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The Things We Go Through

Chapter One (8 to 12 months later. It doesn't really matter right now)



Shannon grasped Jeff's hand as they went in to the new restaurant that Matt had opened in downtown Cameron. Matt had always wanted to own a dance club/restaurant. He loved to cook and he was damn good at dancing, too. The dance club was called 'Cameron's Backyard'. "Reason why, unknown." Jeff always said. It wasn't in Cameron's backyard. It was still in the town.

Things had been going pretty good, for the most part. Shannon was opening up to people a bit more than when this had all first happened. He was getting more used to being around people that were bigger than he was, with out getting afraid, since Mark was a bigger man. He was getting better at controling his emotions, too, and even started seeing a counselor or trainer twice a week to help him out even more.

He still hadn't gotten over the fear of being alone with someone he didn't know too well or someone he didn't trust. He still hopped from emotion to emotion every once in a while. He didn't like people he didn't know touching him. Not even a shake of the hand. He also changed his ring gear back to a wife-beater and loose pants, careful what moves he was doing and who with.

Jeff led his smaller lover over to a table on the upper level that protruded a little bit over the edge of the dancefloor. The place was alive with sound and people, lights flashing all over the place. Jeff helped Shannon into his seat, before taking one across from him. "Do you want a drink?" he called over the music.

"Yeah, sure." Shannon called back.

"Hi, I'm Nancey. Can I help you today?" the waitress asked, coming over. She was obviously new.

"Hi, Nancey. Um, we need two of the specials of the day. Where's Matt? Is he here?"

"Yeah, he's in the back. Are you a friend?" Nancey asked.

"I'm his brother, Jeff. This is Shannon. Yeah, we need to talk to him. If he's not too busy. If so, it can wait."

"I'll go get him, Mr. Hardy."

"Don't call me Mr. Hardy. You can call me Jeff."

Nancey smiled and blushed a little bit, heading into the back. Shannon chewed his lip carefully. He had started acting different around Matt ever since the whole ordeal. A few minutes later, Matt appeared that the table. he smiled brightly, leaning over the table and handing the two their drinks.

"Hey guys! What's up? How are you?" he asked, "Enjoying yourselves?"

"Boy, you're animated today." Jeff noted.

"Yeah, well, everyone deserves to be happy, right?"

Shannon looked to the ground. Mark told him that before once. He snapped from his thoughts as he felt Matt's nudge him on the arm.

"You feeling okay today, Shann? Everything going good for you?"

"Um," Shannon cleared his throat, "Yeah. I'm alright."

"You been seeing your counselor and stuff?"


"I'm glad to see things working for you. You should be happy."

Shannon nodded, focusing on his hands that were fumbling with a napkin in his lap.

"What have you been up to, Jeff?" he heard Matt ask.

"Nothing really. Slowly progressing. Taking each day as it comes."

Shannon winced, knowing that Jeff was talking about him.

"Yeah. I understand. So, what do you guys have planned for today?" Matt asked, directing the question to both of them again.

"Um, well, we're going to a photo-shoot and interview at 2, then I think we're meeting Vince for dinner tonight. Since we're having a show in Raliegh tomorrow."

"All the wrestlers?"

"Mhmm." Jeff nodded, stirring his drink with a stirrer.

Matt had quit wrestling no more than four months after Mark was sentanced to jail. He said that his heart just wasn't into it anymore after what happened. Vince was very leniant with Shannon. Shannon really wanted to stay with the business, which helped Vince with the company as well. Vince had wanted to put the rosters back together, but still keep the seperate shows, meaning that Smackdown, Raw, Velocity, and Sunday Night Heat were all still shows, just featured both of the old roster's characters. Most of the rookies were on Sunday Night Heat and Velocity, and most of the older or more experienced wrestlers were on Raw and Smackdown!. Jeff really liked that. It meant that he and Adam could work together again.

"Well," Matt sighed, slapping his hands on the table, "I've gotta get back to work."

"Yeah, we should be leaving, too." Jeff replied, finishing his drink and nodding to Shannon.

Shannon stood up tentively, catching Matt's eyes for only a second. "Well, have fun, guys. I'll see you when you all get back, okay?" Matt smiled.

"Yeah. We'll see ya then. Y'keep this place standing for us." Jeff joked.

"I'll make sure of it. See ya."

Jeff waved good-bye to his brother and took Shannon's hand as they left the club. "Well, that was fun, right? Y'know, seein' Matty 'fore we leave?"

"Mhmm." Shannon agreed.


"Hey guys. How was your day?" Vince asked as Shannon and Jeff arrived at the restaurant in Raliegh where they were meeting for dinner.

"It was good. Lots of fun stuff."

"That's very nice. I hope this wasn't too far for you guys to drive." Vince said, taking his seat, nodding to two empty chairs next to Paul Wight, Adam Copeland, and Chris Benoit.

Jeff pulled Shannon's seat out a bit for him since Shannon's hands were settled into his hoodie then took a seat across from him. Shannon took the seat between Adam and Vince and Jeff sat next to Paul and Chris.

"No, it wasn;t too far. We came up right after the photo shoot to look around and stuff. We haven't been up here for a while, so it's a welcome exchange." Jeff said, settling in his seat.

Shannon nodded when Vince looked at him, sittiing on the edge of his seat uncomfortabley.

"How're things goin', Shann?" Adam asked. Shannon had gotten the past week off, and that was when Adam had returned from a five week ankle injury.

"Alright." Shannon said, quietly, "Me'n Jeffy have been havin some fun repaintin' the house."

"That's good."


A waitress came by, taking everyone's orders who hadn't ordered already. Jeff talked to some of the other superstars while Vince was interested in talking to Shannon. He was probably the only other person besides Jeff, Jay, and Shane that Shannon could talk to without being embarassed or anything. The orders came and everyone was ready to leave about an hour later.

"Alright, everyone. Don't forget that everyone has to be at the arena by three. Main eventers should be there by two." Vince said as everyone started to leave.

Jeff wrapped his arm around Shannon's waist, leading him from the resaurant. "Did you have a nice time tonight?" he asked.

"Yeah. It was a lot of fun. Me'n Vince were talkin' And me 'n Adam, too. I'm glad to see his ankle's all better."

"Yeah. It's good. He's been wanting to get back."

Jeff held the car door open for Shannon, who climbed in and opened the door for Jeff from the inside. Jeff drove around the town for a little bit. "Should we just get a hotel or should we drive back to Cameron?" Jeff asked.

"Um, why don't we go to a hotel. It's a bit late to be going back home." Shannon answered, looking at the clock that read 10:00pm.

"Yeah. Well, there's Adam's car, why don't we follow him and stay where him and Jay are staying?"

"That's good enough. I'm gettin' real tired."

He had been a lot ever since the whole thing with Mark. Tests had proved that he hadn't gotten any diseases or anything from Mark or anything; he was just getting tired easier. It'd scared Jeff, so he had asked a doctor about it. he said that Shannon would keep getting tired easier until he was over what happened enough that he wasn't as emotionally drained. Then, he wouldn't be physically drained as easy. Jeff had gotten used to it so it was all good now.

Jeff followed Adam into the parking lot of a big hotel. "Adam!"

Adam and Jay turned around at Jeff's voice. "Hey! What're you guys doin' here?" Jay asked, giving Jeff a hug. He gave Shannon one, too, then Shannon took his hand in his.

Jay smiled. He hadn;t seen Shannon in such a long time. It was fine with Jeff that Shannon had such a close relationship with Jay. They had been together before he Shannon got with Jeff and Jay with Adam. They were still close and talked all of the time. Jeff and Shannon bought a room next to Adam and jay's and they all checked in.

"Well, guys, Shannon's getting tired, so I think we're just going to add up. Call us in the morning if you want to get breakfast or something." Jeff said, smiling as Shannon wrapped his arm around Jeff's waist, leaning on his shoulder.

"Alright. We will. Night." Adam and Jay said.

Jeff and Shannon waved goodbye to their friends and headed upstairs. They only had two bags each, so it wasn't a lot to carry upstairs. Jeff swiped the keycard and they both went into the room. Shannon dropped his bags, heading to the bathroom.

"You gonna take a shower, Shann?" Jeff asked, picking to the t.v remote.

"Short one."

"Alright. I'ma order us a movie, alright?"

"Yeah." Shannon replied from behind the heavy wooden door.

"Comedy or what?"


"Jeff laughed. "Shannon, I don't know if they have it."

"Well they should. There's a movie. I've seen it three times. Not as good as the cartoon, but it's still good."

"The cartoon's got a marthon on tonight. Wanna just watch that?"


Jeff shook his head, settling the t.v on the cartoon network as the shower turned on. About twenty minutes later, Shannon came out from the bathroom. His hair was hung in loose strands and he had a towel wrapped arouns his waist as he settled to looking for some clothes in his bag.

"I seen this one!" he said happily, pulling on some boxers and a pair of loose sweat pants before jumping excited on the bed.

"I thought you were tired." Jeff asked, pulling lightly on Shannon's pants to sit him down.

"I am, but I can't miss the theme of Scooby! I hardly getta watch it no more! Scooby-Dooby-Doo, where are you? We got some work to do now-"

Jeff shook his head again as Shannon continued to jump on the bed, singing along to the theme as the station played the next episode.


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