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With his wrists tied above his head and his arms stretched back, Bakura was acutely aware of the skin on his sides and chest, were his Hikaris fine boned hand was teasing over him so lightly that it felt almost like he wasn't there at all.

Ryou was speaking to him now, hissing word of vengeance Bakura couldn't hear over the roaring in his ears. Feather light touches again, tickling the insides of his wrists, down his arms and sides, making the Goosebumps return, spreading fast down his skin. This was not enough; Bakura needed more, more of his hikaris touch, more of his words and more of his attention.

"Ryou," he groaned, "Ryousama!" He couldn't stand this, these light touches and the hard, strong body pressed above him, whispering and smirking and completely in control. "More, p-please!"

The utter desperation welled up inside him burst at this admission, and Ryou felt it and grinned at the truth in the yami's words.

/Got you now mother-fucker/ he thought viciously.

He only smirked at his yami, then sensually slid his body down, kissing and nipping at random points on Bakura's pale, sweat soaked skin. Feeling it tremble beneath his touch. Savouring the tastes of his yami, wishing so much that he could please Bakura as much as Bakura pleased him.

Bakura tossed his head back when he felt Ryou's cool breath over his painfully erect cock, then screamed when he was suddenly swallowed whole, without prequel or warning. Overwhelmed, Bakura could only groan and strain his arms at the ropes around his wrists as the tip of Ryou's nose brushed his abdomen.

Ryou smirked, fighting off his gag reflexes by pure force of will as he became accustomed to having his Yami's hot length in his mouth. Bakura moaned and panted savagely, completely focused on the pleasures his sweet little hikari gave him. His mouth was so small! So hot and wet and..... powerful, Oh gods, almost like......

The thought was cut off once again when Ryou hummed against his erection and a impossibly talented tongue began teasing his length as Ryou slowly worked Bakura's cock, moving his head away, slowly taking the pleasure away bit by savoury bit, leaving the yami shuddering with pleasure.

/How the fuck dose he know?!/ Was the last conscious thought that broke the surface of his rapidly zoning-out mind. This was so delicious. Ryou should tie him to the headboard more often.

When Ryou had finally made his way up to the head, painfully hard and flushed, he licked it teasingly, take each drop of pre cum as it appeared, slowly savouring the yami and firmly holding Bakura's hips down, forcing the spirit to rely solely on his little Hikari. Driving him crazy with submission before he engulfed the entire length again, sucking and swallowing rhythmically, making Bakura scream and strain his arms when Ryou stopped again, frozen. Slowly Bakura felt himself released from that sweet hot wet mouth and thought he would happily die right now. Again.....

"Tell me want you want uke, tell me exactly what you need, and then tell me what you'll do for it," Ryou's voice was steely, making Bakura shudder from the breath ghosting over his wet cock.

"Let me cum," groaned Bakura, and then shrieked as Ryou gently bit the very tip of his erection.

"Then beg me for it," Ryou ground each word out past his closed teeth.

Bakura groaned and fought hard to stay conscious, "p-please Ryou sama," he shuddered, then gave a low keen when Ryou abruptly released him.

"More," Ryou's voice was suddenly hot beside his ear, one pale hand stoking the taught abdomen, lower and lower, "what will you give for my touch?"

"Anything," Bakura gasped instantly, "anything for you, everything."

Fine boned fingers gently began to brush Bakura's straining length, "would you give your shadow power?"

"Yesssss," the word became a hiss when Ryou's hand gently stoked him once.

"Would you give up Malik?"

"For you," gasped the yami, arching into his hikaris hand.

Ryou played along, lightly wrapping is hand over Bakuras cock, barely touching him as he stroked, "would you give your kindness to me, your respect?" the words were soft in Bakuras ear,

"Hikari....." Bakura choked on a sob as Ryou's hand stroked his length viciously, his hot breath still against his ear, "I promise."

"Why?" Ryous hand stoked him again, firmly, then ruthlessly, making Bakura shudder and keen again, needing the hikaris touch like air, "because I can do this to you?"

"Because your not weak," Bakura ground out the answer with difficulty, arching into his hikaris hand.

"Would you give yourself to me then?" Ryou whispered, his hand speeding up, sliding fluently along Bakura's length as his tongue darted out to lap at the sweat on Bakuras neck, then up to his ear again.

"Take me," was all Bakura could gasp, unsure how he could even speak.

"Would you give yourself to me anytime I want?" Ryou's breath was soft and burning hot in his ear, his hand moved unpredictably, driving Bakura crazy.

"H-hai," Bakura shuddered and a bead of sweat rolled over his ribs, tickling his over sensitive skin.

Ryou's breath was suddenly quiet in Bakura's ear, hissing softly, "would you force Malik to give himself to me?" the Hikari's pale hand moved to ruthless regularity, Bakura instinctively bucking his hips to meet Ryou's hand.

"I can't," He gave a strangled half sob and then cried out in frustration when Ryou suddenly stopped.

"Can't? Even for both of us?" Ryou sounded amused, his normally cute voice overlaid with the most sardonic tone Bakura had ever heard in his life.

Bakura twisted and squirmed, trying to force his hips into Ryou's still closed hand, "I can't promise that Ryousama," he was almost pleading, and could only sobbed again as Ryou released him and scooted away slightly, no body contact, no warmth, no release. Bakura was alone.

"Pity," Ryou's voice was light again, speaking to Bakura from a foot or so away on the bed, head cocked at and angle and propped on one hand, "I want him, and you are the one he wants," Ryou reached out and toyed idling with one of Bakura's hard nipples, he leant forwards again and then hissed in his ear again, making Bakura positively writhe, "You sure you don't want to promise me?"

"No, Ryousama..... I..... can't..... please......" he was panting so hard but still felt like he was suffocating, something was stinging hard at the corners of his eyes, something vaguely familiar.

"Give me Malik, Bakura," his tone was suddenly hard like a stone, pinching Backura's nipple hard enough that it hurt, even for a masochist. Ryou was dangerous when denied.

"All right," Bakura finally sobbed, "I promise Malik! Now lemme go, stop hurting me!" a tear rolled across his damp temple.

Ryou froze.

Then he slowly released the spirit and moved to straddle Bakura's abdomen again. "You promise me all that? Just for my touch? For your release?"

Bakura sobbed in frustration, squirming under his Hikari, "Well what the fuck can I do? There's no options here –AH!" He cried out sharply hand tossed his head back and snarled as Ryou bit down hard on the centre of his sweaty collarbone, lapping at the sweat around Bakura's neck.

Ryou paused, then swung one leg over Bakura, sliding off the bed and standing on the floor his face shadowed and the spiky ponytail of hair at the nape of his neck damp with his own sweat. Ignoring his Yami's snarl after the loss of contact, he slowly worked the leather pants off, making sure Bakura watched, made sure he saw that Ryou was beautiful too. The light one then retrieved the knife from where it had been embedded in the wall, and paused to allow Bakura to flinch when he saw the weapon. He cut the rags from Bakura's ankles, and then knelt between Bakura's knees, pinning his thighs to the bed sheet.

"Do you want me Bakura?"

"Always. Always wanted you; Always loved how you tasted." Bakura gasped around the pain in his throat.

Ryou gave a harsh bark of laughter, ya right.

He shifted and forced Bakura to wrap his legs around Ryou's slim back. Producing a new tube of lube from some inexplicable hiding place, Ryou carefully coated three fingers and carefully worked the first one inside Bakura, then slowly the second and the third one, all the time working his cock and forcing the Yami to relax. Bakura was alternatively snarling and moaning. He'd never been taken, not since ancient Egypt.

Ryou hesitated, then sharply pushed himself in, grinding his hips forwards viciously. Bakura shrieked with pain and yanked harder on the bindings around his wrist. Just as Bakura was growing accustomed to the pain Ryou withdrew, almost entirely, before impaling Bakura again, his pace grew faster as he felt the tight heat of his Yami almost overwhelming his own self discipline. He thrust himself hard into the Darker one savouring the sweat rolling off his own back and neck, his soft silver hard damp with it, savouring how Bakura was so beautiful and so helpless, savouring all the pain that he was stealing back.

Then suddenly stopped, not daring to even move or pant or let himself look at his Yami.

Bakura thudded to earth to find ryou still hard inside him and smirking, his bangs shadowing his eyes. He snarled with rage. "First you trick me, then tie me up and tease me, now your fuckin raping me and you wont even finish?!?!" Bakura had never before felt so frustrated and pissed off.

Ryou gave a skeleton of a chuckle. "Now you know how I've felt all the time you used me, all the time Malik used me." He met Bakura's eyes and was radiating anger. Ryou took Bakura's cock in both hands and worked him slowly, staring so hard into the man's eyes neither could look away.

"Ryousama......" Bakura groaned, had never in his life wanted anything more then Ryou right now.

"You're the one who's guilty right now. This isn't half of what I could do to you and it's less then what you did to me." Ryou could feel Bakura's heart beat thudding through his body, hard hot blood rushing too fast through this spirit.

"I don't CARE!" Bakura finally shrieked, "just stop teasing me!" He pushed his head back, arching his spine and making Ryou shudder involuntarily with the motion, "Finish it gaddamnit!!!"

Ryou shuddered again, Bakura was making him want to fuck him so much harder. He wanted to ask Bbakura is it was Rryou he wanted or just the release, but Bakura arched his spine deeper and Ryou was forced to push harder into his yami in order to stay sane.

Finally giving up all control, Ryou snarled and slammed into Bakura brutally, knowing he was hurting him and liking it. Bakura was almost entirely arching from Ryou's lap now, being fucked into hard. Ryou fisted his yami's cock and only after a few strokes, Bakura screamed with release and ryou, overcome with the sight, feel and smell of the orgasm, he screamed once and then lost himself after one last thrust.


Bakura looked incredibly out of it, and all Ryou could do was slide out of his yami once he had recovered a normal breathing and heart rate and then step out of the bed. He stood shuddering with cold and looking down at the spirit. What have I done?

Bakura's wrists were bloody, despite the soft rags Ryou had used, he was drowned in sweat, and had been raped. Sort of?

Ryou would have well continued on this depressing train of thought had Bakura not moaned softly and rolled over a bit. The Hikari watched, his head slowly tilting to one side as he watched Bakura shift to become comfortable. He made an almost pout when he tugged at his wrists, and Ryou blinked and started. He took the knife and carefully cut away all of the cloth bindings, his eyes flicking between Bakura's soft smile and his wrists.

After he was finished, he stood back and indulged in watching Bakura stretch his luxuriously long and naked body. Ryou move a bit closer to reach out to brush the hair out of Bakura face when the yami suddenly moved. Faster then Ryou could think about reacting, Bakura had reached out, dark eyes glinting and narrow, and pulled Ryou in to his arms, hauling his Hikari onto the bed and drawing him close in a heartbeat.

While pinning a still shocked Ryou to his chest, Bakura felt for the folded up blanket on the side of the bed and pulled it over them.

"B-akura....." Ryou was re-reduced to stuttering. Without this pent up rage that had been accumulating since Bakura and then Malik had started using his body, he was exactly the same as before.

"Ryousama," bakura smirked as him, pressing the now squirming boy closer, "you are going to pay dearly for that."

"Well you deserved it," ryou snapped, he was apparently still edgy when pressed.

"Maybe," bakura shrugged, the muscles in his chest rippling against Ryou's, "and now I don't at any rate."

"just let me go."

Bakura looked at him, surprised, "this has been a really weird roll reversal. But your worse as a yami."

Ryou coloured, pushing himself away from Bakura, he was still strong, at least. "Don't care anymore. Let me go!"

"No," Bakura growled and used all his strength and crushed Ryou back to him, "you think you can get away from me now your crazy."

"Well apparently I am," Ryou hissed, wishing Bakura wasn't quite so damn hot when he was being assertive.

"No," Bakura nuzzled Ryou's still-damp hair, "just mine. Know I know why I didn't love you before." He added sleepily.

Ryou was quite still. And stayed that way until Bakura's breathing was deep and regular.

That had been just about the only gentle thing Bakura had ever done to Ryou in either lifetime. Still shivering from cold and insecurity, Ryou grabbed a pair of boxers and stepped into them, then got his towel and towelled himself off properly. He glanced back at the bed, where Bakura slept with his arm looking empty and his face holding a little frown, and the little he could see of his chest comforting and solid.

Ya right.

Ryou walked out into the hall, and closed the door behind him.

~*~*~ (You would have killed me badly if I left it there right? Ya I thought so.)

He was woken from his log-like-sleep sometime a great deal later by the door being angrily thrown open and stamping feet across the floor of his fathers bedroom. Deep within his warm cocoon of duvets and pillows and sheets, Ryou cringed and hurriedly tried to remember why he was sleeping in here. His train of thought was cut off by someone ripping back the sheets and knocking the pillows away. Shivering suddenly, Ryou blinked up into the steely brown eyes of his Yami.


Flashes of last night's vengeance fluttered in his mind. Wow Bakura's gonna kill me.

"You little idiot," bakura, dressed only in a pair of boxers, took Ryou's shoulders and shook him, glaring.

"I-I'm sorr--" ryou started but was cut off.

"BAKA!!! Why the hell did you run away last night!?" Bakura was flashing with rage.

Ryou was having a sense of deja-vu and shuddered, "prolong my life?" he hazarded.

"Fool," bakura growled, he took Ryou's chin roughly in one hand and pulled his face up to look at him dead in the eye, "for one thing, you dieing means I die. For another, I wouldn't kill you. And for a third, it was the last thing on my mind!"

Ryou blinked.

Bakura's grip on his chin tightened, "do you know, I figured that you were just a watered down version of me before I was a tomb robber and became a Yami, but now I know that you're an entirely different person; I wouldn't have raped someone like that." He let his other hand snake behind Ryou's neck and pull out the ponytail, letting the soft silver hair fall back into their original wild course down Ryou's back. He tunnled his fingers into the fine hair at the back of Ryou's head and took a good grip, releasing his chin.

Ryou winced, hardly noticing his hair, "Bakura I'm--"

"I would have just raped someone if I wanted them, I'd done it before, and if I was pissed at someone, I'd just kill them. Done that before too, lots of times," he traced his finger across the base of Ryou's neck, "easily. But I didn't think I wanted to fuck a watered version of my innocent self, and I certainly couldn't kill him," he gently wrapped his hand around Ryou's neck, resting there, "but then you, with your careful deliberate planning and watching and deliberate waiting and leather and calculated cruelty and god know what else comes along and changes everything," his hand tightened, feeling ryou's heart beat rushing and his hard breathing. "Then you just scamper off? Leave me to wake up sore and sticky and cold? What's wrong with you!?!" his hand tightened again.

"what else could I do?!" ryou cried, he was being forced to tilt his head further and further up, partly because Bakura's was pulling at his hair and partly because his neck was loosening elbow room.

"You could have stayed with me," said Bakura furiously, "what the hell do you think I pulled you in for?! Murder?!"

"Could happen," squeaked Ryou, trying to comprehend this all. He was still sleepy and sore and wearing boxers and cold and kneeling on the edge of his fathers bed while his yami pulled his hair and gripped his throat and was yelling at him.

"No it couldn't happen Ryou-sama."

Ryou blinked, played that statement back in his mind, and then blinked again.

Bakura gave a brief smile, slowly releasing Ryou's neck, and running his fingers gently through silver soft hair. "I told you," he said softly, "I didn't think I wanted you like that, but I wasn't sure, so I tried to make you stronger and angry so you could keep the others away, I never thought that when I kissed you all those times for your blood that you'd realize I wanted more, I didn't want you to know that your blood was an excuse."

Ryou tried to say something but couldn't, he sat still, absorbing the implications with his lips parted, and his brown eyes wide.

Bakura smiled a little wider, a real smile, surprisingly sweet, "baka," he said gently.

Astonished wide brown eyes blinked up into narrower actually gentle ones. Bakura slid his fingers through Ryou's hair, finally permitting himself to love someone, he leaned in close and kissed his hikari.

"I love you," he whispered, still so close to him.

Ryou blinked, his eyes filling. Then he impulsively kissed Bakura back, wrapping his arms around Bakura's neck and slanting his mouth over his yami's. Bakura hungrily responded, hands fisting again in silver hair as bakura's tongue fought with Ryou's for dominance as the kiss grew fiercer.

When they broke away, neither thought at all about letting the other go, so it was fairly natural for Bakura so slide into bed with Ryou, pulling the sheets up to their necks.

"You're messed up," Ryou giggled quietly into Bakura's neck, "only you could fall in love with someone after they practically raped you."

Bakura hugged his little hikari close again, finally having something to fill his arms and keep him warm and safe, he nuzzled Ryou's hair and breathed in the scent of Ryou's shampoo; delicious. "And only you could love me back after all the shit I put you through."

Ryou just smiled sleepily against Bakura's chest, feeling warm and protected, "ya well," he looked up at Bakura, a tiny flicker of worry crossing his eyes, "you mean it right?"

Bakura, who had killed countless people in both his lives, who had mercilessly raped and tortured anyone who had struck his fancy, who had been held as a slave for the pharaoh, and who had robbed Egypt of it's greatest treasure ever looked down at a small, silver haired, brown eyed, beautiful sixteen year old boy, and knew he never wanted anything else in the world, even if he lived another five thousand years. God willing, he'd spend it with his Hikari.

"Yes, I mean it," he whispered, and smiled just softly at Ryou, "I love you, baka Ryou-sama, as long as you do, even though I did promise you Malik, man, I wonder how he's gonna take that."

"Poorly I imagine," Ryou giggled again. Then fell asleep, wrapped up warm in Bakura's arms.


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