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-Computer Voice-



She still couldn't believe it. He was here. Alive.

She pulled away from him slightly as she wiped at her eyes. Sniffling she frowned and stared at the sheet which had fallen halfway off the bed.


She closed her eyes at the sound of his voice, taking a deep breath, she opened them and looked up at him. "This ain't a dream?" She turned her head down, shaking it slightly, distressed by the mere thought. "Ah couldn't handle it, if it were anoth'a dream. It hurts to-" She bit back a sob, and looked deep into his eyes

Gently placing her hand on his cheek, she ran her fingers across his warm skin. "Please, Remy, tell me it ain't a dream again."

Leaning forward he placed his forehead against hers, "It ain't a dream, chere." He lifted his own hand to her face, to wipe away at the tears that were beginning to form, "You couldn't feel meif it were."

"Stop it." Rogue's breathing becomes strenuous(sp?) "STOP IT. STOP IT. STOP IT!" Pulling away from him, she buried her face in her hands. "God damn it Remy!"

Not understanding what was wrong, Remy placed his hands on her shoulder. "Chere-"

"No! Stop it Remy!"

It took him a moment before he even knew what words he was searching for. "Stop what chere?" He ran a hand through his disheveled hair, "I don't know what'cha wan' me ta stop."

"Stop takin' away mah anger." Her hands dropped from her mouth, "Ah can't jus' fah'give ya. I-" Her sobs where catching in the back of her throat. "Do ya know wha' Ah went through Remy. Ah thought- Oh gawd. I thought ya were dead!"

"Chere I-" It wasn't often that Remy LeBeau found himself at a loss for words.

Knowing he wouldn't be able to reason with her, Remy did the only thing he could think of. He kissed her. Everything inside of him was in his kiss; all his desire, his love, and his pain. His lips were bruising against her own, but none of that mattered. All that mattered was that he was there, and things were going to be perfect from now on.

"Why'd ya go, Remy?" Wrapping her arms around his shoulders, she buried her face into his warm and inviting skin. "Gawd I missed ya so much."

"M'sorry, chere. I'm so sorry."

Remy stared at the ceiling, Rogue resting peacefully at his side. He had missed the comfort it brought him having her near him. He truly didn't know what he would do without her in his life.

He sighed and closed his eyes, he still needed to 'report in' with the professor, and that wasn't something he was exactly looking forward to. Gently moving Marie from his side, he grabbed his pants. He figured it would be better to get the details to the professor sooner then later, kind of like ripping off a band aid really quickly, never mind that he tended to let it fall off on it's own. Seriously, who rips off a band aid? That hurts.


Remy walked into the professor's office, and silently closed the door behind him. It felt like it was a lifetime ago that he had been in here with Logan.

"Have you told her what happened?"

Remy sat down in the same chair he had before, "Not 'zactly." He rubbed his hands against his face and sighed. Slumping forward he rested his elbows on his knees. "Jus' said somethin' went wrong." He rolled his eyes at the last of his sentence. "An' call me naive, mais how do ya tell ya woman dat one o' her friends-" He scoffed at the word and it sounded as if he'd have rather spat it out. "-think's he in love wit' her, so o' course, da crazed bastard tried ta take me outta da picture." He sat back an' stared at the spot Logan had been standing only hours earlier. "Don't sound crazed in da slightest, oui?"

"This Logan situation, Remy... I feel that perhaps we have yet to see the end of it." The young man sighed, he'd had just about enough. He just wanted to live a semi-normal life with the woman he'd fallen in love with. "He will no longer be able to enter the school premises without us knowing. Cerebro would be alerted immediately, I've keyed Cerebro onto his mutant signature. That doesn't mean he isn't going to attempt anything, and I feel fairly certain that he will."

"...So where 'actly does dat leave me? Or Rogue for da matter?"

"I believe it perhaps best that the both of you remain on school grounds. This way should something happen, the rest of the team will immediately be on the scene"

Gambit frowned, "Yer puttin' us under house arrest?"

The professor didn't make any move to argue against Remy's accusation, because essentially that was his plan. Keep his students, his team, his family, safe. And the only way he knew to keep them safe was to keep them away from the dangers that lurked outside the school walls.

"Remy, please, understand-"

"Don't start some drabble about it bein' fah our own good. I be perfectly capable of takin' care of myself, no? You're da one dat sent me on da mission, an' now you think dat I can't take care of myself?" Remy sat back against the chair, folding his arms. "Think I already done proved dat."

"Of course you have, Gambit. But, still, we must think of Rog-"

"An' I'm more'en capable of protectin' Rogue."

"I didn't make any claims that you weren't, but you should talk to her before you make that decision for her." The professor paused, choosing his words carefully. "I need you to understand, that this is for the best."

"Remy." At the sound of his name, Gambit paused at the door and turned to face the professor. 

"Please. Just be careful. This is a dangerous time for you and Rogue. And unfortunately the threat has come from someone on the inside. He knows you both, we must be on our toes."

"I know."

The professor watched as the door closed behind Gambit, and he prayed for the safety of his students.


Remy flopped into bed and pulled the covers around his waist. Moving to the center of his bed he wrapped his arm around Rogue's waist and snuggled as close as he could to her.

Sleep was no where to be found as he stared down at his exquisitegirlfriend. He had been gone for several days, all of which seemed to have meshed together in a continuos form of hell. He had to lay low for fear of being caught by the government, but he had to get Logan and protect Rogue from that bastard.

The moment he returned to the mansion, an undescribable rage overtook him. Yet the moment he saw her, sitting on the bed, all his fears and concerns had left. None of it had mattered, because she was safe and he wasn't going to let anything happen to her.

He stared at her his gaze far away. "Chere..."


"I..." He couldn't find the words for what he wanted to tell her, this was insane.

Rolling over, Rogue wrapped her arms around his waist. "Wha' s'it shugah?"

He stared into her gorgeous green eyes, and felt like his entire heart melted. He was sure she could see the torment on his face. How could he tell her that he had been gone because Logan wanted him out of the picture, that she might be in danger. Danger. His mind snapped to attention at that thought. There was no way in the world he could let any harm come to her.

Apparently he had taken too long to answer, because Rogue kissed him on his cheek and smiled warmly at him. "What ev'ah it is Remy, none of it matt'ahs. 'Cause long as we're together, nothin'll go wrong."

"Rogue." He felt himself drowning in her love, "I love ya." He pulled her against him, wrapping his arms around her, "Mon dieu. Ya don't know how much."

She placed her hands on both sides of his face, pulling his nose to hers. "Ah love ya too swamp rat." She smiled before resting her head on his shoulder.


Gambit was starved and the aroma coming from the kitchen was driving him mad. Rogue had her arm wrapped around his waist and was leaning against him comfortably. They walked into the kitchen, Rogue laughing at him as he gave her his best puppy dog face.

Remy looked away from Rogue only to the students staring at him, the ones that weren't were glancing at him from the corners of their eyes, that is. It was just like the day before when he had come across people in the hall, as well as that girl on the staircase.

He was busy looking around the room, so, he didn't notice when Rogue's eyes widened or when 

she started biting her bottom lip. Just as he opened his mouth to ask her what was with everyone, a young girl, probably only 14 approached him. He looked at her, as her mouth opened and closed like a fish gasping for air.

Figuring she needed some encouragement, he spoke. "Yeah?" He could hear her small gasp, but she still didn't say anything. He frowned, this was beyond strange, this was twilight zone. "Wha' s'it?"

She clenched her eyes shut, as if preparing herself against something horrible. "Did-you-really-kill-a-bunch-of-mutants-in-the-sewers.Or-did-you-run-away-with-some-blonde-assassain.Cause-you're-not-dead-so-you-didn't-die-in-Antarctic."

Remy blinked, and slightly shook his head. "Quoi?"

The girl opened her mouth again, but was cut off at the sound of Rogue's voice. Her hand on his arm, she pulled him away from the girl. "Remy, shug'ah. Why don't we have break feast out on the terrace, where we can talk?" His eyes didn't leave the girl as he tried to process what she had asked him, "Don't tha' sound nice?" He slowly nodded letting Rogue drag him out of the kitchen.


The professor looked up from his papers and frowned. "Odd. I feel as i I've forgotten something." He sat thinking for a brief moment before simply shaking the thought from his head and returning to the stacks of papers before him.


Remy wasn't completely sure what was going on, there was something about him murdering an assassin in the sewers and then dying in the Antarctic? Well, something like that. Giving his head a slight shake he looked around and found himself sitting at one of the patio sets in the backyard. He couldn't help but wonder, when did he get outside?

Rogue was sitting across from him, she had that expression on her face. The one where she knew what was had happened, but didn't want to share. He raised an eyebrow, but didn't quite narrow his eyes at her, "Chere?"

She smiled sheepishly, "Funny story." He didn't look amused, and she sighed. "Well, you see... you 'disappeared' so suddenly that..." She stopped and bit her lip.

Grabbing the arm rests he scooted his chair closer to hers. "Dat wha' chere?" As he asked he placed a gentle hand on her knee his eyes pleading. He was desperate to know what the hell was going on.

She looked into his eyes, one of his features she loved the best. "Tha' profess'ah kinda thought ya were dead." His eyes doubled in size and his jaw dropped open. "An' ya know how tha' students are. One caught wind an' tol' oth'ahs, which started these insane rumors." She tried to smile comfortingly, "They're kinda funny..."

"Kinda funny? Chere people thought dat I was dead."

She frowned, "Well not 'actly sug'ah... Some think yer on tha run 'cause ya committed genocide. An' then oth'as think ya were in Antarctic fah some insane reason an' died out thatta way. Oh an' the res' of 'em believe ya ran off with'a blonde assass'in." She couldn't help but laugh as she rolled her eyes at that last one.

She looked over at Remy, beginning to worry, since she realized he hadn't really said much. He 

sat next to her, his eyebrow raised and a slight smirk on his lips. She eyed him suspiciously before speaking, "Remy?"

He broke out into a full on smirk, "If I'm smart, an' stay outta sight for a while..." His eyes met her's, and Rogue was relieved to see that familiar mischievous glint. "I could 'ave some fun wit' dis."


Logan sat on the flat mattress of his motel room. Well technically it wasn't his room. He just sliced open the lock. He hadn't even laid down to sleep since entering the room yesterday after he had been kicked out of the mansion. He just sat, staring at the door across from him, as if trying to see through it.

Once Chuck 'asked' him to leave, Logan found the motel closest to the mansion. If Rogue so much as walked outside into the backyard, he wanted to be able to smell it. It was a shame he wasn't downwind though.

As he sat, he turned his head slightly, so that he was staring out the window. His entire body was still tense and his gaze could kill. Each breathe he took rumbled deep in his chest, almost like a low growl. There was only one thing on his mind and he'd be damned if a crippled telepath and a 20 year old 'devil' kept him from her.


Remy walked down the hallway "LeBeau."

Gambit sighed in annoyance. With a roll of his eyes he turned to face the other man, exasperated. "Not now, Scotty."

Scott walked up to the him, it looked like it had to hurt from how hard he was straining his jaw. He pointed a stiff finger at Remy, invading the Cajun's personal space. "I don't care where you've been Gambit. I do care, however, that the training schedule was put out of order and because of your 'vacation' I had to move around the team rooster. And now; I have to do it again."

Raising an eyebrow, Remy saw no real point to One-Eye's little rant. He rolled his eyes and brushed Scott's finger out of the way. "I'm kinda busy mon ami. Howzabout ya hold off on da lecture an' all dat fun stuff, hein?"

Cyclops looked him up and down as if assess if he was a threat. Letting out a small scoff as if seeing him harmless, he slowly backed away. "You have danger room in 20 minutes." It wasn't until he was a good three feet away that Scott turn around.

Gambit shook his head as he muttered to himself about annoying Yankees and one-eyed assholes, as he stalked off. The minor annoyance in his life that was Scott Summers, was easily forgotten as he returned to his search for Rogue. Quickly walking down the stairs he turned the corner and stuck his head into the main rec room. To his dismay he only found Jamie and Artie sitting at a table playing some game that involved lots of funny looking cards with monsters.

"Any o' you kids seen Rogue?" Both Jamie and Artie looked up at one another from their respective decks, then shook their heads in a creepy unison.

Letting out a noise of frustration, Remy quickly ran off to continue his search for her. With Remy no longer bothering the two, they happily returned to their game.

It wasn't until a good five minutes later that one of them broke the comfortable silence. "Think we 

should'a told him that Jubilee said she was meeting Rogue on the tennis courts?"

Jamie shook his head, "Nah. He asked if we seen her."

It had been nearly ten minutes since Gambit walked through the rec room looking for Rogue. He'd already searched the mansion several times now, that included the garage and lower levels. He was practically grabbing anyone that passed him and interrogated them about where Rogue was. Finally, when no one was able to give him an answer, he started believing the inane scenarios that his brain was spitting out.

Running down the halls believing that she had been taken from the safety of the mansion by Logan and was now being forced to marry the feral man for fear of her life in Japan, Remy

Walking, well more like running, Remy made his way through the hallways once more, glancing in all the open doors and even into the closed and locked ones. Finally with a chanced glance outside one of the windows, he finally caught sight of her infamous white stripped hair.

For a moment it was as if his brain refused to work, he's found her, he knows where she is now. The next step was however alluding him, all he could feel was the pounding fear of his heart that was refusing to release him. He had feared the worst, had thought that despite all the safety the mansion had to offer, he had lost her. That something horrible had happened and he was never going to hold her once more.

Then suddenly everything hit him at once, and he was sure if he would have let it the rush of emotion would have been enough to knock him off his feet. With his brain functioning once more he made a made dash for the stairs.



Rogue turned at the sound of Remy's voice. She smiled at him, but it quickly faded at the state of his distress. "Remy? Wha-"

He immediately grabbed her and pulled her into a tight embrace, as if he hadn't seen her in years. He was whispering to himself, more so then to her, his words mixing between French and English.

Rogue stood, in shock, she wasn't sure what had come over her boyfriend, but whatever it was it had him beyond scared. "Remy?" Leaning back so that she could look at him, she found out quickly that wasn't going to be an option. As his hold on her tightened and he pulled her even closer then before.

He had his head buried where her shoulder met her lean neck. Holding her so close, he was able to reach his arms completely around her. Her own hands had no choice but to hold him just as close. Wrapping them around his back, they snaked from his sides, up to his shoulders, one tangled in his hair.

"Marie...chere." His head shook against her shoulder, and she was sure he was ready to come apart at the seams. "I-" Dropping his hands, he rubbed his face in an attempt to wipe away the fear. Reaching up, she wrapped her hands around his neck, and pulled him to her, their foreheads touching. Apparently that was all the assurance he needed from her.

"Dere's somethin' I gotta tell ya."

"He tried to take me outta da picture chere." In this moment, they both knew that the eyes truly 

were the windows to the soul. Nothing else needed to be said, no words on who 'he' was. She knew, deep down she had probably known all along. That didn't make accepting and acknowledging it any less difficult.

She shook her head frantically, her back to him. "That can't be right. H-He wouldn't do that, Remy."

"Chere-" He approached her slowly, placing a hand on her shoulder. Almost immediately she turned into his embrace, burying her face against the soft cloth of his shirt. Disbelief and betrayal leaving her unsettled and faint.

"He was supposed ta be mah friend, Remy." He wrapped his arms around her completely now, "An' all this time. Ah- Ah think I knew he wasn't."

They stood there in the middle of the tennis courts, arms wrapped around one another for practically the entire afternoon. By the time either one said another word, the sun would soon be setting.

"So, what happens now?"

Remy sighed, and shrugged slightly. "We keep livin'." It sounded more like a question then a statement, but it soothed Rogue's fears and doubts nonetheless.

She smiled, "Yeah. That sounds nice." Squeezing her arms around him, they turned and started making their way to towards the mansion. "So, what'cha got planned fah what's left the day, cajun?"

"Gotta head down to da danger room, m'sure Scott's havin' an hernia over where I be." He said with an amused laugh.


Remy stopped in the doorway of their room, his was body tense and practically dripping with sweat. But not even the pain or strain on his muscles, could keep the smile from his face, as he found Rogue sitting on their bed, a book in her lap, and the light from the dimming sun fighting against the rising moon, was shining down on her like an angel. He leaned against the door frame and stared lovingly at his girlfriend.

Feeling a familiar set of eyes watching her Rogue looked up from her book to find Remy standing in the door way.

He smiled at her as he shook his head; walking towards the bed, "I ain't even been back a full day an' already Scotty's givin' moi danger room sessions."

She gave a small laugh, "Mah poor baby."

Crawling onto the bed he pouted, "Oui, I know!" With an amused smile he laid down, his head in her lap, his eyes closed in content.

"Ew! Remy! Yer all sweaty!" Despite her protest, she didn't make any effort to move him.

He didn't even bother to open his eyes. "Non, I ain't. I'm...wha' is it? 'Glowing.' Yeah, dat's it, I be glowin', chere." He waved his hand in the air, accenting his point that he wasn't sweating, but glowing.

She rolled her eyes at him before returning to her book, his weight a familiar and comforting 

presence. They enjoyed the silence, Rogue running her fingers through his thick locks. And Remy relishing in the feel of her bare hands in his hair.

"Let's go out."

She looked away from her book down at him, his question had been random and unexpected. So, of course she had been caught off guard by it, but he could see that she wasn't against the idea. Her eyes which where normally vibrant anyway, where more so filled with life, and a slight smile was beginning to play on her lips.

He rolled so he was laying on his stomach now, and lifted himself up to meet her on her eye level. "You an' me, chere." His face was barely a breath apart, "Think dat we deserve it, no?"

Her entire face lit up, "Well I do havta agree with ya there, cajun."


Finally after a full week of planning, pleading and reassuring; the latter two having to do nothing to do wtih their plans, except for conviencing their teammates it would be ok. The night had finally arrived for their grand date. Remy couldn't exactly remember back to their first date, he shook his head, no he remembered the date perfectly fine. It was beforehand he didn't really remember, but he was sure that it wasn't nearly as stressful or anticpated as this one seemed to be going.

Kitty and Jubilee were freaking out over their date simply because they were both sure that he was going to propose or something to that nature. He couldn't help but scoff at the idea, sure he loved Rogue more then his own life. Marriage was just too soon of a thought to even entertain and he knew for a fact Rogue had a million things planned out to do before she ever wanted to get married. They still had to make up her trip to Niragra Falls that had been ...interrupted by the whole X-Men/Magneto fiasco.

Xaiver was of course anticapting another X-Men fiasco, not involving Magneto of course, but of a much closer threat. As to be expected the professor's lap dog was, of course on razor's edge, as well. His glasses shining brightly at the slightest of noises and jumping at every small thing. Ororo, while just as worried, wasn't nearly as bad as either the Professor or their 'fearless leader'. While Xaiver saw it fit to get in a speech of responsibiltiy and safety whenever he saw either of the two. Cyclops attempted to give each extra danger room and training sessions, chaulking it up to being prepared for anything. The weather goddess simply wished them a wonderful evening and offered her assistance should they need it, her phone would be at her side.

Remy took a look at himself in his mirror, all things considered he looked pretty damn good. His black slacks accented the red wine shirt he wore. The sleeves were rolled up and he refused to button the shirt completely. It'd ruin the effect. He smiled and ran a hand through his unkempt hair, the wild locks adding to his presence.

Grabbing his wallet and keys he started making his way downstairs, he told Rogue he'd meet her at the front door. Having already parked his Lotus Europa at the front door, and doubled checked their reservations, he was confident that everything was all set.

He walked down the stairs, basking in the stares of awe as he passed by the female population of the Xavier Academy. Yep things were definitely looking up in his life.


They didn't have to wait long before they were seated at a center table at Omelette De Fromage. The service, although snotty was relatively fast and effecient. No sooner were they seated their waiter came over asking if they were ready for drinks and appetizers.

"Do ya have a wine list, we can look at? We're celebratin' my homecomin'."

"Ya'know what, I'll jus' have ah water with lemon."

The waiter nodded, "Sure, it'll be just a moment."

As the waiter left, Remy looked at Rogue flabbergasted, "But ya've never turned down booze before, 'specially da fancy stuff."

"Oh!" Rogue was hit with an immediately realization that Remy was clueless on another current and major situation. How to go about this best? "Well, Ah have a bun in the oven."

His head tilted to the side, "Wha'? Why'd ya start baking, ya knew we were goin' out-"

Cutting him off, she shook her head. "No. I'm in tha family way."

Now Remy was beyond confused, "Ain't ya an orphan, chere?"

"Remy! I'm pregnant!"

"Oh, why didn't ya jus' say dat... WHAT?!"

She was twisting her napkin in her hands, "Yeah... I'm a little over a month."

Remy practically jumps up from his chair, taking the table cloth with him. And pulls Rogue into his arms, shouting with joy. "Ya' pregnant! We gonna have a bebe!!"

The waiter, slowly approached drinks in hand. "Um, sir? I understand, it's a joyous occasion, but you are in a resturant. We need you to take your seat."

Remy puts Rogue down and sits, stunned.

"We have ta celebrate dis. We gotta go out, a movie... somethin', anythin'."

"Remy, we told tha professor that we were jus' going to dinner."

"Oui, I know chere. Mais, I can't possibly be cooped up in da mansion when we should be celebratin'."

"Oh, alright. We'll jus' tell 'em we had a late dinner."


They walked out of the theater, smiling. Remy's arm was wrapped around her shoulders and hers was wrapped around his waist.

"Mah phone!" She dug through her purse, "Ah must'a dropped it."

"Want me ta go get it, chere?"

"No, tha's okay sugah. I'll get it."

He nodded, "Okay, I'll wait out 'ere."

Remy leaned against the wall as he waited for Rogue. He looked over as he heard the squeak of 

the door, but it was just some random couple. Sighing he went back to finishing off the last of his soda. He eyed the cup and shook it, shrugging, he tossed it perfectly into the trash can across from him. He looked around and found the hallway devoid of pretty much all life. With a sigh he glanced at his watch, he'd been waiting nearly 15 minutes already. Moving from the wall he pulled open the door and maneuvered in the little entrance way to get to the theater.


Rogue yanked open the last door and moved into the seating area. Making her way up the dimly lit stairs. She walked down the isle her and Remy had been seated in. Finally finding her seat she started looking for her phone. Tucking her hair behind her ear, she landed down to look under her seat. She stood up and frowned; it wasn't here.

"Lose somethin' Darlin'?"

Rogue jumped into the air, spinning only to find Logan standing in front of her. He held her cell phone in his hand. His face was covered in shadows due to the dim lighting of the theater and the way he held his head down. Her breathing was ragged and her heart felt like it was going to explode in her chest. "Whatcha doin' here Logan?" She was gripping the back of one of the seats at her side, as if she was holding on for life.

He shrugged and stuck his hand out towards her, offering her the phone. She was staring at her phone laying in his palm, her eyes flickered to his and then back to the phone. Slowly she reached out to take her phone. But she hesitated and her fingers drew themselves back, just before she touched it.

When her hands touch the cool plastic of the battery casing, she looked up, her eyes meeting his; and thus made her drastic mistake. Once they locked eyes, he dropped her phone from his and quickly latched it onto her wrist. With a tight grip he yanked, spinner her, the force of which causing her to be pulled against him. With her back against his chest, he clamped his free hand over her mouth. She struggled, but he much was too strong and held her firmly in his grasp.

"Relax Darlin'!" She tried to push away from him and he grunted as he held her. "Quit it out! Got damn it!" He pulled her up when she leaned forward, attempting to loosen his grip. "I ain't gonna hurt ya-"


The two froze for a moment, Logan cursing his luck that the cajun was coming in. And Rogue in relief that Remy had come in after her. But Gambit wasn't past the huge divider, so he had yet to see the two.

Regaining his bearings, Logan lifted her against him into the air. Her struggled was doubled as he started backing out of the small isle.

Rogue lifted her foot into the air and bringing it back down, she slammed her heel into his groin. He dropped his hold on her as his hands moved to ease the pain that was traveling throughout his entire body. He was struggling to breath and had to force his lungs to work.

Rogue fell to the ground on her hands and knees. "REMY!"

He fell to his knees and clenched his eyes shut. Turning his head to the side, a shudder passed through his body. With a slight shake of his head, the pain subsided and he stood, slowly stalking towards her.

She was desperately trying to get away, but her fear had rendered her unable to move. So instead of running away from the feral man, she ended up crawling only a few feet.

Marie screamed as Logan grabbed her by her hair, forcing her to rise off the ground. She turned to try and hit him with her hand, but he grabbed it in mid motion.

But immediately let her go as three burning cards hit him in the back, the explosions they caused ripping away not only his shirt and jacket, but skin as well. Ignoring the pain he turned intent on staying between Rogue and Gambit. Gambit held two more cards at the ready, his other hand hidden behind his back, no telling how many cards were at the ready.

"Don't ya fuckin' touch 'er!"

Pulling his arms to his sides, he let his claws slide out of his arms, the six blades shining in light. "I'm gonna enjoy this, bub."

In true action movie fashion, the two charged at one another. Eager to take the other man down. Gambit was quick and agile, unfortunately Logan had a good 190 pounds on him with that adamantium skeleton. Using his weight to his advantage, Logan pinned the cajun beneath him and raised his fist into the air. A smile on his lips as he prepared to behead the competition.

Rogue ran at Logan and grabbed his arm mid air. "NO! Logan STOP!"

Without a moment's hesitation, he shoved his arm back, sending her flying. He didn't even flinch when she went crashing to stone of the theater floor. And it didn't even seem to bother him when she didn't get up afterwards.

The bile rose in Remy's stomach as his eyes jumped to Marie, he felt like his body was about to turn inside out. His didn't want to let his brain process even the possibility that she was hurt, because that would mean he failed her. That he couldn't protect her from this animal.

With a roar, Logan slammed his fist into Gambit's jaw. He had put enough power into the punch to send Gambit backwards over the short theater chairs, the plastic dug into the backs of his knees and his head ground against the rough surface.

Logan wasted no time, as he pounced at the younger man. Within seconds, he was in the air, claws drawn. His target, unfortunately, for the feral man, was just as fast. In the same amount of time it took Logan to get in the air for his attack, Gambit had flipped himself in the same direction. Effectively moving himself further way.

With the grace of a cat he landed several rows over, just as Logan's claws slid into the cement floor. With a booming howl, he ripped his arms free and cement went flying in opposite directions of his sides. He advanced upon his competitor, his eyes narrowed and only one thing driving him on. To destroy his enemy.

Gambit ran up the chair in front of him, and pushed off from the chair, jumping into the air.

Putting all his strength into the move, Remy raised his upper body into the air. Then brought his bo staff down onto Logan. A strangled grunt was lost in the back of the feral man's throat. And the pain barely registered. But there was enough power in the move to bring Logan to a quick halt. And that was more than enough time for Remy to continue his attack.

Bringing his foot up to connect with Logan's nose, the momentum Gambit had gained forced Wolverine's head to spin in the opposite direction.

"Ya fuckin' BASTARD!" Gambit slammed the butt of his bo staff into Wolverine's face as he turned to Gambit. With a sharp turn, he slammed it into the side of Logan's head, a snap, heard throughout the theater. "How da fuck ya gonna hurt her like dat!" Bringing his staff lower he whacked Logan in the ribs, hoping he broke a few. "An' claim dat she's YOURS."

Logan's words came out more of a growl then anything else. "SHE IS MINE!!" He screamed and his face was contorted in anger and rage.

At the sound of Logan's words, the last of Gambit's restraint vanished. A new, stronger energy filled him, and the familiar power of his abilities overwhelmed him. Suddenly, he was itching to destroy the feral man. His hands were shaking slightly, as adrenaline pumped through his veins, his fingers twitching.

Gambit's fist slammed into Logan's jaw, but unlike the previous time at the mansion, there was no explosion. But still, he could feel the energy pouring into his body. A chill ran down Wolverine's spine and he shook his head, attempting to find his bearings. It was almost as if his body was absorbing Gambit's power...the Cajun's powers was still there, inside of him.

If Logan had been in a more coherent state of mind, he'd have remembered that absorbing Gambit's powers wouldn't be plausible, nor possible. Gambit couldn't charge animate objects, and that included living human tissue.

His body felt like it was being set on fire from the inside out. Hot pins threatened to burst though his skin, and his nerves were being ripped apart at the seams. His breathing grew ragged as his healing factor tried to catch up with his injuries... Only there were no real injuries, at least nothing external. So he had no idea what the hell was screwing him up so badly, but like an animal in a blind rage, he kept going.

But in his blind rage Wolverine wasn't able to do much other then swing his arms in the general direction of Gambit, hoping he'd hit the elusive Cajun.

Using his advanced reflexes Remy grabbed Wolverine's arm and moved in close and then stepped behind Wolverine. Forcing Logan's arm to bend backward and Gambit didn't even think of letting go until he heard it snap in several places. Once satisfied he released Wolverine's arm and kicked him in the back sending Wolverine flying forward.

Landing on the ground with a thud, Wolverine groaned at the pain that was shooting up his arm. Getting to his knees Logan threw his arm forward, his right shoulder popped and cracked in several different places as he forced himself to move. Now that his joints were in the correct places he was able to At the moment nothing but pure instinct and drive was giving him the will to move his body. All the pain he was feeling, not even registering in his mind.

And as they continued, Gambit's power had yet to decrease and with every touch, be it defensive or offensive, it only seemed to increase the amount of kinetic energy he was producing. Each time, disappearing whenever he made contact with Logan.

Logan could feel his muscles twitching with excess energy. His body was moving to fast for his mind to keep up, his movements suffering from the lack of control.

Slowly, but surely what with Logan losing his foothold over their fight, the man's feral state was calming down. His brain was beginning to work on a functioning level once more, well, on as low of a level as it generally worked on.

Rogue moaned, the pounding on her brain more then enough for her to long for that comforting darkness that she was surrounded with just a moment ago. She forced herself to sit up, her concern for Remy driving her.

Looking up she found the man she had once trusted with her life, glowing a bright red, almost fuisca. Her eyes widened in fear and concern as she immediately recognized it as the energy Remy produced when he charged objects.

Getting to her knees she screamed, "Remy! NO!"

At the sound of Rogue's voice, Remy comes to his senses and gives Logan a final whack to the head, sending the man down the aisle.

Immediately grabbing Rogue by the hand, he helps her to her feet. "Come on, chere. We gotta get outta here!"

There was one last roar that filled the theater, before the thundering explosion that shook the entire place.

Smoke floated lazily to the ground, thick and seemingly endless. Concrete and metal fell to the ground, echoing through the theater

The people outside stood in awe at the blazing theater, smoke billowing from the roof.

"Look mommy! There's someone coming from the theater!!"

Two figures walked slowly from where the theater entrance once stood. Remy was limping slightly, a nasty gash running down his side. Rogue had her arms wrapped around him; helping him along as best she could.

In short, the two had seen better days fighting against world class super villians.

The crowd immediately rushed to them, paramedics not far away now. Seeing everyone approach the two sat, their energy long since past empty. Blankets were wrapped around them, and vitals were taken. It was almost like a surreal dream when Remy turned to Rogue.

"Wow, dat movie was more action packed den I thought it would be."

She couldn't help the smile as she replied. "Remy... shut up."


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