Drabble: a short story containing exactly 100 words not counting title.

This title: stolen from the name of the Trigun drabble livejournal community at http://www.livejournal.com/community/100bullets. Because I am SO UNCREATIVE OMG.


After years of more than one kind of distance, Vash returned in the springtime to visit his godson.

She smiled at him with a mother's pride. The preacher's wife. Years of chasing adventure and him had segued to a calmer life than he'd imagined for her.

He had to be happy for them. There was no place for him. What could he offer either as friend or lover? Neither mentioned Milly. They both knew she would never visit.

Vash ran his hand across the baby's head. "Black hair," he said, for lack of anything else.

Meryl nodded. "Like his father."