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It is better to have loved and lost love than to have never loved. -quote from someone.

Too Late For Love?: Epilogue

Hiei sat in his tree far above the Makai ground. He stared off into space, unknowing and uncaring of his surrounding or what was going on. He looked down, lost in thought. One year. It has been one this very day/

He stood up and bolted from tree to tree, trying to rid what wasn't there. There was no anger, no sadness, none of those ningen feelings everyone else thought he was suffering from. Although he was not familiar with these emotions, he felt certain that having that strange pain would be far better than what he was going through now. He simply didn't feel a thing. His soul and heart were but hollowed out things, useless.

Should I feel?/ he often times questioned himself. He supposed so. It was his best friend he had lost. His best friend and...soul mate.

He continued whisking blindly and unseen through the forest of the Makai. That was another thing.

He had quit the Reikai Tantei not long after it happened. He couldn't stand Ningenkai anymore. Not even to see his sister would he go there...never again. Oh, the others still visited whenever he allowed himself to be found, but that wasn't often. He simply didn't care to see them or anyone for that matter anymore.

He'd thought of ending this miserable excuse for a life, but never could do it. K'so. Another damn ningen custom rubbed off on me/ While in Ningenkai he had learned that for one to kill themselves was looked down upon. It was said that if you took your own life, you would not be allowed into the heavens. Hiei knew this was a load of shit, Lord Enma cared not what ended your life, you simply went to the afterlife and that was that. But Kurama, in his ningen way, had adopted the custom of cherishing life. He wouldn't be very pleased to find out that Hiei had done such a thing.

Hiei, lost in thoughts, continued bounding along, not really knowing where he was going. Soon darkness fell upon the Makai and Hiei stopped. The wind ruffled his hair and blew his cape to and fro. He breathed in the heavy scent of pine--the scent Kurama so much loved--and stood quietly looking out to the horizon. He sat and leaned against the trunk of the tree, closing his eyes. Every time he closed his eyes he could see it all happening again. He could feel Kurama lying there limp in his arms. He could feel the life leaving Kurama's body and going on to the Reikai. He opened his eyes again and felt something PLIP onto his lap. He looked down at a black object that lay glittering on his clothing. He carefully picked the object up and examined it. A tear gem. The second he had ever cried in his life, both for Kurama. He reached into his pocket and found a little black velvet box and placed it carefully next to the first. He closed the lid and stroked the top of the box. It felt odd in comparison to his hands, weird to the touch. He stroked it lovingly once more and put it back in pocket.

He closed his eyes again, preparing to sleep for the night. This time he saw Kurama's smiling, loving face rather than his dying, suffering one. The corners of his mouth turned up and he felt something. The emptiness was filled a bit. He believed it to be the emotion ningens were so wild about. The one called love. He knew now, he loved Kurama. Loved and still did love him and would continue to until the day he died. He did not know why he hadn't seen it before.

I'll see you one day, Kurama. Until then, ai shitteru/ With these last loving thoughts, he fell asleep, leaning peacefully against the pine.


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