Upon the dark side of the moon, a mysterious shadow began stirring in the depths of a chasm.it began to rouse, forming a skeleton's hand___a bony jaw formed and spoke___ "___Dark___master___" a pale white ghost descended from the unknown___it was a teen, with a shadowed figure, carrying two lances and his face hidden behind a torn muffler. His eyes seemed at peace, as though all things were contenting. The dark mass spoke again___ "Help___me___darkness___" as it groped for the ghosts robe. The ghost stared bitterly at it as though it felt only respite for the being. "___Please___help___me," whispered the shadow, it began to fall into place, and the liquid mass leaned towards his face. Its face took a form of.a woman. "Please Master___help___Me." said the female figure. The ghost seemed aghast to see this figure, as though scared and surprised. The woman held out its bony hand yet again, as it began to slide back down to the mass. The ghost hesitated in touching it.closer and closer his hand went___until finally it took it. The woman's eyes turned deep scarlet and grinned maliciously at his captive, laughing manically. The ghost struggled under the slime___until finally it took him

"SCHMIDT!!!" screamed Meis as he jolted awake, sweaty and disoriented. He grasped his hair, breathing deeply. He stared at his mirror, and gasped. He saw three wisps of light suddenly flash deep scarlet. He began to hear the silent patting of running footsteps___Bang! Out comes the door from the hinges, as Trey stood there, blazon-eyed as he wielded his newly forged broadsword. Right beside him was a fear-stricken Sodina that rushed to Meis's side. "Oh my gosh, are you all right Meis?" whispered Sodina as she hugged him tight as though thanking that he was fine. "Where are they?" he said, wildly staring around as though daring someone to come in and terrorize his new family. "Was it a bad dream, Meis?" rocked Sodina as she held his hand. Meis was silent, fear-stricken, the vision was so clear that it seemed impossible. 5 long years have passed since Meis defeated the Dark Emperor, but it seems he has returned. He stared at Sodina, she too possessed the Light spirit when they forged Trey's blade, a bright aura radiated from Meis's hammer at each swing. He sighed deeply and said, "I just hope it is just a bad dream"