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Father mine

Chapter 1: A turn in life


  *HP dimension-5th year-Department of mysteries*

  Harry heard Bellatrix Lestrange's triumphant scream, but knew it meant nothing-Sirius had only just fallen through the archway, he would reappear from the other side any second…

  But Sirius did not reappear.

  "SIRIUS!" Harry yelled.  "SIRIUS!"

  He had reached the floor, his breath coming in searing gasps.  Sirius must be just behind the curtain, he, Harry, would pull him back out…

  But has he reached the ground and sprinted towards the dais, Lupin grabbed Harry around the chest, holding him back.

  "There's nothing you can do, Harry-"

  "Get him, save him, he's only just gone through!"

  "-it's too late, Harry."

  "We can still reach him-" Harry struggled hard and viciously, but Lupin would not let go…

  "There's nothing you can do, Harry… nothing… He's gone."                    (*shudders* I hate that part in the book…)


*Senshi dimension-A month after the fight with Galaxia*

*Usagi POV-she's presently 16*

  It's surprising how much your life can change in only a couple of weeks.  My worst fears were coming true and they were tumbling over me like a tsunami.

  I am now walking home, alone, after a tiresome day of school.  Yes, alone.  Mamoru had gone back to the States…for good.  He had suddenly stated that he didn't want to be with me anymore, that it was too dangerous.

  I didn't cry.  But it was going to be the key chain of events that would change my life as a senshi.  When I went to the shrine for a meeting that very day, I told them the news.  They took it pretty well, considering they had been fighting for a wrong future.  I had been grateful for them.

  But over time, they all went their separate ways.  Amy was in Germany, studying to be a doctor.  Rei was doing a stage to become a true priestess god knows where.  Makoto had opened a restaurant in France.  Minako had started a job in modeling and she had taken Luna with her.  Haruka was still racing around the world while Michiru was doing her concerts, following each other.  Hotaru had gone back to her father and Setsuna, to the time gates.  They were finally free of destiny and could realise their dreams.  I had bade them good luck with a happy smile and they had done the same with me.

  I looked at the ground sadly.  Their letters were pouring at first, but they had become rare and now, non existent.  I gave myself a shake.  Good for them if they were successful!

  I had also changed.  Drastically.  When I decided to tell the truth to my parents, they were shocked.  But not as shocked as they told me the news they had dreaded to tell me.  I wasn't their daughter.  I guess I always knew inside.

  After all, a blue haired women and a brown haired man couldn't give birth to a blond.  Impossible, even with my Lunarian blood.  As for Shingo, he was more of a pale brown then blond.  So it didn't really concern him. But luckily, I was always welcome to visit them whenever I felt like it, because now, I was living in a comfortable apartment of my own.

  I had become more reserved and calm over the last month.  I had grown to a good height; 5"6.  My hair was longer, the blond in it even more shocking, even if strands of silver were beginning to show.  My muscles were also visible, but not too much, it would've been disgusting.  A few scars were also decorating my arms and my back.

  They weren't too deep, and you had to be near to see them.  They were the proof that some youmas hadn't left the city after Chaos.  But when I looked at the news, I also saw some more youmas around the world, being destroyed by my senshis.  They still followed our energy signal, after all.  I also learned to control my power better.  I didn't need to transform anymore.  I guess the shock of what had happened unblocked my power, the separation between Mamoru and me.  We were, after all, supposedly destined to one another.

  I smiled in irony.  I now longed to fight, to change my mind off of things.  I was beginning to grow a backbone and my mind was sharper than ever.  The child in me was gone, replaced by a young woman in College.  But I didn't really see the implications of going to school with what the future had already reserved for me.  Oh well.

*Gates of time*

  "My hime.  It is now the time to give you back your life I took so long ago…"

*Back at Usagi-End of her POV*

  Walking calmly home, a strange sound caught her attention towards a shadowy alleyway.  She narrowed her eyes and made way to it, without gaining the attention of the many passers-by.  She stopped when she was at the end.  "There's nothing here!  I was sure I heard something…My senses are beginning to make me delusional…"

  As she was about to turn, subtle whispers started and she whirled around, prepared to fight a youma.  But instead of the nasty creature, a portal, some sort of archway appeared right in front of her.  The odd whisperings could still be heard but she took no heed.  Her eyes were riveted on that archway.

  It was beginning to ripple and swirl and she suddenly yelped and was thrown backwards as something came out and stumbled on her.  She sat up a little, groaning and massaging the back of her head.  "Ugh! What the hell?!"

  When she finally looked up, the veil had gone.  She looked down at the thing half on top of her and gasped.  It was a man! He looked badly injured and unconscious.  Her mind was whirling.  'What should I do?  Do I bring him to the hospital?'  The sky-blue eyed girl bit her lips in anxiety.

  She was about to make up her mind when another portal appeared.  She groaned in frustration.  She could recognize THOSE portals anywhere.  "Setsuna?"  The Time senshi walked out of it, leaving the portal opened.  She bowed.

  "Hime-sama, I cannot stay long, as you probably know."  Usagi scowled.  "You know I hate it when you call me that.  Anyway, do you know what just happened here?  Who is that man?"  The time senshi smiled mysteriously before continuing.

  "Hime, as you probably know by now, the family you were raised in wasn't your real family."

  "Go on." Usagi said.

  "The truth is, when you were born, it happened in the wrong dimension.  I had to retrieve you from it.  Your mother died at childbirth, but I can say that your father didn't give you up after one heck of a fight.  But he was no match against a senshi-"

  "YOU STOLE ME FROM MY FAMILY?!"  Usagi cut her, seething.  The senshi winced.  "I had to; it wasn't your destiny to be there."  The rabbit frowned.  "So, my destiny was to stay alone and fight for the rest of my days, just peachy." She said sardonically.

  "No! Of course not!  Destinies change, and yours took quite a turn.  So I decided to give you back the life you missed.  You should bring that man to your house and heal him.  Don't worry about him knowing who you are, you can tell him.  He will probably recognize you, even after all those years.  After all, he IS your father."

  Usagi was speechless.  "My…father?"  The time senshi smiled and backed up in the portal.  "Contact me if there's any problem.  Oh! And you shouldn't be worried about your appearance tomorrow morning.  Have a nice day, Hime-sama."  Then, she disappeared.

  "Hey wait!  What do you mean?  Aww, she's gone."  She gazed down at the man.  "Well, better bring you back with me.  I can't just walk with an injured man on the street.  Better…TELEPORT!"  If someone saw a flash of light coming from the dark alleyway, nobody commented on it.


  She reappeared in her apartment and immediately started to undress the wounded man. (Not like that, you perverts!)  She took a real good look at him in her dim lighted living room.  He had a couple of scratches here and there and looked a little malnourished.  She frowned.

  'It looks like he didn't have an easy life, welcome to the club.  I'll have to take care of that.'  With that thought, she continued to examine her newly found father.  She could tell he was handsome, even in his present status.  He had somewhat sharp features, but kind nonetheless.

  Long black hair that reached his back.  She scrunched up her nose.  He was in need of a trim.  She could tell he once was well built and she giggled at the thought.  Her true father was a looker compared to Kenji Tsukino!  He would have his muscles back if he was going to live with her!  The rabbit calmed a bit and went to the bathroom to get a warm facecloth.

  She started to wash him up as best as she could.  Then, she put her hand on his chest and started to heal him.  It wasn't easy but she succeeded.  With a last effort, she transported him to her bedroom so he could have a decent night of sleep and collapsed right next to him.  She wasn't going to be plagued by nightmares tonight.


  The morning light woke her up, but what made her open her eyes is the presence she felt beside her.  She panicked, until she remembered yesterday's events.  She yawned and sat up groggily.  Gazing down, she smiled at her father and petted his hair lightly, before going to the bathroom.  He looked better already.  His muscles were more filled out and his skin was no longer a deathly white, but had a nice tan to it.

  It wasn't a school day but it wasn't a reason not to get dressed.  And anyway, she had promised Motoki she would come to see him today at the arcade.  She brushed her teeth and did her other morning stuff.  When the time to brush her hair came, she looked at herself in the mirror.

  A loud yelp resonated throughout the apartment.  She was mentally yelling; 'WHAT HAPPENED TO MY HAIR?!  AND MY EYES?!'  She was fidgeting on her spot until she heard a familiar voice in her head.  'Hime-sama, these changes are normal.  You are taking more of your father's personality and traits, along with your Lunarian heritage.  It is a bizarre mix but you'll get used to it.'

  The rabbit moaned and fingered her hair.  It was still as long, reaching her ankles-almost the ground-, but a new color had been added to the mix.  Amongst the stunning blond and glowing silver, streaks of deep black hair had appeared.  She made a face.  'This is weird, but I…like it.'  Her eyes had also turned from sky blue to a dark, deep Copenhagen blue.

  "Hum…This color suits me better for my new personality.  I guess his eyes are the same color."  She started to brush her hair, humming lightly.


*At the same time—Sirius's POV*

  My senses are still as sharp asleep as awake, and my alarm sounded when I felt out of place, in a comfortable bed.  Something shifted beside me and I forced my eyes to remain closed.  A warm and soft hand petted my hair in an almost too familiar way and I felt the presence shift and move away.

  I took a chance and saw a blur going into another room.  I sat up and groaned softly.  I was sore all over but not tired anymore.  In fact, I hadn't felt this good in years.  My wounds were all gone.  I panicked a little.  Where was Harry?  Was he ok?  Where was I?

*End Sirius POV*

  A little yelp caused the man to get out of his reverie and he got up, stealthily heading towards the room where he had seen the person go to.  Maybe it was an enemy! He leaned on the wall next to the door and listened carefully.  "Hum…This color suits me better for my new personality.  I guess his eyes are the same color."

  Sirius' eyebrows shut up.  The voice of a young girl?  Was she talking about him?  He took his chance and peaked in the bathroom.  His breath caught in his throat and it was too late for him to silence the gasp that exited his mouth.  He cursed himself when the girl whirled around, first suspicious, then she relaxed and looked at him warmly, turning back to brush her hair.

  Sirius stayed riveted in the entry of the bathroom, eyes wide opened.  She began to talk to him, softly, as though he was still injured.  "I didn't think you would wake up that fast, but it's a good sign."  She lay down her hairbrush and approached the bewildered man, taking one hand in hers and bringing it to her cheek, caressing it gently.

  'Such an intimate gesture', Sirius thought.  That girl was so familiar!  It was as if he had known her all his life.  His eyes softened.  She looked up at him almost nervously.  "We'll have a lot to talk about, won't we, father?"  His head snapped down in shock and he studied her face closely, to her big discomfort.

  Could she really be her?  His beautiful daughter, his pride, stolen at birth?  She had to be!  No one could resemble his wife like that, and have his eyes.  Tears prickled his eyes and he enveloped her in a disbelieving hug.  She gripped him back and he squeezed back even tightly to reassure himself it wasn't a dream.

  "Oh god!  I thought you were dead!  My baby!"  He saw the scars marring her arms and frowned.  "What did that woman do to you?  I'll kill her!"  Usagi sighted.  "I'll tell you my story and you'll tell me yours.  But before that, let me change and go take a bath, it'll calm you."  Sirius fidgeted.

  "Hum…It would be great but what will I wear?  These 'clothes' aren't really presentable."  His daughter thought a little and dashed to her bedroom.  She came back with a pair of jeans a t-shirt big enough for him.  He gave her a questioning look but she shrugged it off.

  "It belonged to a friend of mine, racing car driver.  She's gone somewhere around the world…"  Sirius nodded when she offered no more explanations and went to take his bath.


  He sighted contentedly, exiting the bathroom.  He felt better already.  The smell of breakfast caught his attention and guided him towards the kitchen.  Usagi turned when she felt his presence.  "Hey!" She started happily.  "I thought you would be hungry so I prepared breakfast!  Dig in!"

  He nodded but restrained himself.  He ate slowly and hummed.  "Mmmm!  This is good!"  She giggled.  "Thanks!  But it's only eggs and bacon.  Pretty ordinary breakfast!"  She sat in front of him and took a bite.  The atmosphere tensed up and Usagi couldn't take it anymore.  "Tell me about you."

  Sirius sighted.  "Well, my name's Sirius Black…" (I won't begin to tell the entire story, mind you.)

  "So let me get this straight; you were framed and imprisoned wrongly, escaped, met your godson, The-boy-who-lived? Was it?  You have a werewolf as a best friend and you're a wizard?  Whoa!"  Sirius shrugged.

  "What about you, baby?"  Usagi blinked at the endearment but smiled at Sirius's unsure smile.  She liked it.  "Well, to know me you gotta know my true past….."  After an hour, the story finished.  Usagi looked at anywhere but him.  "So you see, with my power, I couldn't live in that dimension.  The Tsukino found me and raised me as their daughter.  It wasn't easy everyday, but they managed.  I've only recently found out they weren't my biological parents but they still love me as their own."

  Before she could continue, Sirius hugged her from behind.  "My poor baby!  I'm here now; you won't have to be alone anymore!  I wish I could meet those people and thank them for taking care of you!  And if I run along those bastards you called protectors, I'll!"  He made a punching notion with his hand.  Usagi frowned.

  "I doubt it would be of any help.  And don't call them that!  They're still my friends, you know! But thanks for the comfort."  Usagi said.  "Sorry."  Sirius finished, eyes downcast.  She got up and went to get her keys.  "Are you going somewhere?"

  "No.  WE are going somewhere."  Usagi looked at him happily.

  "What?"  The animagus was confused.

  She put on her sandals.  "Come on!  Put those running shoes on!  I promised a friend I would visit him today.  He's always worried about me.  And there's no way I'm letting you stay here alone.  You're coming with me.  You'll need new clothes anyway and we'll stop by my adoptive parents' house to say hello.  We just found each other and I'm not letting you go!"

  Sirius chuckled.  "It's not difficult to see you're my daughter, and even less difficult to hear!  Lead the way, baby!"  He was getting out the door when she hugged him, stopping him in his tracks.  She buried her face in his chest.  "But really, dad?  I'm glad you're my dad.  I love you."

  Sirius' heart contracted painfully in his chest and he had to get his emotions in check.  He had his family back.  It wasn't a big family but she was his entire life.  He hugged back the seemingly fragile form of his daughter.  He managed a choked; "Love you too!"  Before she let go of him and gave him a 100 watt smile.

  "Let's go…dad!"


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