A Plea for Life

By Lucky_Ladybug

Notes: This is based mostly on a favorite role-play I did with Wingweaver
Hope. I read it over again this morning and wondered what Marik's thoughts
were during certain events. So, I composed this ^^;; They're on a cruise
ship, BTW, and trying to solve a mystery, but it was way different from the
cruise ship mystery I wrote XD

I am so cold
Laying here
Barely conscious
I do not even know
Where I am
The last thing I remember
Is being hit over the head
I can't remember who did it
They want me among the deceased
If I am here much longer,
I do not doubt
They will get their wish

I recall Mokuba,
My young friend,
He was
So angry
With me
I promised
I wouldn't tell
Where he had been
When he roamed
Through the dilapidated room
Where a murder had been committed
Years ago
He didn't want Kaiba to know
He had been there

I broke that promise

Mokuba did not understand
I found I could not lie
Not for him
Or anyone
He must learn that
Lying is not the answer
But still . . .
I shall never see him again
Nor be able to apologize to him
And explain my actions

Ishizu . . .
Rishid . . .
What will they do
When I am gone?
No . . . I cannot leave them!
I do not want to die!!
I struggle so hard to stay conscious
Tears slip
Down my cheeks
Almost instantly
I do not want to leave
My precious siblings
Please . . .
Please say
I will not have to!

I want to live!!
Please . . .
I want to live!!
I want to be with those
Whom I love more than
Anyone else
Please . . .
Let me live . . .

Let me live . . .

I trail off
My vision dimming
I cannot see anymore
But I am still conscious
I am still aware
Of where I am
But I am too far gone
To be able to comprehend
How even to get up
I can only lay here
That I will not have to

The coldness
At my bare arms
Is it possible to acquire
Frostbite in here?
I suppose that is
The least of my concerns
I do not have it at the moment . . .
At least . . .
I do not think I do
It's hard to tell

I seem to be
Not panicked
I feel as though
My body is
Shutting down
My mind is too sluggish
To allow me to be panicked
But still
I know that
I have to fight
I have to try to
Stay alive
I do not wish to die
I do not!

My other senses are
Slipping away now
Slowly a bit of panic
Creeps through
I can't allow this!!
I have to remain aware
I have to . . .

Now I cannot move
I cannot see
I can barely hear
Or feel
I plead again
Begging for help
As I sense my mind
Clouding over

I will not get out
They will not find me
Until it is too late
This cold place,
Whatever it is,
Is going to be my tomb

I struggle to whisper
How much I love
My dear siblings
And my friend
As I become
In oblivion
And drift away

My last thoughts are that
I hope they know
How much I love them
And how hard I tried
To stay alive

I will never forget you


I hear many voices . . .
Young Mokuba is sobbing
Bakura is saying sadly
That it is too late
That I am gone
I hear Kaiba as well
And Ishizu and Rishid
They are all here
They all think I am dead

But I am not dead!!
I am here, I realize
I am still alive!!
I struggle to open my eyes
To give them some indication
That I am yet with them

I draw a gasping breath
Taking in the welcome air
And Bakura notices
He calls out to the others,
So happy,
That I am breathing

My siblings have already noticed

Some sort of feeling is returning now
I am being held close
And I hear Rishid's joyous voice
Ishizu is crying happy tears
And they both embrace me

I hear Mokuba cry in delight
As he runs over and
Takes my hand
He is no longer angry or hurt

Kaiba directs for them to take me
Out on the deck
Thinking that perhaps that will help me
Regain consciousness
Rishid lifts me gently
And though I cannot respond
As I would like to,
I move as close to him as I can

I nearly died tonight
Perhaps I was dead
And I do not remember
But I am alive now
And I am so thankful
So very thankful

The cool night air
Revives me more
And at last I am able
To open my eyes
I gaze up at those I love
I am surrounded by them

"Oh Marik!" Ishizu exclaims,
Holding my hand close
To her cheek
I smile weakly at her,
Squeezing her hand,
And then I look at Rishid

He is holding me
Across his lap
And gives me a look of
Pure joy
And tenderness
As he whispers my name
I smile at him as well
Laying my head on his shoulder

I look over and see Mokuba
And I try to speak
My voices comes out raspy
But thankfully it's still here
I try to explain my earlier actions
And he runs over
Hugging me now
And sobbing that he's so sorry
That he was just afraid
I smile and say it's alright

I cannot understand how
I am still among the living
Or how I was found in time
But the details do not really matter
I learn later that it was Mokuba
Who found me
And that I had been locked in a freezer
At the morgue
A horrible death

I can barely recall
My thoughts during that time
I was so confused
As if there had been a thick fog
Over my mind
Thank heavens it's over

Rishid takes off his cloak
And wraps me in it
Seeing I am shivering
I settle down in his arms
Encircled about with all those
Whom I care for so very much,
Never wanting
To be separated from them

I pray I will never have to be