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Chapter 11

They arrived in the Great Hall shortly after porting into the Entrance Hall. Dumbledore seemed delighted to see them there as he stood up to greet them and gesture to the empty seats near him. The four house tables were missing and a single table was placed in the hall, very much like Christmas in Harry's third year. He was relieved to see that Snape wasn't there this time. A few teachers were there though, those that had arrived early for the school year or lived at Hogwarts the majority of their time. One of these teachers included Trelawney, who happened to be making her way towards them right now. Harry groaned, drawing the gazes of the Kents to him.

"It's Professor Trelawney," he quickly explained. "She's the divinations teacher. Last year she kept predicting my death."

"Mr. Potter, what a pleasant surprise." Trelawney had finally made her way to their side of the table. She spoke in that mystifying voice that she always did, which never sounded quite convincing.

"Hello, Professor Trelawney. How was your holiday?" Harry attempted to sound cheery, but felt that he was failing miserably. Trelawney didn't seem to notice this however, as she replied happily.

"The inner eye was quite clear this summer. I knew you would return safely back with us this school year." Her bug-eyed gaze shifted to Harry's right, where Clark was sitting. He shifted in his seat as Trelawney stared at him, her eyes eerily magnified by her glasses.

"And who are you, young man?"

"Clark Kent, I'm…" He was cut off by Trelawney as her hand shot out to grab his hand. He stared at her in confusion as she examined his palm. Harry had to keep himself from laughing despite the obvious discomfort this was causing Clark. He watched as Trelawney muttered a few things under her breath, while Clark looked to him for help. Harry just shrugged, showing that this was out of his power.

"Yes, yes. Good strong life ahead of you… but I dare say, this looks like trouble."

"What, um, Professor Trelawney, looks like trouble?" Her head shot up to meet Clark's gaze, as she replied in what sounded like her most dramatic voice.

"It would seem you will fall terribly ill within the next few weeks, terribly ill. I'd say something as nearly as bad as dragon pox."

"Um, Ok." Clark arched an eyebrow, looking at Harry. Harry at this point was rolling his eyes. He quickly steeled his facial features though, as Trelawney looked at him.

"And Mr. Potter," for a moment he was afraid she'd noticed his eye-rolling, but that fear was squashed as she quickly continued. "You'd better be careful with that flying of yours. The tarot cards gave me a terrible reading this afternoon."

"Er, thanks Professor." Trelawney then left with a swish of her shawls and tinkling of her bangles and beads. Clark looked bewildered as he faced Harry again.

"What was that all about? I didn't even think palm reading worked that way. Are you supposed to be able to predict illnesses like that?"

"I told you, she likes to predict people's misfortunes for some reason. She's ruddy mad."

"I can see that."

"Clark!" Clark looked sheepishly at his mother.

"Well, come on Mom, when is it ever that I get sick? You've never believed in seeing the future yourself, and you're still unsure after Cassandra."

"Who's she?" Clark quickly explained about the blind woman who could see the future just by touching a person's hand. Harry couldn't help feeling shocked that a muggle could possess those powers, but Clark had explained about the meteor rocks. He glanced nervously over at the teachers around them at the end of the tale. Almost everyone, fortunately, was in their own small discussions. Dumbledore had been paying attention to some of the tale though, as he leaned closer suddenly.

"That's an unusual tale Mr. Kent. Am I under the right impression that this town of yours, Smallville, has something to do with the woman's powers?" Clark seemed hesitant to answer, but he did after a quick glance at his parents.

"There was a meteor shower a while back, and things… changed in our town; most of them for the worst." Dumbledore seemed to contemplate this for a moment before speaking.

"I believe I've heard of this town from an old friend. He had been researching the life-styles of American Bowtruckles in the vicinity when the shower happened. It scared him so much the dear man forgot to put up a shielding charm as one of them landed on the tree he was under." At this Dumbledore shook his head. "Poor man, his magic's never been the same ever since, and he's developed an unusual taste for wood lice too."

Both Harry and Clark pulled an obvious face of disgust at the last statement, although they still had a mutual pity for the man. He'd been in the wrong place at the wrong time, and it had cost him his magic.

"I'm sorry about your friend." Dumbledore waved a hand, dismissing the matter.

"It's not as if any of us had the power to stop it from happening. Accidents happen, you know." Clark seemed troubled though, and Harry had a creeping feeling he knew why. He was blaming himself for the entire thing, even when he'd only been a small child when it happened. Harry studied his new friend for a moment.

There it was, the guilt flashing through his eyes. Harry had felt it on several occasions and it still burned through him at late hours of the night. Dumbledore seemed to notice a change in his newest student and was looking at Clark with obvious interest. Clark appeared to be avoiding the elder man's eyes, probably too uncomfortable with the emotions swimming around in him to look at anyone.

There was a sudden hiss from the ground near Clark's chair after a couple minutes of uncomfortable silence. They looked down to see Priscilla looking very annoyed, glaring through the bars of her cage.

"I guess I should let her out of that cage," Clark said as he bent down to do so. Her fur was on end as she exited the confines of her traveling cage but she slowly calmed down as Clark stroked her fur.

"Ah, I see you've got yourself a Kneazle, Mr. Kent." Clark smiled, nodding.

"Either that or she got me." The headmaster chuckled, understanding what he meant.

"Well, Kneazles are quite picky about whom they choose but once you've gained one's loyalty it can be very beneficial." Priscilla jumped up into Clark's lap, sniffing at the contents of his plate. A light, begging meow exited her mouth and everyone laughed.

"Looks like someone's hungry." Clark gave her a piece of ham from his plate, which Priscilla munched on happily.

"Now Mr. Kent," Clark looked up at Dumbledore, giving him his full attention. "I was wondering if you were planning to stay with your parents for the remainder of the summer, or would like to stay with Harry."

"He can stay as long as he likes. I don't think the Dursleys will be bothering us for a while," Harry quickly put in. A look was exchanged between all of the Kents, and they were silent for a moment before Jonathan Kent nodded. Clark smiled and replied to Dumbledore.

"I think I'd like to stay with Harry, if that's all right. He can help me with any questions I have." Dumbledore nodded, understanding.

"Then I believe everything is settled," Dumbledore smiled before slowly rising from his chair. "Now, if you will excuse me, I have some business to attend to before retiring to my quarters. It was a pleasure meeting you all." The headmaster nodded his head in farewell to them all before moving towards the exit. There was movement from Clark's lap as the aged man left, which turned out to be Priscilla watching the headmaster intently with her silver eyes.

A yawn came unbidden to Harry's lips at this point and he finally noticed how high the moon was on the enchanted ceiling.

"We should probably get back to the Dursley's," Harry finally said. He turned to Clark's parents, smiling at them. "It was great meeting you two." They both returned his smile and Jonathan Kent shook hands with him.

"It's nice to know that our son has met someone like you." Harry felt a blush coming to his face as he ducked his head sheepishly.

"I'm sure he would have been better off without me. I tend to attract trouble." A small smile and knowing look was exchanged through the two adults before Martha Kent replied.

"Then you and Clark will be quite a pair."

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