Timeless Scars

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~Chapter One~

The Return

It was a gray, cloudy day in Birmingham; the sun barely shone, even though it was close to noon already. It seemed like a normal end-of-autumn day; no leaves were left on any of the trees, and the wind was chilly, the kind that makes faces sting. No person would think that it wasn't an ordinary day; not the boy down the street selling newspapers, not the lady walking on the sidewalk with two children tugging at her skirt, not even the man that sold hot soup on a wagon up the street.

A young man made his way towards the boy selling newspapers and paid for a copy. However the headline news were not of the least interest to him ("Temperatures expected to drop to 5 below zero") but he instead looked at the date, which read "November 28, 1997", and he immediately flashed a rather mischievous grin and disposed of the paper.

Not far from there, an old man looked out the window, warm and cozy in his hideout, where no one recognized him and no one dared enter. However, one look out the window sent his pulse beating very fast, like it hadn't done in ages. He was shocked, utterly shocked at who he saw, but it must've been his imagination because as soon as he blinked, the person had thrown the newspaper and disappeared. The old man pressed his nose against the window, his red eyes looking wildly at the crowd below, his snake-like nostrils dilating from the cold.

"Looking for someone?" said a hiss behind him and his fears were confirmed, he jerked back and faced the young man he had seen with the newspaper; he had wild, raven-colored hair, and icy blue eyes. He recognized himself in those eyes; it was his 18-year-old self, but how? He reached out a long, white, shaky finger and prodded the man's chest, he was real. "Are you surprised to see me… or yourself? I must say it is quite a shock for me too, old man. To see what I have become, I actually feel pity for myself; I would have thought I could find the secret to immortality at a young age, but I look so… old. And by the looks of it, no immortality," he said and passed his hands through his hair angrily. "You of all people know that you do not posses patience whatsoever, and neither do I… you… I… whatever! Same person… bloody hell…" he trailed off and huffed indignantly.

"How did you travel forward?" the old man asked, glaring slightly at the other man. "I remember 1944; research for Time Travel was not up yet."

"Don't forget the ruddy diary…" said Tom gruffly and pulled out his wand. "You are no use for me, too old, too forgetful,"

"I am not forgetful," growled Voldermort "That's one thing I am not. Remember you are going to become this, you will become me."

"I can do much better as I look right now, I have all the knowledge," he twirled his wand on his fingers "Think about it, old man, think about the possibilities."

Voldermort's face lit up slightly and the color came back. He seemed to be thinking along the same lines as Tom was, they both grinned at each other. "Okay, boy, you've got yourself what you want. I always knew I'd had to sacrifice a lot, so why not myself? It'll be me after all anyway."

"Exactly," said Tom and smirked, "Don't worry, you won't even feel a thing."


The freedom was something he hadn't experienced in a long time. In this time no one knew his name, no one knew his appearance, and those who did were dead, or not close to him. However there was one man who could blow it all up, actually there were five people who knew him, but they all were in the same place, unfortunately, it was the place he wanted to go.

But he wasn't going to let this put a damper on his plans, there was no need for them to even know he was here, he only planned to show himself to one of them; Ginny Weasley. She was the whole reason on why he spent the last three months figuring out a way to travel forward in time without the so-called technology that now existed in the wizarding world. She was the only reason for him to actually look forward to something.  He just hoped she hadn't found a way to take off the Drop of Inroro. If she had, or someone else had, then his plans were not at all plans, it would all blew up in his face.

No one could take those off anyway, unless by some kind of very ancient magic. What bothered him was the ancient magic was so simple. It didn't even require a wand, it would be just enough for her to fall in love with another person and that other person would be able to take the Drop off. But as long as the Drop was actually on her, there was no possible way she would fall in love with anyone else.

That was the one thing he hadn't told her: it was a spell. A spell that made her only have eyes for him, it kind of blinded her, she was forced to love him, the Drop controlled her. That was how hers worked. He hadn't really made his; it had appeared as he made hers. Mainly because, as it was ancient magic as well, the law was that love had to be reciprocated. If someone was forced to love another person, then that other person had to love him/her back. But his wasn't a spell; his spell was put by her, but not intentionally. He had fallen for her without any magic. However, his Drop couldn't be taken off by anybody but her, unless he fell in love with another person too. But he wouldn't make that mistake again. He did it once and it had to end.

She would help him now, in this time, her time.

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