Painful Memories

Summary: Ayane, a rare demon hunter loses her memory on a mission to kill Kurama and Hiei. Hiei, a powerful cold-hearted demon starts to develop feelings for her. But what will happen when she gets her memory back?

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Sweat ran down the panicking youkai's face, he panted as he tried to outrun the determined ebony-haired girl. "Please! Please! I did not come to harm any ningens!" he shouted over his shoulder to her. The girl behind him had a look of pure hatred shouted back to him, "That's what they all say! Die filthy youkai!" She let loose the arrow that she was holding tightly in her bow and it missed the retreating gray youkai.

"Damn! I missed!" she cursed to herself and stopped to catch her breath. She looked forward, watching as the youkai ran deeper into the woods. It didn't matter though. She smirked to herself and began to run another way, far away from the place where he just ran.

'Phew! That was close!' the gray-colored youkai thought to himself. He looked around, he found himself in the wooded area of the city park. He looked behind, trying to make sure she wasn't catching up to him. "What a ningen." he mumbled to himself. He never met a human that wasn't scared of him except for two of the Reikai Tantei. (Yusuke and Kuwabara) He wiped the sweat off his face and sat down on a stump to catch his breath.

'This is the last time I escape the Makai for Ningenkai' he thought. The bushes behind him rustled but he wasn't paying any attention. A pair of amber eyes watched him, one hand fumbling behind her back to reach for an arrow and another hand held tightly onto the bow. Up above a tree, a pair of ruby eyes watched the gray demon and the black-haired ningen.

"This ningen is making it harder for me to do my job." the owner of the eyes said with an annoyed voice. Suddenly a piercing sound filled the air, the three of them jumped up in alarm.

Because of the piercing sound, Ayane dropped the arrow she finally found and the demon she had been watching, was now standing on his bare feet looking around in alarm. She cursed as she reached inside her pocket and produced a small cellphone. The screen displayed the number of the caller. She flipped it open and whispered,"Hello?" With her free hand, she groped the ground for the only arrow she had left.

"Stop!" she yelled at the demon, who finally figured out where she was. He began to run but she stood up and holding the arrow with a tip that has been previously dipped with a special demon repellent, she thrust it into the air. The arrow landed into the youkai's chest, burning at the spot where it was lodged in.

Ayane smiled, satisfied with her work, walked over to the fallen body of the demon and pulled out the arrow with a grunt. A hand grabbed her leg and looking down, Ayane saw it was the youkai, clutching onto her leg. He had a sad and furious on his face, and said,"All I was going to do was visit my wife and kids. I wasn't going to harm anybody. I swear to Kami. I would never harm anyone in the world where my love is."

Ayane tried to release his grip but he held on tighter. "Plea..Please help me....Help me by telling my family that I will always-" he said weakly but before he could finish, Ayane kicked him on the side. He released her and clutched his side, groaning in pain. Ayane with hatred in her heart, held the arrow high above her head and with much force, drove it into the demon's heart. The demon died immediately.

"See why I hate your kind? You even use human emotions to get what you want!" she shouted at the still form. She regained herself and calmly walked over the dead demon's body and out of the woods.


"Yusuke Urameshi!" a furious voice rang throughout the 14-year old boy's ears. He opened his eyes to see a fuming brunette walking towards him. 'Uh- oh! An angry Keiko is on the loose. I wonder what I did this time?" he stood up and smiled innocently. A little TOO innocently.

"Hi, Keiko! You look so pretty today." Yusuke said nervously, searching in his mind for a reason why she might be mad at him.

"Don't give me that! You were supposed to meet me after my last class and take me to the musuem so we could get research for our project!"

"Oops! I seem to have forgotten! I'm sorry!" he grinned sheepishly. Keiko stalked away but not before giving Yusuke a slap on the face.

"OW! Keiko! I said I was sorry!" he yelled after her, holding his reddening cheek. "Hmph!" Keiko responded.

"Girls......................." Yusuke muttered, watching Keiko's retreating back. He turned around and faced a certain blue-haired deity, sitting on a floating oar. "AHH! Botan! Don't do that!"

Botan giggled and jumped off her oar. It instantly disappeared in thin air when she got off. "Sorry Yusuke"

"Whatever. So why are you here? Another assignment?" Yusuke asked, knowing the answer already. Botan nodded and held her hand out and the oar appeared once more. Yusuke sighed, he never quite gotten used to Botan's oar. He got on behind Botan and clutched onto the oar.

'This time I'm not gonna fall off the oar!' Yusuke thought as he held on tighter. "Off we go!" Botan said gleefully and the oar started to lift higher and higher off the ground.


Ayane turned the key in the lock, opened the door and walked into the apartment which she shared. She threw all her things on the kitchen table and walked into her room to change her soil-covered clothes. She grumbled, pulling some pieces of bush out of her tied up hair. She paused, listening to nothing in particular but to make sure he wasn't home yet. She didn't feel like listening to him assign more missions. Being a youkai hunter was part of her life, but it would be so great if she didn't have to do it everyday of her life.

After she slipped into a white nightgown, she settled her body in bed and escaped to dreamland. She wasn't aware of the figure outside the window that was watching her with red eyes. The figure disappeared after seeing her fall asleep.

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