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"4." Warrick grinned proudly.

"3 for me." Nick shrugged casually.

"4? 3?" Sara shook her head, "I've only got 1."

"Where?" Nick purposely let his gaze lower down Sara's body.

"None of your business." Sara answered with a smile of her own.

Warrick chuckled at the two and turned to Catherine, "Catherine? How many you got?"

"2. And Nicky, don't bother." She answered with a smirk, cutting Nick off before he could ask his question.

"Finished cases but undone paperwork." Grissom entered with a serious face but playful tone, "How did I know I'd find everyone here?"

"We're talking about tattoos, Griss." Nick quickly changed the subject, "Did you know that Sara only has 1?"

"How about you, Grissom?" Sara asked, not wanting to talk about her own tattoo.

"2." He answered, surprising everyone. Seeing the shocked looks around him, he frowned, "What?"

"You have 2 tattoos? Gil Grissom, our serious, professional supervisor has 2 tattoos?" Nick sputtered with surprise.

"It's always the quiet ones, man." Warrick shook his head with a smile.

"Alright, now that we've gotten the discussion of body art out of our systems, how about we finish some work?" Grissom looked around at his team and one by one, they filed out of the room.

Catherine, who had stayed behind, was still looking at him with an odd look, "Grissom?" She stretched out his name playfully.

"Yes, Catherine?"

"How come you never told me you got a new one?"

He stopped pouring coffee and turned to her with a smirk, "It's not that I never told you. You just never asked."

"I never knew to ask!"

"I'll make you a deal. You show me yours and I'll show you mine."

"You've seen mine."

"I have? I don't remember." He put on a forgetful face, then grinned, "Remind me."

"Gil, you know perfectly well I can't show you my tattoos right here, right now."

"Perfect. Cuz neither can I."