Thief in the night

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Chapter one - An introduction

Xander studied the huge wall in front of him and sighed. Here he was all by himself in the world, finally somebody other than the zeppo and he was miserable, very miserable.

Willow was to blame for his miserabality, she'd made a final mistake with her magic and it had backfired all over him. Willow drunk for possibly the first time in her life had returned from a bar and had decided that Dawn needed protecting. Then willow had decided that the only way to do that was to turn Dawnie into a slayer. A spell had been cast and at the last minute Xander had stumbled into the room to ask what the hell Willow thought she was doing and kabloomby.

The fall out had been massive. The Summer's residence completely totaled, Dawn, Buffy and Giles had been lucky to make it out alive. Willow his sweet willow had been killed by a falling beam and Xander. Xander had accidentally stepped into the path of the spell. A spell that was screwy from the start.

In the days after the explosion he had shrunk two foot in height, lost about 60 pounds and had reverted back to a teenage form. A teenager around 13 years old. On the plus side he was stronger, faster and more powerful then he had ever been in his life. But none of that really mattered without Willow to share it with.

Leaving Sunnydale had been the only way to cope, so he had convinced Giles to let him go stay with an Uncle in New York who was too drunk most of the time to ever remember Xander's true age. Gile's had agreed on the proviso that Xander call him once a week without fail. This Xander had agreed to and had not yet failed to do so.

Once in New York things had gone from bad to worse to terrible. His Uncle Mack lost his job and his house so by proxy Xander became homeless as well. Then he became mixed up in the only scheme he could think of to get some money and make a new life. Xander robbed houses. Big expensive massive houses.

The scheme went, an old man Clive told Xander what house to rob and sometimes waited outside with a shotgun to provide moral support. Xander would jump into a window, mostly on the second story and would grab as much shiny stuff as he could. Then Xander would give the shiny stuff to the old man who would sell it and give Xander a wad of cash in return.

" What is this place?" Xander asked turning around and facing a large mansion. Clive who was leaning against a tree tracing a pattern on the barrel of his shotgun, shifted the gun and replied.

" It's a school for very rich kids. Lots of wallets and watches" Clive's eyes lit up and Xander looked for dollar signs in the deep blue irises.

" Clive a school? I don't know about this" Clive patted the butt of the shotgun and Xander rolled his eyes.

" Fine, but this is the last time" Xander muttered and leapt the wall before Clive could ask what he meant by the last time.

Xander sprinted across the large lawn almost perpendicular to the ground. Stopping behind the hedge of a large basketball court he looked up at the mansion. Third window from the left, small, open. Probably the bathroom.

Taking a final glance around Xander sprung into the air and practically flew up towards the window. Grabbing a hold of the buildings guttering he eased himself inside the small gap of the open window.

Once inside the house Xander froze in place for a whole minute before creeping out of the bathroom and running lightly down the corridor. Not game enough to steal from the bedsides of sleeping children, Xander headed down the stairs and into what appeared to be a living area. A silver watch had been left on top of the television so he picked that up and also snagged a silver ashtray with the remnants of a cigar in it. Tossing the cigar rubbish on the floor, Xander crept through the house and into an office.

A wallet left on a bookcase revealed a couple of hundred bucks and several small trinkets looked promising. Finishing up with the first floor, Xander climbed the stairs to the third floor and investigated an empty bedroom and then made his way up to the fourth floor.

Xander was halfway through ransacking a book bag when he froze. The light was flicked on and Xander whirled around dropping the book bag instantly. Crap. Caught.

A huge man with a weird peaked hairdo and massive sideburns stood in his boxers and bare hairy chest next to a smaller more normal looking man, wearing cotton pajamas pants a plain white t-shirt and of all things red sunglasses.

" Kid" The hairy man's voice was like a growl and when the man moved into the room it was more of a prowl then a walk.

Xander stared back at the two, sizing them up, looking for possible weaknesses. He wasn't much into confrontation these days, it was strange now that he knew he had the power to do a lot of damage if it weren't a vamp he went out of his way to avoid hurting it.

" I think I should go" Xander stammered nervously and edged towards the door that sunglasses was still covering.

" What are you doing here?" Sunglasses asked and Xander shrugged, there was a growl behind him.

" Ok so I may have been robbing you, but I'll just give all the stuff back and be on my way" Xander blurted out a little put off by the sound the man was making behind him.

Reaching into various pockets Xander started to pull out the watch and ashtray and other various things he had collected.

" Looks like you've been busy" Growl man pointed out and wisely Xander decided not to answer that question.

" Can I go?" Xander asked and the growl changed to a laugh, he guessed that meant no.

" Scott is the Professor awake?"

" Yeah he'll meet us downstairs," Scott answer and he moved away from the doorway.

" Come on " Growl man said encouraging Xander towards the door by walking towards him.

" Where are we going?" Xander asked nervously and Scott replied

" To see the man who you just robbed." Well that wasn't good.

Xander followed Scott out of the room and headed down the hallway towards the stairs. A breeze played across the back of his neck and he turned and looked past wolf dude. An open window lay at the end of the corridor and outside that window was freedom. Ok so Clive not freedom.

Breaking into a sudden run, Xander slipped past wolf man who shouted after him. He didn't turn though Xander was too focused on the window.

" There's nowhere to go that way " Wolf man called out his voice almost a taunt but Xander didn't slow down.

" He's going to jump!" Scott yelled horrified as Xander finally made it to the window and he tried to block out the two yells of anguish as he dove headfirst out of the window.

Going head first probably hadn't been the smartest idea but once he had picked himself up from the ground with only a couple of minor cuts and a big one on his shoulder he set off in a sprint towards the wall Clive was waiting at.

The distance was quickly swallowed up by Xander's speed and he was hardly even out of breath when he reached the place he had left the old man.

" Clive!" He yelled in a whisper, the old man stepped out from behind a tree and looked at the house, lights were coming on all over the place.

" We're busted " Xander whispered and Clive nodded

" They see you?" He asked calmly and Xander turned towards the house and nodded. He tensed as he saw two figures running around the side of the house to the spot underneath the window.

" Yeah, quick they're." His words were cut off by the loud blast of a shotgun. Fire ran through his back and Xander lost his footing as he was propelled forwards.

Clive's feet disappeared from his peripheral vision and Xander blinked hard against the pain in his back and tried to sit up. After a moment he managed to pull himself from a prone position into a sitting position. Crawling backwards away from the house Xander propped himself against the base of a tree and leaned back gently against the bark. He just needed to sit a moment and give his advanced healing an hour or eight to work on closing the bullet wound in his back and the exit wound in his chest. In the mean time he held a hand to his chest and tried not to panic at the amount of blood that was flowing from the wound.

Looking back at the house Xander saw that the two figures investigating the area under the window were coming towards him. Xander sighed and tried to blend into the tree. With the bullet wound sucking all his energy he had no hope of moving away further.

The two figures came quickly as they sped across the lawn, but once they neared the trees and the wall they slowed. The largest figure on the left who Xander assumed was wolf man stopped and raised his head slightly.

" I smell blood" He warned his companion and the edged towards Xander's hiding place.

Sniffing the air as he came Wolf man came across Xander almost instantly.

" Kid?" Wolf man questioned as he came into view and Xander looked up at him.

" Kid?" Wolf man questioned again and then he started towards Xander when he saw the blood.

" Jesus Christ, you've been shot!" Wolf man exclaimed and Xander managed to nod once before passing out.

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