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The Things We GO Through

chapter 2


Jeff rolled over the next morning and placed a hand on part of the bed in front of him. He patted it flattly, then again, wondering what was missing. He sat up and looked around blankly. Ah, that was it, Shannon wasn't in the bed next to him, that's what was off. The bag on the floor showed that Shannon had obviously dug through it in search of clothes and hadn't bothered to pick everything else up. The shower wasn't running, but the light was on since it was still kind of dark and the bathroom had no windows.

Jeff stumbled out of bed and put on some clothes before making his way to the bathroom door. He knocked on the redwood and, hearing Shannon say to come in, went inside. Shannon was stnding by the sink, brushing his teeth. A towle was slung around his waist and there were a few drying footprints in the bath rug. He smiled at Jeff, letting the toothbrush settle in his mouth as he let go with his hand.

"Morning." he said before resuming brushing.

"Morning. You're up early." Jeff replied, stripping his clothes and folded them onto the toilet seat before stepping into the shower.

"Yeah, couldn't really sleep."

"What's wrong?" Jeff called over the running water.

He could hear Shannon spit out his toothpaste and start rinsing his brush. He took a few seconds to rinse his mouth and wipe it off before answering.

"I don't really know."

"Did ya have another nightmare or something?"

"No. Just couldn't sleep. I'll catch up after lunch or something."

Jeff aplied the cheap hotel shampoo to his hair.

"Hey, Jeff, ya know I left my shampoo in there for you?" Shannon said, noticing Jeff's shadow as he reached for the shelf instead of on the floor where Shannon always kept his shampoo.

Jeff grunted in frustration, "I already used this crap. Why do you keep your shampoo on the floor anyways? Why not in my line of sight?"

"Cause then I know where it is and I don't have to look for it."

"Then put it on a shelf."

"Not all places have shelves, Jeff." Shannon replied nonsensely as he dried his face and left the room.

Jeff hurried and finished his shower. He dried off and put on his clothes again, since he had just put them on before taking the shower. He brushed his hair and his teeth before heading into the room as well. Shannon had begun digging through his bag again and now there were things everywhere.

"What are you looking for?"

"I...can't...find...my...shirt." Shannonstressed, continuing through his bag and tossing everything.

"Well, which one? The bag's almost empty."

"I still gotta go through the other one, though. I stopped half way through"

"Which shirt, Shann?" Jeff repeated, looking at the disaster as Shannon dumped his bag and started on the half empty other one.

"The stupid red one."

"The one I gave you?"

"No. The one I took from Adam, like, three years ago."

Jeff rolled his eyes and picked up the red shirt from where it had landed on the top of a lamp. He tossed it unceremoniously at Shannon. Shannon whipped it off his head and scowled at it.

"There it is. Where was it?"

"You threw it over the lamp, idiot."

"I'm not an idiot." Shannon replied, pulling the shirt over his head and tying his shoes.

"Are you ready to get something to eat?"

"Yeah. I'm STARVING." Shannon stressed.

"Good, so am I. I called Jay before I went to sleep last night and he said they would meet us downstairs around nine."

Shannon checked his watch. "Then we're late."

Jeff checked his watch, too. "Shit. We'd better go, then."

Jeff grabbed his wallet and they headed downstairs to the hotel restaurant. They looked around for a minute until Adam adn Jay caught their attention from their table and waved them over.

"What took you guys so long?" Adam asked, handing jeff a menu

"Showers." Jeff replied.

"Did we keep you waiting too long?" Shannon yawned.

"No, we were a bit late, too."

"But it wasn't for showers, if ya know what I mean!" Jay laughed.

Adam shook his head. "No, Jay slept too late."

Jay slumped, "Liar."

Shannon laughed and patted Jay on the back in mock sympathy, "There, there."

Jeff shook his head, repeating Adam's motions a few minutes later.


Jeff pulled his armband over his upper arm and grabbed his face paint. He was supposed to go on in about fifteen minutes and he had lost his bag, so he had started getting ready late. He examined his now blue-green, and orange hair and searched through the colors of paint he had brought. Deciding on light blue, he began smearing it over himself.

"Come in." he called at the knock on his door.

"Hey, Jeff."

"Oh, hi Chris." Jeff said as Benoit entered the room, "What's up?"

"Nothing, really. Just wondering what you were doing." Chris said, taking a seat on the couch in the small room no bigger than a large closet.

Jeff alughed a bit. "I know that tone more than almost everyone. What's really up?" he asked, adding the finally touches of blue paint to his face.

"Alright." Chris sighed, "I was just wondering...what's up with Moore? I've known him for a while. I know we're not tight or nothing, but we're still friends and I...he's been acting different in the apst few months. Vince just told us all to be careful around him and... Kyle (stagehand) told me earlier that Vince explained everything during the months I was gone on injury.

I didn't want to ask anyone else, cause you know, they might not wanna talk or something. So, I decided to come to you cause I can't find Shannon and even if I did, he-"

"Chris." Jeff said, cutting off Chris' seemingly endless flow of words, "I have no problem talking about it. It really pisses me off. See, Mark. Calloway. He really fucked up. While you were out on injury, Mark started going out with Matt, y'know that right?"

Chris nodded, "Never really knew what was up with that."

"Yeah. It's a kinda weird pairing. Anyways, I'm still not quite sure why, but Mark was beating up on Shannon and stuff and he started raping him."

Chris gasped.

"Yeah. I know. That's why Shann's kinda weirded around some people. People don't like to talk about it. Mark was put in jail, though. Got fired, too."

"Chris shook his head, "That's sick, man. So, where's Shannon, anyways?"

"I think he's with Adam. They have a match or something tonight."

There was another knock on the door before it was pulled open by a stagehand.

"Mr. hardy, you're on in five. Mr. Benoit, you're needed for an interview."

Chris and Jeff both nodded and left the room.


Shannon smiled at Jeff as the older man made his way to his locker room. Jeff looked around Shannon's locker room, which he started getting specially from Vince so he felt safer.

"Wow. They really rigged you up in this place."

"Yeah. I'd rather have a smaller one, but this one's nice. Look," he said, turning a third knob on the sink, "Ice water."

Jeff put hsi hand under the stream. "Wow, that's cold. I'd trade you this room for mine! I hardly get cold water itself!"

Shannon smirked a bit, "I caught your match. Your arm alright?"

"Yeah. I should ask how you are. Heard you took a pretty nasty bump out there with Eddie."

"I'm fine, except for the fact we're driving all the way out to Chicago."

"I can drive all night tonight, if you want. Or we can drop of the car at home and take a cab to the airport or something."

"Why don't we-"

Shannon was cut off by Chris Benoit, Adam, Jay, and Oscar, who jogged over to where he and Jeff were standing.

"Guys, um, we were wondering if you wouldn't mind doin' us a favour?" Jay asked.

"Uh-uh, no way we are joining THAT orgy!" Jeff joked.

"No. Um, it's kinda going on a pretty long road trip to Chicago and-"

"You wer wondering if we'd drive with you?" Shannon guessed, knowing already what was coming.

"Yeah." Adam replied.

"Actually, we were just talking about something like that. Right before y'all interrupted us. We'd..love to, right?" Jeff asked Shannon.

"Yeah, that's fine with me." Shannon replied, adjusting the strap of his bag on his shoulder.

"Okay. Well, thi is your car, right Jeff, so what do you wanna do with it? Chris, Oscar and I all have rentals." Adam said, looking around.

"D'you want to drive to the airport and turn in you're guys' cars, then I can put mine in the car storage or something?" Jeff thought.

"That'd work. Wouldn't it? Then we could just take a plane out to Chicago and you could pick your car up when you fly back in. That works."

"Bien, vayamos obtiene nuestras bolsas cargades y nosotros acabamos de seguir usted tipos al aeropuerto. Let us load up and we'll follow you." Oscar nodded.

Shannon and Jeff put their bags in the back of Jeff's wrangler and set back up the seats they had put down earlier so they could fit Jeff's latest creation. Adam and Jay pulled up in their rental, soon followed by Oscar and Chris.

"We'll hurry up and get the car checked in so we have time to do stuff in Chicago." Jeff called before they pulled out of the parking lot.

It didn't take too long at the rental center or the car holdage, and luckily they all got to the airport half an hour before a flight left for Chicago. They checked their bags and boarded the plane around 11:30. They would get there around 1:00. Oscar, Adam and Jay settled in the front three seats while Jeff, Shannon, and Chris sat behind them.

"Hey, Oscar. Whassaya have planned on doing in Chicago? I heard you were staying longer and taking the last possible flight out to Wyoming?" Jeff asked, leaning forwards toward the seats in front of them.

"Planeaba a encontrar Juventud Guerrera cuano llegamosa a Chicago. Yo no lo he visito ental tiempo largo. El es mi amigo. Mi hermano." Oscar said.

He caught Jeff's confused look. "Sorry, Esse. I was planning on meeting Juvi. I haven't seen him in a while and he's like my brother."

Jeff nodded, "Ah."

The overhead signal flashed and a flight attendant came over the loud speaker telling everyone precautions and things. Knowing everything already, the Superstars settled back. Jeff was just nodding off when they lifted from the airport.

"Hey, what're you guys all doin' on this flight? I thought alla you were driving!"

Jeff looked up, knowing that voice. "Hey, Billy." he said, giving the tall natural blonde some kind of hand signal, "Yer on here, too?"

"Yeah. Figured it'd be easier to leave as soon as possible and not risk anything. Ya know what happened last time, W e went, had time, and we all ended up four hours late."

Jeff laughed as Billy headed to the back for some reason. The plane landed a couple of hours later, just on time. The Chicago airport was nearly empty since it was so late. Everyone got their bags and they went to catch a cab to the car rental. Two to a car, just like last time. When they finally found a hotle that wasn't too far from the arena or the airport, they all headed up to their rooms to get some sleep.


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