Credit where credit is due.

Thanks to: My beta-reader, Seldes Katne (Order of Merlin, First Class) – for your reliability, your patience, your help with language problems, your good advice, and for understanding perfectionism and not letting me get away with a comma in the wrong place!

Thanks also to my fellow former regulars of several HP message boards for some extremely insightful character discussions; to J.R.R. Tolkien's Gandalf, Victor Laszlo from "Casablanca" and Sean Connery for some great lines of theirs that I simply had to nick; but my most sincere and heartfelt thanks goes to Mylla, for our endless fantastic Harry Potter-related conversations of course, but also, maybe most of all, for your trust - you're truly a friend like no other.
And last but not least, I bow to J.K. Rowling for creating this fantastic world for me to live in for a whole summer: my Summer of the Phoenix, July – October 2003.

Thanks also to all my faithful reviewers. You guys rock! Some of you have stuck with me from the day the first chapter was posted – you all kept me going, I don't think I could have finished the story without your encouragement. You've brightened my days with your kind comments, I really can't thank you enough!

So here ends the Summer of the Phoenix. This is where I bow out and hand the story back to JKR. Let me know what you think! Loved it? Hated it? Got any questions? Comments? Suggestions? This is my first attempt at fanfiction – your feedback is greatly appreciated! I aim to be 100 % faithful to J. K. Rowling's Wizarding World, so constructive criticism concerning mistakes, inconsistencies and omissions on my part is much appreciated. Oh, and 50 points to the house of your choice if you spot the one real canon glitch in the story. ;-) (ETA after HBP and DH: OK, so there are lots of canon glitches now that JKR has completed the series... I do intend to make the story completely canon-consistent one day. But as this concerns only details, I hope that in the meantime the story can still be enjoyed as it is.)

I'm aware that there are a few things in my story that I haven't been definite about although you might have expected me to be – but either JKR has taken care of that in the meantime, such as concerning what became of Tonks and Remus. Otherwise, feel free to let your imagination run wild! It's not like mine doesn't - but whenever it threatens to run beyond the limits of the canon, I'd rather be careful. So please don't ask me where exactly Snape disappeared to for that last week, and what exactly he was doing, because the simple answer is, I don't know. I know that's kind of cheating, but I can't help it!

People have asked me to continue beyond this point – but much honoured as I am by this request, I'm afraid I can't. The story was always going to end here, I simply ran out of both time and ideas for more of it. And who says the story ends here, anyway? Just pick up your books again, you don't need me for that. ;-)

But if you enjoyed this and would like to read more about Sirius at Grimmauld Place, feel free to check out "Bleak Midwinter" (clicking on my author profile will take you there).

And if you read German, you might be interested in the German version of the story, now online here on .