand.

"Hello, Ms. Kamiya. My name is Jeri Katou. And um, I think you're going to be a great substitute teacher. We know that this is your first time and we're going to give a chance. You don't seem as strict. But if you want to know my hobbies… Well… Um…"

"Its okay, don't be shy. You really don't have to tell us, if you don't want to."

"Well. I just love cutesy little things and I like to hang out with my friends."

"That's very nice, Jeri. I'm sure you're a very good student. You may sit down."

Jeri nodded and sat down. She looks right over towards a boy sitting two desks away from her. The boy looks right back and smiles.

"Ok. Next, can a Takato Matsuki, please rise so that I may see you."

The boy quickly responded as he sits up. He wore a blue shirt with a hood behind it. He also wore some khaki shorts and tennis shoes. There was also a pair of goggles over his head. He then speaks up.

"Hello. My name is Takato Matsuki. My favorite hobbies are to draw, collect digimon cards and…"

This quickly catches Kari by surprise and she gasps at what he just mentioned about digimon.

"Wait a second, did you just say, digimon?"

"Yes, I love collecting the cards and its pretty cool to gain so much knowledge on digimon. Is there a problem with that?"

"Um, well. No, of course not. It's your hobby and you should be proud of what you do. No, as a matter of fact, I have a couple of friends that collect cards too."

"Oh, wow. What a coincidence."

"Yes, you may take your seat now, Takato."

"Yes, ma'm."

Takato then takes his seat and then goes right back to work on finishing up his drawing of a red, dinosaur-looking digimon on his drawing pad. He was surprised that his own teacher had friends who collected digimon cards. But he sure doesn't realize of who Kari really is and what she has accomplished as far as being associated with digimon is concerned. She basically saved the two worlds seven years ago and now she was a teacher seven years later.

"That was unexpected! Since, when do digimon become a card game?! Why wasn't I informed about this? That boy seems to love digimon, otherwise, he wouldn't be collecting the cards. I think I should have a talk with him after school."

She picks up her role sheet and then looks over the name Hirokazu Shiota.

"Ok, let us continue. Is there Hirokazu here? Hello, Hirokazu?"

Kazu was sitting there asleep but not for long as a girl behind him smacks him in the back of the head, in order to wake up. This quickly catches Kazu by surprise as he jumps right up out of his seat.

"She's calling your name, doofus!"

Kazu looks right over towards Kari and then goes to introduce himself while adjusting his hat.

"Um! Hi! My name is Hirokazu. Or you can just call me Kazu! I'm the coolest dude in this class. I guess you could say that I'm the troublemaker here. But I sure like to make my reputation felt. I make a lot of teachers mad, but you're an exception. You don't seem as mean as my other teachers, but I will see if you can prove me wrong."

"Well, is that so, Kazu? Well, I'm sure going to prove you wrong. And as long as you're nice to me, I'll show you the same respect. Ok, Kazu?"

"Sure, whatever."

"That's nice. Now you may take your seat now."

After almost fifteen minutes of introducing the class, Kari didn't realize that she had just come in thirty minutes before the bell to lunchtime. She sighed a relief once the bell rang and was practically starving out of her mind.

"I will see you all after lunch. Hope you can get some decent meals before we start the first official teaching day."

The children all scurried out and headed towards the cafeteria in order to get their meals as soon as possible before the time runs short in the lunch period.

Takato was gathering his things from his desk and takes his drawing pad with him. As soon as he scurried out, Kari's voice was heard and he quickly stopped.

"Takato. May I see you for just a moment?"

"Um. Sure, Ms. Kamiya. What is it?"

"About what you said earlier. You just said, digimon, didn't you?"

"Well, yeah. You don't know what digimon is?"

"Sure, I do. But I never knew there would have been a card game related to it. But I did see the digimon that invaded our cities many years ago, including those weirdos at the time Virus announced the War Games."

"Wow, so you have an understanding of them. Well as far as I know, the only real digimon fight I saw was through the television while watching the War Games. But I was too young to understand, since I was only three years old then."

"Tell me. What did you see?"

"I saw the monster named Virus and he was practically beating down several digimon that tried to stop him. And one of them looked like a young woman with beautiful blonde hair and powers of a holy angel. She was basically a guardian angel sent out to slay the monster."

"He saw me in my fusion form. Should I just tell him, or not?"

Takato then noticed something taped onto Kari's briefcase and it looked like a drawing of the same angel woman he saw in the War Games. There was a drawing of Celesta X in her final form on the briefcase. Takato looks right over at it.

"Whoa… Did you draw that?"

"Um… Yes I did…"

"Tell me. Have you been anywhere near these digimon? Because you couldn't have drawn such a picture like that if that angel has only been around once before…"

"I guess… Well…"

"Ms. Kamiya?"

Kari then noticed Takato's drawing pad and saw a picture of a red-dinosaur like digimon on it.

"Did you draw that?" asked Kari.

"Why, yes. I love drawing digimon. This one...well I just drew him yesterday. I'm finishing up on coloring him."

"That's so cute. What's his name? Did you give him a name?"

"Yeah. I named him Guilmon."

"Guilmon, huh? Wow, I would just imagine if he were real."

"Yeah, that would be cool. I really do wish that digimon were real."

"Well, looks like we have something quite in common, Takato."

"We, surprisingly enough."

"I'm sorry for taking up your lunch time, Takato. You may go now. I bet your friends are waiting for you as we speak."

"Its not a problem, Ms. Kamiya. We'll see you in class after lunch!"

With that said, Takato goes running out and headed towards the cafeteria as fast as he could, but now had to endure a long, lunch line in order to get his food.

Kari sat on her desk and sighed in relief. She looks over the drawing of Celesta X that she drew and a smile comes across her face.

"I sure looked beautiful there. I was beautiful, yet deadly… It's a good combination… What a nice boy and a good, charming personality. His digimon looked so cute. But I wonder… What if it were real?"

She shrugged her shoulders and then headed out towards the cafeteria in order to get her lunch and to greet the other teachers along the way.


After school, Takato was playing with his friends, Kazu and Kenta, after school over at the playground as they were now playing against each other in another round of digimon card game.

"Bulls eye baby! Dark Tyrannomon digivolves into Metal Tyrannomon! Which makes you history," Takato said.

"Aw, man! That hurt! I can't believe you beat me chumley," Kazu exclaimed.

"Well, what can I say? I'm a super genius," said Takato.

"Great, look at the time. I've got to be going before my mom kills me," Kenta said while looking at his watch.

"Catch you later and you owe me a rematch," Kazu said as he grabbed his things.

Kazu and Kenta grab their belongings and head out leaving the playground and back to their homes, before nightfall occurs. Takato went and grabbed his cards together and then went to put away his card reader but then he loses grip of it and watches his digimon cards falling down. Then he noticed one of his cards giving off a shiny glare and it turned out to be a blue card.

"Huh? I've never seen that one before. I don't even remember having a blue card..."

Elsewhere, Kari was getting her belongings together and placing them in her briefcase. She was now ready to head out back home and relax for the day. But just then, her D-3 was starting to go over unexpectedly.

"Huh? I wonder why my D-3 is going off."

She picks it up and then watches as it was starting to glow. She gasped and then it started to shake and glow profusely.

"What's going on here? Why is it going off like this?"

Takato picks up the blue card and then his card reader. He then goes to give it a card slash.

Kari's D-3 went off and gave off a strange light. She watches as the light goes flying out through a small window creek and outside.

Takato gives it a card slash and suddenly the light beam hits the card reader, which caused Takato to throw it down onto the ground. The card reader then slowly takes the form of a digivice. Takato looks right down at it and picks it up.

"Whoa. Tell me that I'm dreaming. This is… just… a dream…"

Takato then notices some sort of radar picking up some sort of energy signal and it was pointing over towards the direction of two far off twin tower buildings.

"I wonder if this is also some sort of compass. Maybe it will lead me to other kid with a digivice… Hmmm, this is getting more confusing than I thought."


Standing in the middle of West Shinjuku was a tall, twin tower building that almost looked similar to the WTC towers in New York City, except these were not as gigantic and were connected to one another. Here a secret government operation was taking action and locating certain anomalies that were strangely taking place. The people who run this operation were none other than Hypnos HQ.

Inside, there was a large room with some sort of digital plane grid on the walls. And tons of advanced computer technology was being used to locate anything that was going to biomerge so to speak. A two-seated platform rose up with two ladies working away on their computers. One of them began to speak up.

"We've just pinpointed the location of another anomaly coming from the digital plane itself and its going to biomerge soon," said the red-haired young woman.

Down from below, a man was observing them while flipping open his lighter then closing it again.

"So. Is it a Wild One?"

"Yes and we're attempting to wipe it out as we speak," the other young lady with blonde-hair said.

"Good. See to it that no Wild Ones escape through that digital plane. We can't allow any of these 'Wild Ones' to biomerge, it will cause a major panic on the public."

Just then, a red dot was flickering repeatedly, which catches the man by surprise. This was a Wild One about to biomerge.

"Delete as soon as possible," the man ordered.

"We're doing the best that we can, but this thing is pretty stubborn," the redhead said.

"Track down its location and don't let it out of your sight!"

"Yes, sir. Locating 'Wild One' as we speak."

With that said, the ladies went right to work and were going to use a program called the Yuggoth program to wipe out this soon-to-be bio-merged Wild Ones.


Just within the digital plane, a small, white little puffball with short legs and large ears was running down as if something were chasing him. He looked right behind him to see a Maildramon chasing him.

"I don't understand why you're even chasing me! I didn't do anything wrong! I just wanted to play," exclaimed the white puffball.

"Ok! Lets play," replied Maildramon as he continued his charge towards the mysterious-looking digimon.

Just as soon as he was getting ahead and as far away as possible, the white puffball tripped over and fell down onto the ground face-first.

"Ugh! Are sure your playing it right?! Aw nuts!"

As soon as he turned around, he saw Maildramon quickly starting to approach him. He covered his eyes and closed his ears down. Just then, something came out of nowhere and knocked Maildramon down onto the ground. The white digimon looked up and gasped at what he was seeing. A Black Tyrannomon had shown up and was now starting to attack the Maildramon. Maildramon overwhelmed him. But as soon as that happened, Black Tyrannomon was glowing and his body was starting to evolve.

An explosion occurs, which sends the little digimon flying right back through what looked like a portal of some sorts. He looks on and sees a now-evolved Metal Tyrannomon crushing Maildramon with his claws. The mysterious digimon goes flying right through the portal, which would soon lead him into another world: Earth.


The city of West Shinjuku was busy as ever. There were helicopters investigating the areas out. That is until a small cloud was starting to form out of nowhere and then something comes popping right out of it. It was the little digimon, himself. He goes spinning around but manages to catch himself in time before the helicopter had a chance to hit him. He looks down at the traffic city below with his large-eyes having a sad look on them.

"Just where am I? This is the Digital World? These digimon sure don't look friendly, especially that flying one that almost hit me. I better be careful around here."

The creature begins to fly around the skies and observing the West Shinjuku activities from high above. He had no idea that he was now in West Shinjuku, Japan, and to be exact, right on Earth. But soon dusk was coming forth and he wanted to be sure to find a really safe spot to hide himself from the so-called "big and mean digimon". When in reality, these 'digimon' were automobiles, airflights and buildings.


The red flickering dot that was on the grid screen had now vanished and this catches the man by surprise. This was what he expected from the start.

"It bio-emerged! We were too late to stop it."

"We almost had it with the Yuggoth program, but it was just too fast to keep up with," the blonde woman replied.

"That shouldn't happen again. We can't afford to make anymore mistakes with this," the red head said.

"Thats right. We will be more alert next time. Who knows what these Wild Ones will do once they bio-merged. I just can't stand seeing these invaders coming in here and trying to disrupt our world. They're just like roaches ready to be squashed!"

The man sits down and angrily sighs to himself over losing this battle against the Wild Ones, but he knew in his mind that he would not let the same mistake happen again and allow another digital being to enter the real world to infest the human society. Every since the events of the artificial invasion and Virus's War Games, this man has been rallying against digital life forms emerging into the real world. He felt the need to exterminate them to what he believes would protect every civilian across the planet. But all of that was just his opinion and he would stick to that opinion.


Back at West Shinjuku elementary, Kari had grabbed her things and walked outside in order to catch a bus over to her apartment home, which wasn't too far away. She held out her D-3 and was looking down. She had previously picked up a reading from some sort of digital activity, but she had no idea if a digimon was around. She had just remembered that the four guardians had sealed all digital gates, and made it nearly impossible for any digimon to enter the real world from the digital world. But Kari wondered if there ever was another digital world that could be out there somewhere.

"Well, I guess I'll get used to teaching. Even if it's for two weeks, but I wonder, why did my D-3 release that light? Is there something that I don't know about it? Hmmm, maybe I'll just ask TK about this. Takato. What a nice kid, I can't believe one of my first students is into digimon. Well, that's kind of cool, I guess."

Kari then took a look at her D-3 and she picked up a pinpoint location of something nearby and it was just a few blocks away. She decided to forget the bus and go check out the situation.

"I'm really curious to know, where is this location coming from? I mean, the only two things that I am able to pick up from here are the other Digi-Destined and a digimon, but I doubt a lone digimon would arrive here. Unless…"

Just as soon as she was about to run across towards the park, she saw none other than Takato slashing his drawing of Guilmon right through his digivice. She stopped and gasped. Takato looks up to see Kari looking right over at him.


"Ms. Kamiya?!"

Kari lowers her head and notices the digivice in Takato's hand. She gasps in shock and couldn't believe at what she was seeing.

"What? I found this…"

"Find? Oh my god… Takato, is that what I think it is..."

"Sure, it's some sort of digivice right? I mean, I already know what they are. They sell them over at toy stores."

"Can I can a take a look at it?"

"Um… Sure."

Takato tosses the digivice over to Kari, who easily catches it. She quickly examines the digivice and tried to get the drawing pad off of it. She even tried pulling it off but then a powerful ray of light came shining through and his made Kari toss down onto the ground.

"Ahh! That's sure not a toy," exclaimed Kari.

Takato runs over to the digivice and places his hand over it. He was just as shocked as Kari was. Suddenly, the digivice scanned the picture of Guilmon and the information about him. Takato goes and picks up the drawing. He then looks right up at Kari, who was standing with a shocked expression on her face.

"I'm sorry about that, Ms. Kamiya… I didn't expect any of that… I promise… I'm just as shocked…"

"No, Takato. I should have told you earlier."

"About what? Is there something wrong?"

"There's a lot you need to know."

Kari holds out her D-3 and Takato examines it. Then he looks back at his digivice and gasps. Now both of them had digivices, but of different models. Takato's digivice had some sort of card slash at the side. It was very obvious that is where cards are slashed through.

"Takato… You see… I'm one of the so-called Digi-Destined that the news broadcasters were mentioning during the time of the War Games involving Virus."

"No kidding! You're her! That same girl?!"

"Mmhmm. I've been a Digi-Destined since I was eight years old. You see I've tried to hide from the media so to speak. They already know who I am but everywhere I go, they question me."

"So that's why you moved here in West Shinjuku?"

"Yes, and to start a new life. You see, I really wanted to get away from being a Digi-Destined, it was all in the past and there haven't been any threats coming to destroy the Earth."

"Wow! I can't believe my substitute teacher was a former Digi-Destined! Wow, it's really a privilege."

"Well, now that you know, I guess I could show you to my home and you could meet my partner digimon."

"I'd like that."

"You should really call your folks and make sure to tell them that you're out a little later than usual. I wouldn't want them to worry about your whereabouts."

"Right. I'll be right back."

Takato goes running off and as fast he could to finding a nearby telephone booth, in order to call up his parents and letting them know where he was going to be going tonight.

Kari picks up the drawing of Guilmon and a smile comes across her face. Then she picks up the information about him, written by Takato himself.

"How cute. This kid is really creative. He's going to be good artist someday. This dinosaur kind of reminds me of Agumon, but a little better. This one seems look like a good fighter."

Just then, Takato comes racing back with a smile on his face. Kari looks towards him and hands him the drawing back.

"Well, did they say?"

"My mom says that as long as there's an adult around, it's fine but not too late. Besides I really don't got homework, thanks to you, Ms. Kamiya."

"Takato, its my first day, what do you expect? But do expect a little homework tomorrow."

"Ahh. So, where exactly do you live?"

"In some nearby apartments, I live with a room mate so to speak. I've just moved here about a week ago, but I'll get used to it."

"So, what's your digimon like? Is he friendly?"

"You'll see, Takato."


Elsewhere, the white little digimon was looking across the entire city while sitting on top of a large building. He sighs and then lowers his head.

"If only somebody would at least come out and play. I don't like being lonely. Hello?! Is anybody ever going to come out and play?"

No one even replied or attempted to answer back, which made the little digimon sad. He was already sadder than he was.

"I guess, nobody wants to play at this time of day. Oh well, I was getting sleepy anyway… Goodnight…"


Kari opened her apartment door and walked right inside. Takato follows her in and looks around her apartment home. It still kind of looked messy.

"I can see that you're unpacking, Ms. Kamiya."

"Well, yeah. TK and I have a bunch of stuff that is needed to be put away."

"Um, who's TK? That your room mate?"

"Yeah. We've been friends ever since we became Digi-Destined. Now hold on, I'm going to go get my digimon partner."

Takato sits down on a chair and looks down at his digivice. He didn't pick up any kind of energy signals just yet. Just then, he hears Kari calling out to her digimon.

"Gatomon! We've got company. Its one of my students."

Just then, Gatomon comes walking out from her tiny, kitten house while yawning away.

"Kari, I was having... a nice cat nap, too."

"Oh, you've been asleep almost the whole day. Come on, I brought over one of my students here. He has quite an interest in digimon."

"Wow! Really? Cool."

Kari picks up Gatomon in her arms and walks right over towards where Takato was sitting down. The young boy turns around and to his surprise, he saw none other than Gatomon looking right down at him. A smile forms across her face.

"So this is one of your students, Kari? Wow, he loves digimon."

"Hey! That's Gatomon! According to my digimon knowledge, she's a champion level. Her main attacks are Lighting Paw and Cats Eye Hypnotism."

"Wow and he knows my profile. You must be a super genius in digimon, kid," Gatomon remarked.

"Gatomon. His name is Takato and he isn't exactly a digimon genius."

"Right, what she said," Takato replied, "I just love to play the digimon card game."

"Digimon cards? When did they start making those," asked Gatomon.

"Have, you been like in the dark ages or something? They've been around for a long while already," said Takato, "And they're becoming quite a popular game here in Japan. I guess the War Games event brought more interest to digimon."

"Wow, we're getting popular, Kari," Gatomon replied, "Too bad, we're not getting profit from it."

"Ah, Gatomon. Why do we need money when we got friendship?"

"True but I needed a new kitty spa and bed," Gatomon said, "Besides, I need my royalty treatment."

"Don't mind her, Takato. She can be quite a bit on the arrogant side, but still a very close friend."


Gatomon takes a look at Takato's drawing of Guilmon and picks it up. She then reads the information on Guilmon. Takato picks up the papers and places them back into his notepad.

"Just who was that a picture of?" asked Gatomon, "He looks pretty cool."

"Oh, that's a digimon that I created. His name is Guilmon. And um lets just say that he's a good fighter despite being a rookie."

"Hmmm, if only he were real, then I'd be more than happy to meet him," Gatomon said.

"Me too," Kari said, "So, Takato, would you like some cookie that TK and I baked from last night?"

"Um, sure."

Kari walks back into the kitchen and finds that the cookies were all stacked in one pile in a bowl. She takes the bowl and then walks over towards the dining room with them.

"I hope you like chocolate-chip and marshmallow."

"Oh I do…"

Just then, Takato's digivice started going off and he takes a look at him. He sees a red dot flickering on and off again repeatedly. Kari takes notice of this and looks at his digivice.

"What is it, Takato?"

"I don't know, but I have a feeling that something is coming. My digivice is picking up some sort of pinpoint location."

"Maybe we should just check it out," Gatomon said, "It doesn't hurt to know what it is."

"Right. Alright, lets go see what it is," Kari said in agreement.

Takato walks up and goes running out the door to rush over to the location where the pinpoint was being positioned. Kari and Gatomon go rushing after him. According to Takato's digivice, the location wasn't too far and it was at a nearby construction site.

"I just hope that it isn't a digimon that escaped through the digital ports, because I'm positive that Azulongmon told us that they were all sealed up,"Kari said to herself.

Takato rushed over to the scene of the construction site and goes sliding down where he falls down face first onto the ground. He picks himself up and looks at his digivice.

"Could it be? No way. Its not possible,"Takato said to himself.

"Takato! Hold on!" exclaimed Kari.

Takato turns around to see Kari and Gatomon sliding down the hill right behind him.

"The pinpoint is in this location and I'm positive we'll found it what we're looking for here," Takato said.

"I just hope you're right," Kari replied.

With that said, the three began looking for the supposeably bio-merged digimon within this construction site, but could it possibly be a digimon of some sorts. There was only one way to find out.

Over at a corner, a pint-sized teen with spikey-hair, a blue school uniform, and a backpack watched them running off to find the location of the bio-emergence. The boy seemed to be wearing an oddly shaped item around his necklace chain. It was shaped like an upside down pyramid with an eye symbol on front.

"I wonder why they're in a hurry?"

"Hey, Yugi!"

A tall, blonde-haired teen with a green coat and blue jeans came over to the pint-sized teen.

"What's up, Joey?"

"You wanna go over and play at the arcade?"



[Ruki's image theme "Moon Fighter" plays]

Elsewhere, there was a girl standing alongside a wall with her headphones on while listening to music. Just then, she looked down and saw something flickering on and off on her digivice. This girl wore a white shirt with light green stripes on the side, with a broken heart on the center of the shirt. She also wore blue jeans and red tennis shoes. She had violet-colored eyes and her red hair was tied back into a ponytail. She took her digivice and a cold smirk forms across her pale face.

"Good. Another challenge. Just what I was looking for, Renamon!"

Just then, a tall, yellow fox with purple gloves instantly appears out of nowhere with her arms crossed. She walks right up to the girl.

"What is it, Rika?"

"We got another digimon to take out of commission. You ready for a little sparring match?"

"Always. Lets go."

"Its over at the construction site. Follow my lead."

Rika then heads out towards the construction site with Renamon phasing out and following her human partner at the speed of light, which made her completely invisible to the human eye.

"Renamon. You will get stronger, because you're not going to let me down. We fight to win and nothing else matters."


Meanwhile, inside a nearby apartment home, a young boy with dark-blue hair was sitting down on his computer while his little sister was sitting on the floor playing with what seemed to be a Terriermon plushy. The little girl then noticed the bright light coming from outside the window and looked out towards it.

"Henwy! Take a wook at this," exclaimed the little girl.

Henry stopped at what he was doing, which was playing computer games, and looked out towards the window. He gasped at what he saw and looked at his digivice, it was picking up a huge energy signal'

"I wonder what it is, Suzie," Henry said, "Plus my digivice is going off again. Another biomerging?"

Henry then looks over to Terriermon, who was moving around slightly and wiping his head in relief. Suzie turns back around and goes to hug Terriermon, who went back to being a plushy toy again.


Back at the construction site, a bright beam came showering down out of nowhere and this catches Takato by complete surprise. Kari and Gatomon both looked on with shock as the beam penetrated into the ground and something was obviously bio-emerging, but they wondered what it could be.

"Whoa! I wonder what's sending that beam! I can barely see a thing," exclaimed Takato.

"Kari, I'm picking up an very strong ki level coming from that beam," said Gatomon.

"What is it?" asked Kari.

"I don't know. I haven't sensed a power like this before. Its rather recent," said Gatomon, "Its a little bit similar to Agumon's, maybe even stronger…"

The three look on as the beam was slowly started to fade away and giving off a powerful, thick fog that practically covered the entire construction site. Something was now emerging from within the fog, but the three couldn't make out to see what it was.


Even the people over in Hypnos were having a hard time attempting to keeping up with the so-called Wild One about to bio-merge. They tried using the Yuggoth program in order to delete it but it was too late. Whatever it was now was now going to bio-merge within West Shinjuku, over at the same construction site.

"Its going to bio-merge," exclaimed the red-haired woman.

"Where, Riley? Tell me the exact location."

"Over at the construction site just a few blocks away from the Hypnos building," Riley replied.

"Talley! Give me the status on the Wild One's biomergence."

"It's bio-merging faster than we think. Its uncanny!"

"Damn! If only we could have deleted with the Yuggoth program when we had the chance. Oh well, I won't let another of these 'Wild Ones' slip out of my sight! They will not go unpunished!"

The man who looked to have an obsession in getting rid of the nuisances he refers as Wild Ones is Yamaki, the man who runs Hypnos and runs the secret project known as the Yuggoth program, which is used to locate and delete any digital lifeform that attempts to enter the real world. He's been handling them without any frustrations, but recently, they have become quite a pain for Yamaki. Yamaki has been bitter over these 'alien life forms' since the events started nearly twelve years ago. It all started with Myotismon invading Odaiba. Followed by those events five years later, the artificials would run amuck. But the final straw came when Virus announced the War Games and Yamaki developed a grudge against the very digimon warriors who fought against the demonic artificial. He didn't support Virus's attempt to destroy the planet, but he never wanted the digimon to gain any right to crossover into the real world. Even he had absolutely no control over these situations. Recently, there have been civilians out there who have managed to wipe out these Wild Ones, and it was a good indication that it was the children who have digimon that were able to take out the digital invaders. Something to which Yamaki has failed to do.

"Curse you, digital scum. I'll rid of your kind if its the last thing I do,"Yamaki said to himself in thought.


As soon as the fog was clearing up, Takato peered out to look at what was emerging. Just then, he heard a little growling snort and realized that it wasn't his stomach but it was coming from the fog itself. He peers and gasps at what he was seeing right before him.

"What is it, Takato?" Kari asked frantically.

"Kari! I can see it," Gatomon replied, "It looks like that digimon on Takato's drawing pad!"

Takato looks back and then gazes at the creature that he drew in his notepad. Yes, it was the same digimon that he made up with his imagination. The fog cleared away and now sitting on the ground was a red dinosaur with a white-colored chest with a black hazard sign on it. His claws are long and sharp, and so were his toes. His eyes had yellow pupils and black irises. He lets out a small growl and rubs his snout.

"It's him… It's really him," Takato muttered happily, "Guilmon… He's real after all!"

"Guilmon?! He's now a living digimon," exclaimed Kari.

"Unbelievable! But he was just a drawing," said Gatomon with a surprised look on her face. "But that can't be right. He's not even real..."

Takato slowly approaches Guilmon and clears his throat. Guilmon sniffs the air. It looked like he smelled something and then looks over to see a pair of rats chatter. A curious look comes across the face of Guilmon, while Takato slowly approaches him.

"Umm. Hi, my name is Takato. I'm the one who created you, Guilmon. Man, I can't believe your real…"

Just as the young boy was about to finish speaking, Guilmon powers up and a fiery blast comes shooting right out of his mouth. The blast goes flying right through a nearby pipeline as he was targeting for the rats. Takato goes falling back while covering his face from any flying debris. Kari held onto Gatomon tightly, as the digital kitty couldn't believe that a rookie-leveled digimon would have this much power from one single blast. Guilmon closes his mouth.

"Ummm, I guess you don't like rats, huh," asked Takato.

"What an immense blast," Gatomon said.

"His power was incredible. I could feel the ground rumbling after that one," Kari said, "I think Takato overdid it on creating Guilmon."

Just then, Guilmon turns around and faces Takato. The young boy was now starting to panic as he fell backwards and watched as Guilmon was standing up on his two feet. Takato held out his arms as if he were protecting himself.

"Ah! Now he probably thinks I'm dinner! Hey, Guilmon. I'll tell you what, I scream and you run."

Guilmon only opened his mouth with a smirk on his face. Takato backed away from the approaching red powered-up dinosaur and tried to get away but he fell as he tripped over a small pipe. Takato turns around as Guilmon stands over him.

"Oh no! Takato! Hang on," exclaimed Kari.

"I'll take that overgrown lizard," shouted Gatomon as she got into a fighting stance.

Gatomon runs out towards the scene. Guilmon was now about to make his move on Takato, who was now screaming his head off more than ever. Kari looks on and holds out her D-3, which will allow Gatomon to armor evolve.

Can Gatomon rescue Takato in time before he becomes the first meal of Guilmon? Kind of a big bummer to be eaten by your own creator, but what allowed Guilmon to bio-merge the way he did?

[Digimon Tamers first ending theme "My Tomorrow" plays]


Takato: Hi, this is Takato! Wow, It's an honor to do a preview. Anyway, it's the first time Guilmon and I get to meet!

Guilmon: Did you say meat?

Takato: No, I said 'meet'. Man, you always think about food.

Guilmon: Well, I don't like meat anyway. So, we're partners?

Kari: You two are perfect. Guilmon is such a cutie.

Terriermon: Yo, wassup?!

Henry: Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Jenyra, but you can just call me Henry.

Terriermon: I just love showbiz.

Rika: You two want to make me wretch. Renamon, take down gogglehead's pet dino!

TK: Next time on Digimon Tamers Fusion, episode two!

You're My Friend. Terriermon Appears!

Takato: Don't miss it!


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