Well after book five came out, I started my journey in the HP fanfiction world, because I couldn't stand the death. And so I came up on an idea to get Sirius back to us. I am still not convinced that he is really dead anyway. In book three it was also said nearly the whole time that Sirius was a murderer and see, he wasn't, as the end at last showed us. Anyway. I have to admit, the first chapter is pretty much a lot of babbling with the past, just the way like J. K. starts her books, but unfortunately I tend to write a little extensive and do not spare with details. But I promise, after that, the story will become interesting... well at least I hope it will, so have a little patience with me. ^^

Title: Harry Potter and the second Order

Part: 1/? - Starting Shot

Author: Usagi-chan [usagilikesduochan@hotmail.com]

Warnings: SPOILERS for books 1-5!!!, depressing

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Comment: Well after book five came out I have so many ideas in my head, I HAVE to write. ^^ And I won't accept the believed-to-be-death of a certain person as long as there is no real proof. I mean, come on guys this is Harry Potter, the world of magic. Anything can happen and most things so far were never as they seemed. :)

Anyway, Harry is back at the Dursleys and thanks to Voldemort he is still grieving deeply over the death of Sirius. When everything becomes too much for him to bear he runs away and back to the place where the worst started. Suddenly something happens which no one counted on.

Disclaimer: Nothing is mine, but all to J. K. Rowling. I don't make any money with it and write only for fun and to release the many ideas she gave me.

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"..." = Speaking

/.../ = Thoughts




Starting shot

#Harry saw Sirius duck Bellatrix's jet of red light he was laughing at her.

"Come on, you can do better than that!" he yelled, his voice echoing around the cavernous room. The second jet of light hit him squarely in the chest. The laughter had not quite died from his face, but his eyes widened in shock.

Harry released Neville, though he was unaware of doing so. He was jumping down the steps again, pulling out his wand as Dumbledore too turned towards the dais.

It seemed to take Sirius an age to fall his body curved in a graceful arc as he sank backwards through the ragged veil hanging from the arch.

Harry saw the look of mingled fear and surprise on his godfather's wasted, once-handsome face as he fell through the ancient doorway and disappeared behind the veil which fluttered for a moment as though in a high wind, then fell back into place.

Harry heard Bellatrix Lestranges triumphant scream but knew it meant nothing - Sirius had only just fallen through the archway, he would reappear from the other side any second ...

But Sirius did not reappear.

"SIRIUS!" Harry yelled. "SIRIUS!"#

For a moment the world seemed to stop. Then suddenly more pictures invaded Harry's already more than desperate mind.

Remus Lupin, the old friend of his father and godfather caught Harry at his wrist to prevent him from reaching the veil. But instead of the usual calm voice, the words he spoke to the teenage boy were harsh and outraged.

"This is your fault!" Lupin said and when the boy tore his eyes away from the veil in surprise to look at his former Professor, he found hate and anger in the brown-orange pools.

"W-what?" Harry stuttered, not believing what he just heard. The eyes of the older man narrowed to slits.

"You heard me POTTER!" he hissed. "Sirius' death is your damn fault all along!"

"He went to help you, you fool! Just because you ran into this trap like an idiot I have lost my only decent cousin," another voice, this time a female yelled furiously at Harry. He turned around to look at the place where Nymphadora Tonks should have been lying on the ground unconscious.

But she wasn't. She stood there on the ground, looking like nothing had happened to her and her finger pointed directly at the helpless boy who was still held by Lupin.

"Your fault, Harry Potter!" the man and the woman both yelled in unison. "Your damn fault!"

Harry whimpered. He barely recognized the still triumphant laughter of Bellatrix Lestrange sounding in the background. And nobody cared about the woman who had caused the curse which had sent his beloved godfather behind this damned veil. No, instead all eyes from every member of the Order were on him now.

"Why didn't you obey my words Mr. Potter?" Dumbledore asked him; grief and anger obvious in his voice. "Mr. Black wouldn't have died if you had done what I told you to and if you hadn't come in here."

"No..." whispered Harry slowly, finally able to gather some words together. "It wasn't me. Sirius isn't gone, he can't..."

"He is!" Tonks yelled. "Because he protected you he is gone!"

"Nobody comes back from beyond the veil," Lupin added. The pressure at his wrist became much more painful now. And so too the pain in his scar. But Harry didn't really care. All he did was shake his head furiously.

"No, he isn't dead and it wasn't my fault! It's Voldemort's! And hers!"

He pointed at the laughing Bellatrix but the people still looked furiously at him. They called him a liar, traitor, and worse. And through all the yells Harry heard this terrible steadily growing sound. The sound of a very high and cold laughter. A laughter he heard way too often for his liking, whether in reality or in his dreams.


And while a peaceful silence lay over Privet Drive, a just shy of sixteen years boy jerked up in his bed, suddenly waking from the nightmare he'd had.

Harry Potter was shaking badly, while he tried to convince himself that he was finally awake. His scar was hurting terribly and the merciless, cold laughter still rang in his ears. He only barely noticed that not only was his head hurting, but also his throat.

"Must have screamed pretty loud," he croaked in a hoarse whisper, just to test how bad his throat was. It felt hot, dry and every word stung lightly. He let out a little sigh.

"Great. A little more worse than yesterday," Harry muttered. "Well I should be happy that Hedwig wasn't here this time."

His eyes moved to focus on the vague shadows of the empty cage which stood on his writing table. This was the place his snow owl Hedwig normally resided in. But she was out, gone to deliver a letter to his friends. He let her do this job on purpose after she had nearly flipped the second night in which he had woken the house with his screams of agony.

After Harry made sure he had recovered a little from the aftermath of the nightmare, he took the glasses he used to wear from his night-table and put them on his nose. Then he rose to put the night-lamp on and take a glance into the mirror.

It was not a happy view which greeted him. Staring back at him was a tall but skinny boy with short, untamed, black hair, green eyes and marble white skin. Black rings right under his eyes bore witness to the lack of sleep within the last days. On his forehead hidden as much as possible was a little scar in the form of a lightning bolt, the only visible sign of the blessing and curse he suffered through.

Harry gave another defeated sigh and moved to sit down in front of the writing table. He looked out of the window, a miserable expression written all over his face.

This was not the first nightmare he'd had. To be exact, he'd suffered this nightmare ever since he'd been back at Privet Drive. It was the middle of July and he had summer holidays. A time that Harry, contrary to other boys in his age, hated the most.

But Harry Potter was no ordinary boy and that was one of the reasons why he was to his last living relatives as welcome as scratches on a newly bought car. But for his own safety he had to live here with his Uncle, Aunt and Cousin.

Unfortunately they hated and feared his so called 'abnormality' which had made his stay with them as far from pleasant as was possible for as long as he could remember.

Harry Potter was a wizard and not even an ordinary one. It happened that nearly 15 years ago he caused the downfall of Voldemort, the most evil wizard existing. Before that happened everyone lived in fear during those times. The only hope back then lay on Albus Dumbledore, the Headmaster of Hogwarts Wizard School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, the school Harry attended right now. Dumbledore, people said, was the only one the dark wizard had ever feared.

This had been until a prophecy was foretold, shortly before Harry was born. This prophecy told of the birth of the person who would be able to break the power of the dark wizard. Shortly after, Harry Potter had been born under the predicted circumstances and immediately became a target of the dark side. Still, his parents had been able to protect him from Voldemort for quite a while.

That was, until the Halloween after Harry's first birthday. On that day a friend of Lily and James Potter betrayed them and told Voldemort their hiding place. He showed up and killed first Harry's father, then his mother, who sacrificed her life to save her child.

But when Voldemort tried to get rid of the supposed powerful enemy, the death-curse backfired and hit him instead of the little baby. The Dark Lord vanished, and with him the dark times.

Since then, Harry Potter had been the hero of the wizarding world, marked with the scar, where the killing curse hit and backfired. He himself hadn't known of this until his eleventh birthday when he got his invitation to Hogwarts.

To start a term at Hogwarts, had been for him, as a dream come true. Harry, for the first time in his life, was really, really happy. He made two very good friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. He was also befriended by Hagrid, the Gamekeeper of the school.

But unfortunately, since his arrival back in the wizarding world, Lord Voldemort seemed determined to have his comeback after ten quiet years of absence. At the end of his first year, Harry, with the help of Albus Dumbledore and his two best friends, was able to prevent a return of the dark forces.

The same happened in his second year, when he got involved in the rumors and horrible events about the chamber of secrets. In his third year Harry was able to free his godfather from his destiny to be punished for betrayal and some murders he never committed. Unfortunately the real culprit was able to escape before they could show him to anyone and nobody believed Harry, Ron and Hermione that Sirius Black was innocent.

Still you could say that the wizarding world was in a sort of peaceful state. But this ended at the conclusion of Harry's fourth year, there he had to watch Voldemort's comeback from the front line. He barely made it back with nothing more than a few scratches, while another student from Hogwarts had died right in front of his eyes.

Now when he looked back on it Harry had to admit that after that, the worst year of his life had begun. Voldemort was back and thirsty to kill him. But Cornelius Fudge, the minister of magic didn't believe Harry's words and started a private war against The-Boy-Who-Lived and Albus Dumbledore himself, who did what he could to rebuild the old army against the dark wizard.

In Harry's fifth year, the ministry did what they could to make life, for the people who believed him, a living hell. Harry and his friends had to fight against a mad Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher, Dumbledore was forced to run from the ministry and leave his post as headmaster of Hogwarts.

Harry struggled against intrigue, hate, mistrust, first love, frustration and nightmares. But the worst of it all was that at the end of the year he'd had another encounter with Voldemort and his Death Eaters. In this one Sirius, his godfather, the best friend of his father, the man he had learn to love like a father in the two years he'd known him - had died while fighting against his cousin, who was a Death Eater herself.

After this fifth encounter with Voldemort, Dumbledore finally told Harry everything, the reason why the Dark Lord wanted to kill him when he was only a child, why the headmaster hadn't look straight at him for a whole school year, about the prophecy made before his birth and about his fate - to kill or be killed by Voldemort.

Harry thought a lot about his destiny when he was still at school. Nobody else besides Dumbledore knew about it. He hadn't even had the heart to tell his friends. But since he was back at Privet Drive none of this seemed to matter very much right now. The only thing he thought about day and night was Sirius, his godfather. At school he still had some distraction from the lingering shock and pain of the loss, thanks to his friends and especially Luna, a friend of Ginny's who also had tried to help during the encounter in the ministry of magic and helped in her own strange way to make him feel a little better over the loss.

But here at the Dursley's, a place without people who loved and cared about him, a place where he wasn't distracted by students, friends and teachers, he couldn't think of anything else; even if he tried to. Voldemort made very sure about that. Harry knew it was him who sent him the dreams he'd had since the first night he was back at Privet Drive. The laughter and his burning scar told him so since the first one. Harry's grief was so enormous that he couldn't bring himself to use what he had learned so far in the Occulmency lessons he'd once had to prevent the Dark Lord from penetrating his mind.

And so it came to pass that he woke up every night with a scream, which was loud enough to wake up the whole street. Of course this should have annoyed the Dursley's very much - if they could hear it. But Harry knew there was no reason to worry. Not since some days ago. Nobody but the people who lived in his chamber would be able to hear him. And because Hedwig was away, this simply meant there was nobody but him there. Remus Lupin had made sure of it.

#It had happened after the third night he'd woken up the whole house with his screams. His Uncle, a fat man with a thick neck and an enormous mustache, had finally lost his temper and the only reason that held him back from ripping his nephew into pieces was the threat of an unpleasant visit from some of the members of the Order if Harry wasn't treated nicely.

So Vernon only yelled at Harry and promised him nothing to eat for the next few days if he didn't find a solution for the nightmares. With heavy heart he wrote to Remus Lupin that night telling him of his problems in the form of the nightmares he had. He never mentioned what they were about, only that he made so much noise that his relatives woke up and he was left feeling disturbed.

Lupin acted immediately. He came around during lunch time and cast a silencing charm around the walls in Harry's room. Much to Harry's disappointment his former teacher did not stay long. They had only a little chat and that one was only about stuff which didn't include Voldemort or Sirius. Harry knew that the first thing wasn't safe to be talked about here, and the second thing was something none of them wanted to think about for the moment.

Harry had been very surprised when he met Lupin that day. Not because he showed off, but because of the way he looked. Harry could have sworn he was looking into a mirror. His former teacher had equally dark rings under his eyes and the same grief shone in his face that Harry knew was reflected in his own. Dull brown eyes without a real life in them. Harry had the nasty feeling this wasn't because of Voldemort and the work he had to do for the Order.

He assumed it was more because of the same reason he himself had forgotten what laughing and happiness was. They both seemed to share a big loss, but he never mentioned anything to the best friend of his godfather. He still wasn't able to really talk about the events and Sirius and he had the nasty little feeling that Lupin felt the same way. Only one thing in that direction did he ask, just before Lupin wanted to leave again.

They both stood at the doorstep, Harry's former teacher ready to leave.

"Professor?" Harry asked warily

"Yes, Harry?" Lupin's voice was hoarser and calmer than he remembered.

"Can you... I mean, would it be OK with you if I write to you when something bothers me? Just like I did to... well before... you know." Harry lost his words and looked at the ground. "I mean, I don't want to bother you, really. It's just, I don't know who else... and you are a friend of my father and... you always seemed to understand me very well just like... well..."

Harry looked up, unsure of what to expect. But Lupin gave him his first real smile. It was light, only barely visible, but it was there.

"Well Harry, first I don't mind," he answered, his tone friendly. "But only on one condition."

"Which is?" he asked warily.

"Call me Remus, please," Lupin answered softly. "Under other circumstances we may have had an Uncle-nephew relationship and I am not your teacher anymore, remember? So, I would much appreciate it if you don't call me what I am not."

Harry looked straight into the eyes of the werewolf and considered the request. After a moment he gave a smile, which was as thin as Lupin's had been.

"Sure, Remus," he agreed. And in the sudden moment of emotion Harry strode forward and hugged the other man for a second.

"Bye, till next time then," he said and went back to the door.

"Until we meet again, Harry," Lupin replied quietly. "And I think I can say to you that it won't be so far away. At least no longer than last time."

Harry nodded and watched the man leaving. Lupin walked along the road and then with the blink of an eye, he was gone.#

And here he sat now for another night, wide awake, throbbing pain and all alone in his deep grief. Harry was very sure if he didn't act soon Voldemort would succeed in what he was trying to do. He would become insane, like the Daily Prophet had described him to be since the middle of his fourth year in Hogwarts.

/At least the Daily Prophet's insinuations would finally come true with the insane thing, should Voldemort succeed/, he thought with dark sarcasm. But he couldn't let this happen. Not only for the sake of his own health, but for the rest of the wizarding world.

In this one week since he'd been home, he had come to one important conclusion. If Voldemort was able to cause Harry's downfall it would be the fall of the whole wizarding world, the world in where friends of his still lived. Friends like Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, Remus, Tonks, Moody, Neville, Ginny, Luna and his mentor Dumbledore. The closest thing to a family he had and he cared for them deeply, like the Weasley's. And the world where Hogwarts belonged, the only place in the world he was ever able to call a real home.

No, he really didn't want the students there to live the rest of their lives in fear, for their families to break apart like his own had. He didn't want any other people to feel the pain like Neville had to because his parents had gone insane and didn't recognize him anymore thanks to the Death Eaters.

But although deep in his heart he had already made his decision, the grief over Sirius was still so overwhelming that he wasn't able to think about these problems right away. And Voldemort as well really made sure that he wouldn't be able to concentrate on the present, but hang stuck in the past.

With a deep sigh the boy took a last look outside his window. It was still dark and a quick glance at the clock told him that it was nearly three o'clock in the morning. He felt tired and dizzy and his body screamed for sleep. Maybe he should go back to sleep. It was worth a try. After all, his situation couldn't become any worse than it already was and he knew from experience that Voldemort was most of the time satisfied enough when he had plagued him once per night; he was after all busy with his full comeback and hadn't that much time to waste it with a mere boy.

/After all he still thinks of me not as a full threat./ Harry reminded himself darkly. /Too dumb you don't know what the full prophecy meant or you would think otherwise, Voldemort. Although you may torture me at the moment hard with my grief, the time will come when I am back at Hogwarts, when I will work to cause your downfall. I will work hard, you can count on that because there is one thing you make damn clear to me; night for night. I NEVER want to see someone going away from me again like Sirius had to!/

He grimly turned off the light, laid back onto his bed and put the glasses on his nightstand. As soon as his head reached the pillow his exhausted body fell back into a tense sleep, but fortunately without anymore nightmares.

Still, when he woke up the next morning he felt ten time worse than he had in the night. Yet in daylight, more awake than he had been in the night and without the throbbing pain in his skull, the pictures of Sirius vanishing behind the veil showed up clearer than in the night.

Harry wished nothing more than to go back to sleep for the rest of the day and not to see and feel anything anymore. But he knew he wouldn't be able to fall asleep again and to lay awake and let the thoughts pass through his mind for the whole day wasn't the best idea either. He had make this effort on his very first day back and it wasn't a good one.

With a heavy heart he stumbled into the bathroom to take a quick cold shower and fully awaken his body functions. It was already after eleven AM and the blue, cloudless sky told him that it was hot outside. In every other youth's eye with holidays, a perfect promising day but Harry hardly gave a second glance to the world outside.

After he was finished with his shower and had put on some suitable clothes (what you can call suitable when you have to wear second hand clothes which were way too big for you) Harry went down into the living room to find his relatives sitting on the couch, watching TV.

Vernon Dursley and his son Dudley, who was still far away from becoming a well built boy, but too Harry's astonishment had managed to not gain any more weight after he had lost some during his diet two years ago, were stoically ignoring his presence. But his Aunt Petunia, sister of his mother, a thin woman with a horselike neck, shot him a quick glance. Her face was a mixture of wariness and fear and she soon enough looked away again.

"I left you some breakfast in the kitchen," she said and her tense body told him that it hadn't been a pleasure to leave something to eat for him, but thanks to Mad-Eye Moody the only thing the Dursley's dared to do was give him some sour looks here and there. Since he'd come back to Privet Drive he'd never had to do a thing as he had the years before. No cooking or taking care of the garden. He didn't have to flee outside so that his Aunt and Uncle could come up with some work for him to do or to hide somewhere in the garden to hear by chance at least a little from the muggle news. And this was a good thing, because Harry wasn't so sure if he was even allowed to go outside anymore.

The last time he had been, it had ended in a real disaster. Dementores had attacked him and his cousin in the middle of the street (on order of Professor Umbridge, his DADA teacher for the fifth year, as he and his friends had discovered later) and he had been forced to use magic to get rid of them. Unfortunately he was still an underage wizard which meant no magic for him during holidays.

It had been only thanks to Dumbledore that he hadn't been immediately thrown out of school but invited to a hearing in the ministry of magic, where he was able to prove that it had been self defense with the testimony of Mrs. Figg, who had been lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time and had seen everything.

Mrs. Figg was a neighbor of the Dursley's. They had often sent him to her during Dudley's birthday parties or when they wanted to go out. All these years and even after he learned about being a wizard, he'd thought that Mrs. Figg was just an old, batty, lady with a great love for cats. But last year, to his surprise, she turned out to know a lot about the magic world. In fact, old Mrs. Figg was a Squib (child from a wizard family who has not any magic abilities themselves). She had been ordered to keep an eye on him from when he was brought to the Dursley's when he was only one year old.

To not make the Dursley's suspect anything, she was forced to make Harry's stay at her home not the most pleasant one in the world. As she had explained to him that eventful night, his relatives wouldn't allow her to take care of him again if he had liked it at her place and Harry knew very well that the Dursley's hated him to be happy.

They still had no idea that their neighbor was more involved in the magic world than they would ever have dreamed of and this was better left the way it was. And although he was sure Mrs. Figg could answer his question, if going outside was allowed for him, he didn't bother to ask, since he never felt the desire to go out anyway.

Harry went into the kitchen to find a portion of already cold fried egg and toast standing on the kitchen-table. He wasn't really hungry, he hadn't been for weeks now, but he took a few bites anyway, quietly recalling that he had to retain a little strength if he wanted to fulfil the prophecy to the better outcome.

After the boy finished eating he put the things away and cleaned his plate, then he went back into the living room to join the family in front of the TV. It was a Sunday and although Dudley would have liked to go out with his friends, he wasn't allowed to. Aunt Petunia in fact had forbidden both boys to go out on weekends and only during the week as long as it wasn't dark.

Since the events with the Dementors and Harry having told them about Voldemort being back, Petunia out of all of his relatives had made the biggest change in her behavior. As much as she hated the magic world, thanks to her sister did she had a pretty good idea of the consequences of Voldemort being back.

First, when Harry came back, she cooled down over the year, because nothing had happened so far. But Harry had decided it wasn't a good idea to hide this kind of information from his relatives again; especially not after the outburst his Uncle had had the year before. So he had told the whole family in short words, that Voldemort had hidden himself for the year because the ministry didn't believe the rumors of him being back. (he didn't waste a word about the fact that it was Dumbledore's and his own words they didn't believe) But now, after Voldemort had been seen by Fudge and other members of the ministry personally, there was no longer anything to hide. The real terror, the war would start now.

As soon as Petunia had learned about this, she implemented the ban for Dudley to go out to his usual teaparties with his friends. But Harry knew very well that in reality with the ban she may have saved some innocent little kids from being beaten up by her precious son, who still had nothing better to do outside than to cause trouble and pain to weaker kids. But Aunt and Uncle were simply too thick headed to comprehend that their beloved Diddykins wasn't the "little innocent angel" they wanted him to be.

On the other side, compared to Voldemort and his Death Eaters, Dudley may truly have been an angel thought Harry with dry humor. He immediately shook his head to get rid of his dark thoughts. He had enough unwilling meetings with the Dark Lord in his mind at night, he really didn't need to think about him during daylight, there were other things to worry about.

But still, Voldemort was one of the reasons why he sat in front of the TV with his relatives right now. If something happened, there was still a big chance that it was in the muggle TV's as well as in the newspapers or the Daily Prophet. (the newspaper of the magic world). And since anything could happen at anytime and the Daily Prophet only came once per day, and that was each early morning, he preferred to follow the regular news on TV as well as reading the Daily Prophet.

So far, nothing had happened and Dudley had already got some of his confidence back which he had lost at the beginning of his holidays. The fact that he was afraid of the things Harry had told them was the only reason why he had behaved and taken the ban from his mother seriously. Though Harry had caught his cousin in the last few days loudly considering breaking the rules at last. But it had only been a week since holidays, so this didn't mean much.

Harry had just seated himself on a chair as far away from the Dursley's as possible when the 12 o'clock news started. Through the TV screen it was very clear to see that the newscaster wasn't his usual calm self.

"Just half an hour ago we were informed about the strange explosion on a Family Estate right on the outskirts of London City. Eye witnesses told of a shocking scene. The house is half destroyed and all members of the family were found dead. Surveyor's speak of unexplained facts. While it is mused that the destruction may have been caused by a gas explosion, most of the corpses of members of the family were found in the untouched part of the house and were not harmed by the explosion. The doctors on the scene have said that so far they can't find any evidence of what may have caused their deaths. Also unexplained is the fact that the faces of the deceased show a look of pure horror. The biggest mystery though lies in the funny sign which is still visible over the destroyed house."

A new scene showed up. The skyview of the still smoking half ruin from the Family Estate, clearly visible through the gray smoke was a greenish, glittering cloud in the form of a skull with a snake coming out of its mouth. Petunia shrieked and Vernon paled visibly. Dudley did nothing but stare open mouthed at the picture of the destroyed building. Then the scene changed again to a reporter who appeared to be at the place of the crime. The smoking house was still visible in the background as well as a lot of policemen and people from the fire brigade.

"Thank you Frank," the reporter continued now. "As you can see, there is this strange green cloud hovering right above the destroyed house. Experts are at a loss. Nobody can explain the mystery of this effigy. But there are some rumors about similarities with incidents happening at a time over 15 years ago. As some people may remember there were a lot of mysterious horrors happening for a long time. And always there was this green cloud in this abnormal form visible just above the place of crime or accident."

At this point Harry couldn't help but snort quietly. As if the Dark Mark (as the sign of the green smoke was called) would ever be on a place of an 'accident'. Death Eaters never caused accidents, they did crime on purpose.

"Fortunately these mysterious happenings stopped 15 years ago and with them vanished the mysterious sign," the reporter continued. "To see it back now seems to cause great anxiety, but the police ask the common people to not overreact, after all this could simply be a horrible, unlucky, but still 'harmless', accident without any meaning. It's way too early to say that the mysterious horror is back after all these years. So far there are no more statements, so back to the studios."

The newscaster thanked the reporter and seemed to take a deep breath before he was able to continue with the political news. But Harry didn't listen to him anymore. Eyes fixed on the screen, without seeing anything at all, his inner eyes still showed him the Dark Mark hovering over the destroyed house. Slowly he asked himself if the victims had been a wizard family, maybe halfbloods. But through all the questions, one thing called out very clear in his mind.

It had started!