So everyone will know Seung Mina will be refered to as just Mina. Oh yeah, i dont own Soul Calibur 2 or any of its characters, weapons, costumes, or any of that stuff...

The water glistened, its surface tinted red from the setting sun hanging above, and shade from the tree above darkened the surface of the green grass as a slight breeze blew through. The scent of her dinner being cooked was what first grabbed Talims attention after gazing across the lake for over an hour. She turned to look at her friend as she pulled her black hair back into a pony tail.

"Is it almost done Mina?"

"Not yet, just be patient. I just started cooking."

"Aww, but im hungry now," she groaned as she turned to look across the lake once more.

"You know, you could be training, you never know what we will run into in that cave."

"I know, I guess i could do that."

Talim stood and walked to the tree that shaded her and picked up her double crescent blades. She practices different techniques in the air until she heard Mina call for dinner.

"YAY, im starting," she said.

"After we eat, we go to bed, we have a big day tomorrow. That... and im tired."


The next day, she rays of sunshine pierced the cool air, the crystal water hid nothing below its surface. Both girls were awake and ready to get to the cave.

"What are we going for in this cave?"

"Talim, for the third time, there is an old sword worth alot of money. If we get it we could buy better weapons and some new clothes."

"Ok, got ya," she said with a smile.

They walked for about an hour and arrived at the cave, got torched out and lit them, then entered. The light flickered across the stone walls as they went deeper. They saw a room ahead with a small beam of sunlight coming from above.

"I wonder if thats the room," Talim asked.

"I hope so, I dont like caves, but if that is the room there should be guards."

"Lets go," Talim responded, cheerful as always.

Slowly they crept forward and Mina looked around the corner to see two assassins and a berserker.

"They outnumber us. We need a good plan, you got any?" she asked as she looked back at her friend.

"Yeah, lets beat 'em up!"

"No. I meant a good plan, you know, one that will... WORK."

"Oh. then im out of ideas."

"I can get the berserker, you take the two assassins, or the other way around. Which do you want to do?"

"I want the assassins. Im better than you anyway," she grinned.

"Lets go then."

Talim stepped into the room and watched the three walk up slowly, the assassins with their sword in hand, and the berserker with his gigantic axe.

"You dont scare me!" she shouted as her partner hopped around the corner.

Mina attacked one of the assassins as she ran at the berserker. She cut his arm making him drop his weapon, the turned it to the berserker who had his axe coming around at her leg. Quicky she jumped and hit him in the stomach with her halberd, only to watch it be repeled by his massive armor.

The injured assassins leg connected with Talims side sending her to her left. She turned and with her weapon on her left arm, caught his leg as he tried to kick again. He fell writhing in pain as she brought her weapon into his throat. Blood sprayed around the floor of the large room.

"You havent won yet!" shouted the other assassin as his blade grew closer to her. She brought her double crescent moons up and deflected the attack, then ran around behind him and ripped through his achilles tendon. He lied there, unable to move, only to bleed to death slowly.

The massive axe sunk into the hard floor of the cave as Mina dodged to the side. Talim hopped onto his massive arm and cut his hand, the wound reached bone, then removed the hand.

"He was mine Talim."

"But I was already done so i decided to help."

"I didnt NEED help though."

"Sure ya did, now finish your man so we can get our treasure."

She did as told, splitting the berserkers skull. They walked to a pile of money and old items. Mina searched through by pocketing money and looking for the sword.

"Look at me!" she heard from behind. She turned only to see Talim wearing a purple cape, orange fuzzy pants, and a crown, while holding a very old scepter in one hand, and a sword in the other.

"Stop playing around" she said as was her natural response.

"Aww, ok," Talim said as she began to put the clothes back.

"Wait, that sword you had, let me see it."


"Just do it"

"But why?"

"DO IT NOW," she screamed.

"Ok, geez, talk bout PMS."

"Why do you always blame it on PMS, maybe your just being childish."

"I know, but im only fifteen, im allowed to be. Im at that age, where I can act childish and not be treated that way, or look crazy."

"Thats nice... THE SWORD."

"Oh, here ya go," she said handing the ancient weapon to her.

"This is it, lets go."

They turned and left to arrive in town the next day.

"We got the sword," they said to the one who hired them.

"Really, here is your money."

They were handed money and turned to go buy weapons and clothes.

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