Chapter 45


Bounce! Bounce! Bounce! Bounce!

"Daddy! Wake up!" a little girl yelled, jumping up and down on the bed. She was very young, being 4, maybe 5 years old. As she jumped, her auburn hair flew everywhere, outlining her emerald green eyes. Standing next to the bed was a boy about the same age, with raven hair, courtesy of his father, and deep blue eyes.

"I don't think that's going to make them get up any faster Jamie," the little boy said. He was obviously the girl's twin.

"Shut up Will," James shot back. While exchanging verbal jabs with her twin, she hadn't noticed her father and mother peek out from under their blankets. Grinning like a mad woman, Triss, who didn't look any older than she had the day James woke, grabbed her daughter, and James snagged his son. With twin squeaks, the two children disappeared under the blankets.

After two or three minutes of the twins struggling to get free, Jamie finally said, "Come on Daddy! You promised that you would take us to see Grandma Lily and Papa James!"

"Yes, but it's only 8. I doubt they're even up yet," James reasoned.

"Yes they are! Harry just called on the telephone!" Will contradicted. James let out a growl of slight annoyance. He had been looking forward to a few more hours of sleep.

"Fine," James said, sitting up. With a grin, he sent his children out of the bedroom to go get ready.

Triss looked at him curiously, following his lead in getting ready for the day. "Why are you grinning like the cat that got the cream?" she asked finally.

"Mom and James agreed to take the hooligans for the weekend," James said. Triss burst out laughing. After several years of getting to know each other, James was just starting to get comfortable calling Lily and Severus 'mom' and 'dad'. Will and Jamie had caught on to calling Lily 'grandma', and James 'papa'. They called Severus 'Papa Sevvy', and Severus's new wife 'Nana Lina'. They addressed Dumbledore as 'Grandpa Alby'. James never ceased to get a kick out of his children's names for his family.

"You're so evil James. What makes you think they won't be too much for Lily to handle? She is going to have her next child soon," Triss reminded him. James groaned. Lily, for reasons James didn't want to fathom, was still having kids. Her next child, a boy due within the month, would make for her 5th child. James just hoped Lily didn't get the same surprise of twins that he and Triss had gotten when Triss had given birth. The last thing either of the young parents had expect were twins, even ifthey did run in both sides of the family.

"I'm sure it'll be fine Triss. After all, they did volunteer to take them. Plus, Dad and Lina will be there with Sebastian and Tae. I think they can control the twins between the 4 of them. They owe us after all the times we've watched Lizzy, Sara, Holly, Harry, Sebastian and Tae for them," James reasoned.

Triss nodded, agreeing. They had taken the other children quite often, often all of them at once. Thankfully, Lizzy, Sara, Holly and the 3-year-old Tae weren't much trouble, and generally kept each other entertained. It was the team of Harry, Jamie, William, and 4-year-old Sebastian that were trouble, especially when together. Albus, having seen just how mischievous and trouble making the group was, feared the day they went to Hogwarts. As it was, James and Dumbledore had pared up to try and keep all of the children's accidental magic to a minimum. Half-elves and founder decedents weren't exactly a weak mix.

"How's Libby doing, while were on the subject of children?" Triss asked.

"She's alright. Remus is nearly ripping his hair out from the stress, but I've assured him everything will be okay. After all, Libby is part elf. I don't think a 4 werewolf pup litter will hurt her," James commented. Triss shivered. She'd thought giving birth to twins was bad. "Actually, I think Sirius is the worse off. I swear, any kids he has with Trinity will sweat sugar, as hyper and eternally happy as Trinity is," James commented.

Triss chuckled. "Why is it all of the old people are having kids? We're the only ones our age out of our group with kids," Triss growled, puling her hair into a ponytail.

"It's because we're so much more mature. Don't worry, I'm sure everyone will start reproducing real quick. After all, Draco just got the go ahead to marry Ginny from her father, and Hermione and Mel want to finish school before thinking about getting married," James explained. Triss nodded.

"Come on, I'm sure your parents are waiting for you," said Triss, pulling James out of the room, with him still trying to slip his shoes on.

"You all are early," Jim Potter commented as James flooed into the kitchen, Will in his arms. Triss quickly followed with Jamie.

James started to respond when Harry burst into the room. Jamie and Will kicked out of their parents' grasps and ran of to play with their 'uncle'. "It seemed Harry was a little bit eager to see Jamie and Will, and was ringing our phone off the hook," James explained, helping himself to the coffee on the counter, pouring himself and Triss a cup.

"I know the feeling. Harry's been bouncing off the walls since 6:30."

"Ouch," James commented. Jim nodded.

"Well hello James. You're early," Lily Potter said, entering the kitchen.

James nodded. "How are you feeling mom?" he asked.

"I've felt better. Tired. I swear, he's going to be more difficult than you were," said Lily, pouring herself a plain cup of milk with mint.

James raised an eyebrow. Jim chuckled. "Don't doubt her. I remember when she was pregnant with you. I thought she was going to kill me with all of her weird cravings. This one is several times worse. I swear, I'm going to name him Jack just for all of the 'cracker jacks' Lily's eaten," Jim said, looking at his wife wearily.

"Please Jim, I'm not that bad." Even as Lily said this, she popped a 'cracker jack' in her mouth. (A/N: For anyone who doesn't know, a cracker jack is a piece of Carmel covered popcorn.)

Triss chuckled once more. The only thing she just couldn't get enough of during her pregnancy was ice cream, and that wasn't very uncommon for anyone of the female species.

"Have you thought up a name yet?" Triss asked, thieving a cracker jack from Lily's stash.

Lily glared at Triss, them at Jim. "Of course, Jim is holding fast to his name being Jack. I wanted to name him Derek, after my father, but my father seems to have many reservations about the subject."

James chuckled, and started to comment further when he felt a tug on his jeans. Expecting to find Will or Jamie at his feet, he was surprised to see Harry there. "Can I talk to you Thadow?" Harry asked, his bright green eyes, very much like James's, glowing with sincerity. James couldn't help but notice how cute the child was. Harry couldn't pronounce 'James' at all, so he latched on to James's nickname, Shadow and even then he had trouble pronouncing it.

"Sure Bro, what's up?" James asked, lifting Harry into his lap.

"Alone," Harry said insistently. James shrugged. It wasn't the first time Harry had insisted that he talk to James alone about something. James figured he must be nervous with the new baby coming into the house. After all, Sara and Holly had had the same reservations when Harry was born.

Tossing an apologetic look over his shoulder, James swept into the living room, Harry in his arms. "Why does the kid never come to me when he wants to talk?" Jim asked.

"The same reason Will always seeks you out when he has a question," Triss responded.

"What did you need to talk to me about Bolt?" James asked, setting Harry down on the sofa. With some of his lesser-used powers, James had been able to figure out that, should Harry ever try to become an animagi, he would be a dog of some sort, most likely very fast, thus the name Bolt.

"Jack is evil," Harry said, security in his voice.

James lifted an eyebrow. He knew Harry probably wouldn't like the idea of a baby brother, but this wasn't something he expected. With having an older brother who defeated a Dark Lord, it was very serious for him to accuse someone of being evil. "What makes you say that?"

"I was playing around and accidentally cast a spell. 'Resero Ingenium', the one daddy casts whenever he gets a funny looking letter. The spell hit mommy in the tummy, and made her glow red," Harry explained.

James was thunderstruck. The spell was one that Jim designed to tell good from evil. White for good, red for evil. He knew Harry was smart, probably more so than he was at that age, but not smart enough to make a story like that up. "What should we do?" James asked. Knowing the kid, he already had a pretty good plan formulated.

"We have to kill him," Harry said definitely.

"You know we can't do that Bolt. It would make mommy very sad," James explained. To be honest, he couldn't think of anything better, but he wasn't about to voice it.

Harry frowned. "He's gonna be more powerful than Voldemort, you could always defeat him later, if he decides to really be evil," Harry suggested.

"You're right. I'll tell you what Harry. I believe you, but we have to wait to see how baby Jack will grow up to be. If he grows up bad, we'll catch him, okay?" James asked. For some reason, this all felt strange, yet very familiar. Kind of like how it felt when Dragon explained his roll in life for the first time. No doubt these kids would probably have to deal with something similar.

"Okay Thadow," Harry responded, rebounding from a serious face to 'happy toddler mode' as James called it.

Returning to the kitchen, James cleared his face and his thoughts, he didn't want to worry anyone. "What did Harry want to talk to you about James?" Triss asked as soon as he reentered the kitchen.

"Nothing. Just the typical fears of becoming a big brother," James explained.

"Typical. What did you tell him?" Lily asked. She remembered going through the same thing with Sara and Holly before Harry was born.

"I just explained to him that it wasn't going to be any different, he was just going to have someone else to play with, and that he would always be my favorite little brother," James said with a shrug.

"Three little brothers, three little sisters, all at least 12 years younger than you. Don't you feel old?" Jim asked.

James grinned. "No, I just remind myself that all of the old people just got started late."

"Young people today, no respect!"

"You know you just admitted you were old, right?"

"Damn smart ass." THUNK! "Ow! Lily that hurt!"

James stood in the hall outside of the maternity ward, waiting for the news of the child to be named 'Jack's birth. Lily had gone into labor earlier in the night, leaving Harry, Sara, Holly, and Lizzy with James and Triss. A few hours following, Jim had called, saying that James needed to come up because of complications. That had been over an hour ago.

Finally, Jim came out through the double doors of the maternity ward. The older man had tears running down his face, and James couldn't help the rock forming in the pit of his stomach. "What happened?" he asked as Jim neared. While the two might not have gotten along some years ago, they were pretty good friends now.

"Lily miscarried," Jim sobbed. "They're not sure if she's going to make it."

"Shit," James growled. He thought something of the like might happen. 'Nature is trying to keep the balance,' he thought. "It's alright. She'll be fine," James said, pulling the older man into a hug. Jim accepted. James understood the feeling of loss he was feeling. He'd felt the same way when Triss had miscarried several years ago.

"If-if something happens, I don't know what I'll do," Jim said, pulling back.

"Nothing will happen. I swear on my own life, that nothing will," James said, his voice confidant. He could feel Lily's life force through the walls, and it was still as strong as ever.

Jim nodded. He'd learned a log time ago not to doubt anything the kid said. At one point he'd even thought the kid was a psychic, because he was never wrong, almost. Jim and James sat outside the maternity ward for a long time, James keeping close watch on Lily's life force, and Jim praying for his wife's well being.

Nearly an hour and a half later an official looking healer came from the ward. "Good morning Mr. Potter. I thought you would like to know that Lily is going to be fine. We repaired all of the internal bleeding and other damage, but we couldn't do anything for your son. Lily is in recovery, and can take visitors, one at a time. I'm sorry for your loss," she said, sounding indifferent. That was one of the reasons James hated hospitals, magical and muggle, the healers and doctors were so indifferent to what went on around them, and it tended to piss James off, even if he knew why they were like this. They saw people die everyday, and if left to dwell, it would eventually impair their judgment, causing deaths of others.

"Do you want to go see her?" James asked, pulling Jim from one of the hospital issued plastic chairs. Jim nodded, and disappeared through the swinging doors. James returned to his seat, waiting for the next set of news. At around 7 in the morning, an hour after Jim had left, a nurse came into the room. James, who had been lightly dozing in the plastic hospital chair, didn't notice, and nearly killed the poor woman when she tapped him on the shoulder.

"James Cage?" she asked. James nodded.

"Your mother wishes to see you, and your wife called earlier. Mrs. Potter is in room 4A, one floor up. You can use the phone in her room," said the nurse. James nodded. This was one of the reasons he loved muggle hospitals, he could actually use the phone. It took him about 5 minutes to reach room 4A, where he found Jim sitting in a chair next the pale form of Lily Potter.

"Hey mom," James whispered, pulling a chair up to the other side of her bed. Jim was passed out, his head lying next to Lily's hand. James couldn't blame the guy, it had been a rough night.

"Hey," Lily's coarse voice answered. She looked like she'd seen better days.

"I'm sorry about Jack mom," James said, taking Lily's other had in his own.

Lily shrugged as best she could. She was fighting to stay awake. "I've had disappointments with children before. I guess this is my body trying to tell me it doesn't want any more kids. I can take a hint. So, when do I get my next grandchild?" Lily asked. James chuckled.

"Not for a little while mom. I think Dumbledore is still traumatized over Will and Jamie's birth. I hate to think about what another would do to him."

Lily chuckled lightly. James could tell she was trying not to cry. They talked for a while longer, until Lily felt the need to sleep once more. With help from one of the nurses, James set up a cot in Lily's privet room, setting the rock like Jim on it, before leaving.

"James? Is that you?" Lying on their bed with Jamie, Will, and Harry sprawled around her, was Triss. She'd seen better mornings, but James wasn't about to criticize after spending the night in a small plastic chair.

"She lost the baby. She had some internal damage, and had to have surgery. Jim is still there with her, sleeping off the night in a cot. They're both pretty broken up over it," James said, lying down on the bed, kicking off his shoes while trying not to roll onto Will.

Triss sighed. "I'm sorry James. I know they were looking forward to having another boy," said Triss, rearranging the children so that she could curl up next to James.

"Yeah. Mom says she expects another grandchild to make up for it," James said with a grin. "I told her Dumbledore was still disturbed from Will and Jamie's birth."

"You got that right." Triss grinned. "So, when are we going to tell everyone about our next edition?" Triss asked.

James shrugged. "I think the real question is, what are we going to name her?" James asked.

"How do you know it's going to be a girl?" Triss asked.

"The same way I knew Sara and Holly would be girls. Trust me, the last thing I want is to be surprised again," James said, giving the twins at their feet and meaningful look.

"What about Marie? After your grandmother?" James asked.

Triss looked thoughtful. "Depends on whether she has your hair or not," Triss said, laughing.

"God forbid the child be cursed with my hair," James said dramatically. Triss just chuckled. Even with the recent loss, all still felt right for the two of them, as it always would, no matter what Dark Lord rose and fell. All that mattered was that they were now part of a large family, totally unbreakable…


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