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Rei smiled as he stuck the note in the post office window. "Drummer available Monday to Friday, for pubs, shows, etc. £5.50 an hour," he read. "Perfect."

Several days later-

Ring ring Rei's mobile phone rang and he fished for it in his pocket. "Yep, Rei speaking, who is it?" he spoke into the handset.

"Peter Brackly, I run the Wolf and Lamb in Emerly. Are you the drummer?"


"Are you free to come round the pub on Friday at seven o'clock?"

"Yeah, that's fine. What time will I finish? And how long beforehand can I come to set up?"

It'll probably go on until about one in the morning. Could you come and set up at six thirty?"

"Ok, I'll come along then. Bye" Rei switched off his phone, grinning. /Six hours! That's great… I'll be able to buy a new set of sticks at last/

- - - - - - -

Friday, six thirty-

Rei was wearing tight leather trousers that show off the lines of his muscles and a black denim jacket over a black T-shirt. His long raven hair was wound in a black cloth, decorated with the Chinese symbols for life and fire.

He climbed out of the taxi and handed the man the money. "Could you give me a hand with the kit?"

"Sure." Together the two of them moved all the cymbals and drums to the pub entrance.

"Thanks, mate." The slang expression was awkward on Rei's tongue, but the driver didn't notice.

As the other man turned back to the taxi, Rei began the task of taking the heavy drum kit inside, piece by piece.

"Ah good, you made it." A large, bald man stepped up to Rei. "Peter Brackly. We spoke on the phone?" He held out one large hand.

Rei turned with an easy smile. "Rei Kon." They shook hands. "Where should I put the kit?"

"In the corner by the bar. You need any help?"

"Yes, if you don't mind."

Seven o'clock-

Rei hit one of the cymbals for attention. "Any requests?"

A drunk yelled out, "Something fast, swee' thin'."

"You're the boss!" Rei struck up a beat with his foot on the base drum, then stared to tap on the largest cymbal. After a second, he added more and more of the drums, getting faster and faster until he was stretched to his limit, and the drunk and his gang were tapping their feet and laughing.

Rei finished the beat and called out, "Anyone else?"

Over the evening, Rei played so much, and so fast, that he was often panting for breath after each beat. After one such rhythm, Rei was flopped on his seat, breathing deeply so he could go on to the next song, when a large male body, stinking of beer and smoke, walked up to him and patted him on the knee. "Hey there. You're very pretty, you know that?"

Rei glared at him. "Not interested, go away and find someone who is."

The fat man turned to his companion, snickering. "Ooh, he's a spicy one, ain't he?!" He turned back to Rei. "Come on, pretty boy, aren't you just a little bit-"

"No. Go away." Rei spoke coldly, then looked pointedly back at his drum kit. He was afraid, but he didn't let it show in his voice, knowing that a single tremor would tell the man that he had an advantage.

The male in front of him snorted, then abruptly sobered. "You're being paid by my brother to work in his pub. That means that you have to do whatever he wants you to do until you leave." He turned to the bar, and yelled, "Hey, Pete! Don't he have to do what you tell him to do, as it's you who's payin' him?"

"Yeah, why, don't he wanna play with you?" The owner yelled back. Rei swallowed hard. This could turn nasty.

"Nah." He turned back to Rei. "See, now come give us a go"

Rei stood up, appalled and frightened at what this man might do to him. "Mr Brackly, I'm going now. As I didn't stay for the whole time you only owe me £18.00, could we settle that up please?"

"Fine. Come round through the bar, we can sort it out in the kitchen." Rei followed Peter, but unseen by him, the large man followed them.

Peter counted out the eighteen pounds and handed it to Rei. "Here you go. You're a very good player, you know."

"Thank you." Rei pulled out his mobile and turned to walk out of the door. However, the fat man from earlier stood in his way.

"This is Jim. You met him earlier, I think." Peter was still pleasant, but now had a strange smile on his face. "You wouldn't play with him then, so you have to do it now. Believe me, you should have just gone along with it then. This will hurt a lot more than any fawning you were going to get earlier"

Rei dropped into a combat stance as Jim approached him "Come any closer and I'll hurt you." Focusing all his attention on Jim, he didn't notice Peter sneaking up behind him until it was too late, and he was being held in a chokehold round his neck.

"Now you can go and play in Jim's room. You don't need to see to get there." Peter put one thick finger on a pressure point on the teenager's neck. "Bye bye." He pressed down hard, and Rei went out like a light.

- - - - - - - -

Jim's room-

When Rei awoke, he had his hands tied behind him, and discovered that he was not even going to be shamed in private. Peter was going to watch as Rei was degraded forcefully. The teenager was dressed only in his trousers, but his chest and stomach muscles, tense as always, showed that he wouldn't go down without a fight.

Jim approached him. He was also dressed in only trousers, but his belly was way past his belt line. Rei trembled in fright at what was to come. Jim lay down next to Rei, who lashed out with his left foot. In a flash, Peter was there, aiming the barrel of a handgun, complete with silencer, at Rei's head. "Try that again and I will shoot you where you lie."

Rei bit hard on his lip to keep from whimpering in fear as Peter stepped back, into the shadows of the hallway.

Jim rolled over until he was facing Rei, who was staring, terrified at the ceiling. He started to trail kisses up the boy's neck. When Rei didn't respond, being frozen with fear, Jim bit down slightly on Rei's windpipe, leaving him gasping for breath.

"Don't be silly. Help me with this and you can go, but if you don't, it will take forever." Jim knelt up on top of the duvet covers, hooked one of his legs round one of Rei's, then pulled himself over the top of the boy's stomach and groin, until Rei could barely breathe, and the smell of cigarette smoke and alcohol was overpowering him.

Jim moved from sitting up to lying down on the teenager, and Rei went pale as he felt the man's trousers grow tense against his own body. Jim sat up again, annoyed at Rei. "You're no good. Shall I help you along?" Without waiting for an answer, he slapped Rei hard about the face. Rei moaned in pain, and Jim smiled in satisfaction.

He trailed his hands underneath himself to Rei's groin, then slowly pulled the zip of the boy's trousers down and slipped his hand inside, pulling Rei's trousers off slowly. He had to move off the boy to do that, and Rei breathed deeply to get the smell of the man out of his system. Jim slowly pulled off his own trousers, and then his underpants. Rei went even paler. (A/N – Oh crap, now I have to try and sort this out…It's not going to have rape in it, I swear!)

As Jim approached him, there was a rustling outside the window. He twitched and snarled to Peter, "Check it." The other man walked over to it, still pointing the gun at Rei.

As he drew back the curtains, there was a smash and a bullet shot through the window just next to the man's face and buried itself in the roof. Peter flinched backwards, then regained his senses. He sprinted to the bed where Jim and Rei were lying, and roughly pulled the teenager off the bed. Holding the gun to the trembling boy's head, he yelled, "Shoot again and I'll blow his brains out!"

There was a rustle of bushes, and a man in police clothing approached the building. "Don't rush into anything you might regret later-"

"Shaddup!" the drunkard pushed the gun even harder to Rei's head, making the boy squeeze his eyes tightly shut and whimper slightly. Jim pulled his boxers on and walked over to them, then grabbed Rei on his shoulder in a painful hold that made the boy moan in pain. "Listen here. We're going to come out the back entrance, and you are going to put your guns away, and let us go past, or…" he turned and smirked at Rei, "he dies."

"Ok, we'll do that." The officer nodded curtly to his colleague. "Do as he says."

- - - - - - -

Five minutes later-

The trio of males stepped out of the building. Jim was fully dressed now, though Rei had only his trousers on. Jim had Rei's arms twisted up behind his back, and the young teenager was bent forwards in a vain attempt to relieve himself of some of the pain. The police officer that had spoken to them earlier gestured to the guns by each officer's feet. "You are aware, of course, of the penalty that you will receive when you are arrested?"

"Shaddup!" Jim shoved Rei forwards, towards a dark red Cadillac. As they reached the car, Peter took the gun from Rei's head so he could open the door. That one moment was enough for Rei to twist himself away from Jim, kick the man in the shins and elbow him in the side of the head, and then turn to Peter, who was aiming the gun at him. "That, my little hostage, was a big mistake."

Peter stepped towards Rei, aiming the gun at the teenager's heart. Rei moved backwards, then fell over Jim, who was lying on the floor, unconscious from the blow Rei had given him. He shuffled backwards as Peter walked ever closer. "Please… don't…" Rei's face was beaded with sweat and as he hit a rubbish bin he went deathly pale. Peter had the gun at point blank range when a voice came from behind them.

"Drop the gun or we'll shoot you." The voice was that of the police officer.

Peter didn't flinch. "I don't care. He is going to die!" He shouted, grinning maniacally at Rei.

Knowing that the only way he was going to get out of the situation was if he did something about it himself, Rei tensed his leg muscles and kicked out at Peter's ankles. The man went down with a shout, and there was a great bang.

Rei felt a drop of something warm and wet trickle down his right arm from his shoulder, and then a wave of terrible, relentless pain followed its path. He was conscious just long enough to see his blood start to spill in a flood down his arm from the wound. He muttered, "Oh, crap," in a strangled voice, then sank into an unknowing sleep.

Peter, who had hit his head on something as he fell, was dragged to his feet, unconscious, and shoved into a police car.

One of the officers knelt down beside Rei. "Kid, can you hear me?" There was no response, and the officer shook his head. "God, he only looks about fifteen. We should take him to the hospital. It would take too long for the ambulance to get here."

One of the other officers, this one female, nodded. "I'll take him" She had kids of her own, and what this boy had gone through sickened her. She lifted him up and strode to the nearest car, commandeering the keys from the male about to climb inside. Rei's head fell back over her arm, and his ponytail fell with it. It reached nearly to the ground, and the glossy black hair revealed at the end waved gently in the breeze. The woman's eyes threatened to overflow with tears at the innocence of the young face, half-covered with untidy black bangs.

As she lay the boy on the back seat, she accidentally knocked his arm, and he let out a sob of pain that made her shudder and stroke his face with a gentle, shaking hand.

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