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[Digimon Tamers Opening "The Biggest Dreamer" plays]

To the Digital World! A Day of Departure!

The whole Digi-Destined and Tamer group was slowly being lead to what seemed like a vortex of some sort. There were floating letters and numbers everywhere they stand. The Digi-Destined were even more shocked at what they were seeing. This was something totally brand new to them. But this was a whole new ball game for the Tamers.

"Wow! This is some whacked out dimension, what is this place?" asked Takato.

"Its a vortex. It will leads us directly into the Digital World," said Shintomon.

"And be careful not to get hit in the head by these objects," Buddamon stated.

"Are you kidding me? I almost got hit in the head by a floating question mark," said Tai.

"No kidding! Can you guys see where we're going?" Henry asked.

"I don't think I can move on. My eyes were starting to hurt," Jeri said.

Rika reaches out to Jeri. She takes her by the hand to help guide her through.

"Its alright. Just hang on to me."

"Thank you, Rika."

"Alright guys! Get ready to fasten your safety belts! We're guiding you through," Takato said as he helped guide both Kazu and Kenta through.

"Alright! I always wanted to be on a tour, especially for the Digital World. This is so cool!" exclaimed Kazu.

"Um, guys. Don't look now but I don't think we're standing on ground anymore," said Kenta.

The group looked down below their feet and noticed that Kenta was right. There was no ground to stand on, which meant that they were standing on nothing but empty air.

"Um, you just had to say that already, Kenta?" Terriermon asked.

"Well, that's Kenta for you," remarked Renamon.

With that said, the whole group were starting to fall through as they found themselves falling through several vortexes along the way. Shintomon and Buddamon managed to stop themselves as they created barriers for each of the Tamers and Digi-Destined.

"Whoa! Thanks for saving our hides there, Shintomon. I don't know what we could have done without you," said Tai.

"Well, you be falling down like there was no tomorrow. Usually, once you fall into these empty spaces, you will be falling for all eternity."

"All eternity huh? I'm just glad that we weren't one of those unlucky individuals," said TK.

"But as long as you remain in those barriers, you do fine," Buddamon replied.

"Hey! Do you see what I see?" asked Guilmon, "Look ahead!"

They looked to see to what Guilmon was pointing out towards and to their surprise, it was none other than a ball-like structure with lights shooting out of it. They looked at it with awe expressions on their faces.

"That's the vortex into the new Digital World. We must enter it, in order to enter the Digital World. We can't hesitate now. Just trust your instincts and follow its light. Follow me," Shintomon instructed.

Shintomon and Buddamon were the first to fly off as they were hovering towards the vortex. As soon as they got closer, a huge beam of light struck them and sucked them right in, as if they were transported. The Digi-Destined looked over at each other.

"It sure beats the flyer miles," said Kari, "Lets go. We can't let anything hold us back!"

Kari moved on with Gatomon at her side as they drew closer to the vortex. A huge beam of light hits them and they were transported in. TK and Patamon were the next to go. Then, Matt and Gabumon. Next were Tai and Agumon. Davis, Sonja and Veemon came along next. Finally, Ken and Wormmon entered the vortex.

The Tamers all looked over at each other, more specifically Kazu and Kenta. They were now almost scared out of their wits.

"There's no way I'm going in there. No telling if we will ever get out," Kazu said.

"But, Kazu. We have to rescue Calumon. I mean, c'mon. Just think. If you go back home, you'll have to go back to school and suffer another week of hell."

Kazu sat there and thought about it for a few moments. Rika was now getting angry and wasn't going to hold back on getting her hands on him.

"C'mon! We're waiting. What's it going to be?!" Rika asked.

Kazu had heard enough and quickly throws himself into the vortex. The group was quite shocked to see what he had just done. But, Kenta didn't hold back and jumped right in to follow his friend. Rika and Renamon went in next. Then, Jeri and Leomon entered followed by Terriermon and Henry. Takato and Guilmon grabbed each other's hands as they nodded to each other. With one last gasp, they both jumped in as if they were about to jump into a deep sea.

As soon as everyone entered through, they found themselves falling through a digital vortex. Then ahead of them was a huge bright beam of light that quickly engulfed them and everything becomes bright with pure white light.


Back in Shinjuku…

Izzy was on his computer while looking up important information based on Shibumi. Ever since he deciphered the blue card, the name Shibumi has been wandering in his mind. He has been spending countless hours to at least finding some past employment information. However, it was all but to no avail. It seemed that there wasn't a single trace of this Shibumi character.

"Tentomon. It's no use. I've been researching countless hours. There's no known data on this Shibumi."

"Why don't you take a break and take a nice dip into a SPA? I need to shed my skin anyway."

"But I can't just put this away. I'm really desperate to find out about this Shibumi. I know that name rings a bell, but where have I heard it before?"

Just as Izzy was about to grab his cup of cappuccino, he accidentally knocks over several magazines. He gets down to pick them up. Suddenly, a certain individual's name caught Izzy by surprise. He looked down at an exclusive page story based on the monster makers years ago.

"Wait a second. I think I've found my first clue. Tentomon, check this out!"

"What is it? I was just about to get into the hot tub."

"I've found him!"

"That Shibumi? You found a picture of him?"

"Check this out. I can't believe I still have this magazine. I thought I threw it away. This is the story we've been looking for. Now I remember this Shibumi! Tentomon, aren't I just the lucky one around here?"

"Like I said genius types are usually the messy types."

"You watch too much Spider Man."

"What? It's not my fault that I loved that movie."

"Back to subject, I should really start looking into this article and we'll know what we're dealing with. I say we inform the others about this a little later. Wait, until they get a load of this."

As soon as he said that, Izzy started reading the article. He was very lucky to have kept this old magazine. Otherwise he would have been stuck at days of research.

Tentomon shrugs and resumes his walk over to the hot tub. The insect sighed as his skin was being moisten by the steamy water.

"Ahhh. This is the life…"


Elsewhere, the crowds of people in Shinjuku have been gathering at local game shops and recreational places just to get watch the start of the Battle City tournament. It had started since 10:00 A.M.

The largest crowd was definitely over at the new Dungeon Dice Monsters arena. The crowds were rapid for finding themselves seats to get a screening of the entire tournament event itself.

Amongst the crowd were Cody and Armadillomon. They had just arrived in Shinjuku for the weekend.

"Look at this crowd, Cody! I can't believe this tournament has everyone on the buzz."

"Huh? I know! I can't even find ourselves some good seats."

Just then, Cody bumps into a girl. The girl managed to hold her balance with her rod.

"Um, sorry about that," Cody said. "I should watch where I'm going."

"It's okay. This crowd is very pleasant anyways," she replied.

As soon as Cody and Armadillomon walked past her, a yellow cat-like creature pops out from under the girl's coat pocket.

"There's too much noise, Sakura!"

"Relax, Kero. We'll get a good seat as soon as the crowd dies down."

"Is it just me or did that armadillo just walk and talk?"

"Um, it's not just you. I thought I was the only one with a talking animal. What a small world, huh?"

Cody and Armadillomon finally found the perfect seats. They were now beginning to feature the first duel of the tournament: Yugi Muto vs. the Rare Hunter.

"Good! The first match is about to start," Cody said. "It's that Yugi kid. I wonder what kind of new monsters he has in store for his opponent."

"I wouldn't want to bet against the same guy who beat both Kaiba and Pegasus," Armadillomon stated.

"Me neither."

The crowd cheered on as the first match was underway. Yugi dueled top not only defeat the Rare Hunter, but to gain back Joey's Red-Eyes Black Dragon. It was all or nothing for Yugi.

Little did Cody realize that several of his friends are already on a journey into a new Digital World. Izzy has yet to inform the boy about the situation.


Back in the Digital World…

Each person found himself or herself waking up and opening their eyes at what they were seeing before them. Takato and Guilmon were the first ones to awaken.

"What? Where… Where are we? Guilmon? Are you there buddy?"

"I'm here Takato. But is this the Digital World?"

[Mysterious Anonymous music plays in the background]

As soon as the goggle boy woke up, they looked across their surroundings. Instead of finding themselves a lush forest teemed with numerous of digital life forms like in the other digital world, this one was a barren landscape with huge canyons in the background, as if it were a desert in in Arizona. But unlike the Arizona desert, there was no heat to give off and there didn't seem to be any signs of a sun anymore to even give off heat. It was still daylight, however.

"Is this the new digital world?" Tai asked, "Wow! I'd never thought I'd see the day! This is completely different!"

"But its still digital," Agumon said, "Hey! Take a look up there!"

Tai turns around and then looks up to see a floating sphere floating around in the sky with two rings of data floating all around it. Tai was looking on in awe and couldn't believe that in his wildest dreams that he would enter a second Digital World.

"Tai. So this is the new digital world," Kari asked, "Its beautiful but looks completely different."

"So, is that where we came right out of?" Gatomon asked, "That big sphere-looking thing?"

"Yes. That's the vortex," Shintomon replied, "Welcome to the new Digital World."

Leomon and Renamon pulled up Rika and Jeri onto their feet. The two girls looked across the landscape and were caught completely by total awe at the landscape. Tai goes and picks up a pile of sand from the ground.

"It still feels organic just like in the other Digital World," Tai said, "So, have you been here before, Shintomon?"

"Yes, we Supreme Guardians have entered both Digital Worlds and monitor their progresses. However, I was caught completely by surprise when I learned that Dark Magimon was scheming."

"So, let me get this straight. You guys are obviously the only ones that monitors the two Digital Worlds?" Takato asked.

"No, any powerful being can enter through the two worlds through hidden vortexes and they can easily cause an imbalance, which isn't very easy to heal. The two digital worlds have to remain separate, no matter what. If they do, then it could cause major side effects on the real world, and its something that you would never want. Trust me."

"Have you been here before, Leomon?" asked Jeri.

"Yes, but for a short time. This world is still so completely new to me. But what makes it more interesting is the fact that I can still use my powers here. Remember, us digimon are much stronger and can reach to our highest potential when in the Digital World."

"Oh, hey Rika, what do you think?"

"I see it but I still can't believe it. I never thought I see the digital world."

"Listen, there's no time for our little tour," Shintomon said, "We're here for two very important reasons: to stop Dark Magimon and find Calumon. Now I have thought of a very clever plan that make help us cover more ground in a shorter amount of time."

"What kind of plan did you come up with?" asked Matt.

"Its very logical and simple really."

"Ok, but don't try to speak 'Izzy' ramble. We want plain english," Davis said.

"Davis, just let him speak. This is very important," Ken said.

"There goes Davis with his big mouth," Veemon replied, "He never changes."

"Don't worry, Veemon. If he keeps this up, I'll just knock some sense into him," Sonja said while cracking her knuckles.

Davis looks over at his wife and laughs nervously with a sweat drop coming down his head. Sonja looks over at him with a twinkle sparkling in her eye. Veemon shrugs his shoulders and looks over to Shintomon to listen to what he has to say.

"Now, I have decided to split us into two large groups. One group will go off into another direction and go find Calumon. That should be the most difficult since Calumon barely has an energy level to send off. Now, I have chosen Buddamon to lead that group. Now he will need some volunteers to go along with him. He will need about six individuals to follow him along. Anybody want to join Buddamon?"

The groups all looked over at each other and were making a discussion, mainly the Tamers.

"Ok, we have decided that Kazu, Kenta, Jeri, and Henry be among those that follow Buddamon," Takato said, "And that also includes their digimon, those being Terriermon and Leomon."

"Yeah! You can't go forgetting about me, Takatomon," said Terriermon.

"Ahem, Terriermon!" Henry said.

"Ahem to me!"

"Alight. That's four. We need two more. Any one of the Digi-Destined want to go along?"

The Digi-Destined looked among each other and TK stepped up to the plate.

"Patamon and I have decided to go with Buddman's group. Kari told me that she would stay with your side, Shintomon."

"That leaves us with one more," Shintomon replied.

"I will go!" Sonja said, "Besides TK, I'm the strongest among Buddamn's group. So we might run into trouble along the way."

"Alright. That settles it. Buddamon's group has been made. Now I have the strongest elite on my side. Taichi. Yamato. Daisuke. Ken. Hikari. Takato. Rika. Splendid. This should be enough."

"Sonja! Are you sure you want to do this?" Davis asked.

"Don't worry. I'll be fine. You've got Veemon with you. But I just want you to be careful and don't die on your journey. I'll be waiting for you. You better come back, Daisuke Motomiya."

"And I shall Sonja Motomiya."

"You better not die."

"Alright, I heard you the first time. I'm not deaf."

Davis goes running back towards his group as Shintomon quickly began to speak.

"Alright. Buddamon, you lead the group and begin your search for Calumon. Let me know when you have found Calumon. We really need him out of Dark Magimon's grasps. No telling how much energy he might send off that could release D-Reaper. Good luck my friends."

"You have my word," Buddamon said.

"That settles it then! Al right team, I think its time for a little digivolution. Taichi, time to do the honors!"

"With pleasure. Agumon, time to evolve! Everybody, its time to put a stop to Dark Magimon now!"


[Evolution theme "Braveheart" plays]

Tai's digivice quickly began to shoot out a beam of orange light and Agumon lets himself be engulfed in the light as he felt his energy level increase to all new heights.

"Agumon warp shinka!!"

He quickly evolves all the way from Greymon to Metal Greymon and then into the dramon killing machine known as War Greymon.

"War Greymon!!"

"Gabumon! Go for it my friend! Let our friendship run strong!"

Matt's digivice quickly began to shoot out a beam of metallic blue light and Gabumon lets himself be engulfed in the light while allowing his ki level increase to all new heights.

"Gabumon warp shinka!!"

He quickly evolves all the way from Garurumon to Were Garurumon and then into the missile-launching machine known as Metal Garurumon.

"Metal Garurumon!!"

"Veemon! Lets do it! We have the courage and friendship to defeat our enemy!"

Davis' D-3 shoots out a beam of light and Veemon takes the beam which allowed him to evolve into his champion-level form.

"Veemon shinka!! Xveemon!!"

[Jogress Evolution theme "Beat Hit!" plays]

As quickly as Xveemon came into being. Davis' D-3 goes flying up and a beam of energy showers over both Xveemon and Davis. They both began to encircle each other.

"Xveemon!! Fusion Shinka!!"

Then both individuals came together in a bright flash of light. As soon as the light vanished, a tall and armored warrior stood in their place. He had green armor, a red helmet, and blue legs. Two gun blasters came popping out from each side. He then gets into a stance and shouts out 'their' name.


"Wormmon! It's our turn! We may have kindness but we're not going to show any remorse when we defeat our new enemy."

"Yes, Ken! Lets do this!"

Ken's D-3 powered up and it would allow Wormmon to evolve into his champion-level form.

"Wormmon shinka!! Stingmon!!"

Then, Ken's crest began to glow and then Stingmon's body was glowing a neon-green aura of light. They both encircled each other while Ken pressed the D-3 against his chest.

"Stingmon! Fusion Shinka!!"

Then they came together in a single flash of light. As soon as the light vanished, a creature that looked similar to Stingmon stood there but he was now more hunched back. A dinosaur-like tail stuck out from his backside and his two arms looked similar to Xveemon's.


"Gatomon! Time to let our light shine out the darkness!"

"Light prevails over the darkness as long as we're around!"

[Evolution theme "Brave Heart" plays]

With that said, Kari's D-3 began to glow and Gatomon was now ready to evolve into her ultimate-level form. She quickly transforms from her cat form into a more, feminine human figure.

"Gatomon chou shinka!! Angewomon!!"

Takato and Rika stood there with awed expressions on their faces, as were Guilmon and Renamon. They couldn't believe at what they were seeing before them. The same went for Buddamon's group, with the exception of TK and Sonja.

"That's super cool! I wish I had digimon like those," said Kazu, "That's War Greymon. Metal Garurumon. Angewomon. Dinobeemon. And Paildramon. I don't even have their cards."

[War Greymon. Mega-Level. Vaccine Type. Special Techniques: Terra Force & Dramon Killer]

[Metal Garurumon. Mega-Level. Data Type. Special Techniques: Metal Wolf Claw & Giga Missile]

[Dinobeemon. Fusion Ultimate-Level. Virus Type. Special Technique: Hell Masquerade & Irritant Buzz]

[Angewomon. Ultimate-Level. Vaccine Type. Special Attacks: Celestial Arrow & Heaven's Charm]

"That's because they're special," Jeri said, "And Angewomon looks beautiful. That Kari lady must be very good to even have her as her partner. Leomon, are you able to evolve?"

"Of course, into Cyberleomon or Saberleomon. But you will have to allow me to evolve if you wanted to."

"I will. Trust me."

"Buddamon, I trust that you can handle your group just fine? Good, al right, we're heading out to Dark Magimon's location. I sense that it's over at the west location. Buddamon, you take your group in the east section."

"Yes. Lets go," Buddamon said as he quickly walks off.

"Good luck, Takato! You go and win one for them team," Henry said.

"Don't get killed while we're away!" Terriermon remarked.

As soon as they said their goodbyes, Buddamon's group had already left on their search for Calumon. Shintomon turns towards his group and then looks over at the two tamers.

"Rika. Takato. It's time to demonstrate your digimon's powers. This is the digital world, you should be able to evolve without Calumon's power source."

"Alright. Guilmon. Time for War Growlmon!"

"Renamon! Evolve time, we're going to need Taomon for this one!"

The two Tamers pull out their cards and then slash them through their D-Arks.

[Card Slash theme "Slash!" plays]

"Card Slash! Super Evolution Plug-In S!"


[Digimon Tamers first evolution theme "Evo" plays]

Guilmon and Renamon were both transforming as their outer skins peeled away to give way to their champion-level forms."

"Guilmon shinka!! Growlmon!!"

"Renamon shinka!! Kyuubimon!!"

Then, the two digimon evolved into their ultimate-level forms.

"Growlmon matrix shinka!! War Growlmon!!"

"Kyuubimon matrix shinka!! Taomon!!"

"This settles it then! We have ourselves the elite team. We must hurry and head to the western section of the Digital World. That is where Dark Magimon is heading and no telling where he could have left Calumon. We must go now!"

"Right!" the whole group said in unison.

Shintomon goes flying off first in order to lead the group. Tai, Matt, Kari, Takato and Rika both hopped onto their respective digimon. War Greymon and Metal Garurumon were next to fly off into the skies. Then came Paildramon, Dinobeemon and Angewomon. Follow by them were War Growlmon and Taomon.

"Hey, Rika! Now this is some ride, isn't it?" Takato asked.

"Yeah, I'm ecstatic."

Takato smiles over towards Rika, but as soon as she turned to face him, she turns around with a slight blush on his face.

"Just keep to myself for now. Just keep it to yourself, Takato," the goggle boy thought.

"Just keep an eye on him, Rika. Just keep an eye on him,"Rika thought to herself.

The whole digimon boosted up their energy as waves of auras began to light up in the skies. They would get across over towards Dark Magimon's hideout by this faster pace.


Elsewhere, Makuramon was flying off over towards the west section with both the caged-up Calumon and the energy-contained device full of Kari's energy. A slight evil smile comes across his face as he was drawing closer to his master's hide out.

"Master Magimon will be pleased at what I'm about to bring him. This is a grand day! Soon, we'll enter the human world and destroy the pathetic humans. I must make track quick or Magimon will have my head."

Just how will the group stop Makuramon in time from delivering Dark Magimon the energy source needed to revive D-Reaper and will calumon escape Makuramon's evil grasp before its too late?

[Digimon Tamers first ending theme "My Tomorrow" plays]


Shintomon: We're here! This is where Magimon is hiding out.

Tai: I wonder why he needs that energy?

Takato: Not to mention why he had that monkey kidnap Calumon.

Magimon: Perfect! You've brought the energy back! Now we can use it to reawaken the D-Reaper! This is a grand day!

Dark figure: I sense the presence of that fool Shintomon along with those digimon that defeated our forces back on earth.

Magimon: The one's who destroyed my Deva slaves? Zhuqiaomon won't be happy to hear this. I want you to find them and kill them, but leave Shintomon for me.

Dark figure: Yes, sire.

Matt: He knows that we're here!

Tai: Let's do this! We can defeat this creep together!

Kari: Next time on Digimon Tamers Fusion, episode fourteen!

An Appearance of Darkness: The Evil Sorcerer, Dark Magimon! A Trap Awaits!

Rika: You don't want to miss it.


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