Title:: So I Need You

Author:: Lokaia

Summary:: Another of what has apparently become the Title First, Story After series. Bova/Harlan, slash.

Rating:: PG

Disclaimer:: Space Cases and everything associated with it does not belong to me. The title is Three Doors Down's. The plot is mine.


Just because every time you say my name in class, I usually drop something.

Just because I defended you that time Suzee called you stupid. And, no, I don't remember which time.

Just because I looked over your essay before you turned it in.

Just because I listened to you bitch one night for about three hours.

Just because I let you hug me.

Just because I talked to you after you failed the test, and you said I made you feel better.

Just because after you said that, you accused me of blushing. Which you have no proof of, dammit.

Just because I was pissed after Suzee kissed you.

Just because I was pissed that she kissed everyone but me, and all you did was laugh.

Just because I almost smiled when you apologized. Almost, dammit.

Just because you're suddenly talking to me more than you ever talked to Radu.

Just because I was glad you blew Suzee off yesterday.

Just because you're the only one who'll listen to me rant.

Just because you're the only one I tolerate the 'Uranus' joke from. Sometimes.

Just because you've saved my life more times than I can count.

Just because every time you touch me, every hair on my neck stands up.

Just because I let you kiss me.

Just because I kissed you back.

All right, fine. So I need you. That's no reason to rub it in, Harlan Band.