Author: Asrai


Rating: R

Summary: What if Buffy was the screwed up one?

Spoilers: General spoilers for Btvs seasons 1 - 3

Disclaimers: I don't own Btvs nor do I make any money out of this; no copyright infringement is intended.

A/N: A big, fat thank you to Holly and Kat who were willing to beta-read this fic for me!=)

Sister of Night


It's been 24 hours now.

Twenty-four hours ago I sat with Thomas in his apartment and he made breakfast for me. I know, two o'clock in the afternoon isn't exactly breakfast time but you just don't get me out of bed earlier. He'd made fresh orange juice and I had to drink it, as always, and I moaned and bitched about it, as always. But you wanna know a secret? Breakfast just isn't the same without him forcing that damn stuff down my throat.

Anyway. I'll never have to drink it again and that thought almost makes me cry.

But me, I don't cry, haven't since I was a kid. I don't plan on starting now. God, this bus is uncomfortable.

I wiggle in my seat and my arm accidentally brushes against the window. Ouch. Can this slayer healing just kick in already? My arms are full of cuts and burns; I'm a walking bruise and it hurts like hell. Big ouch. If he'd be there, he'd have bandaged me up by now, tucked me into bed despite my protests and given me some painkillers. But he isn't; he's-

I don't think I'm ready to use the d-word yet. It's quite funny, isn't it; after that kind of night you'd think I'd learn my lesson and stay away from the whole saving the world business. No more demons, no more vamps, just me trying to survive without the person who's been my family for the last five years.

But no, instead of escaping the hell I've lived in, I'm heading straight for another one, and quite literally to boot. Finally, I've reached my destination as the bus passes a big sign:

Welcome To Sunnydale