Thief in the Night - Final Chapter

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Chapter 20 - Epilogue

The cave had vanished and Xander stood in wide expanse of white nothing, a place he had been before, last time he had talked with the PTB. Xander looked around excitedly remembering that last time he was here the PTB had promised to talk to him again once he had saved the world about returning him to his normal state. A small smile played across Xander's lips,

"I wouldn't if I were you." The same voice he had heard last time stated and Xander frowned,

"What?" The boy asked,

" Smile,"

The smile vanished and Xander glanced around him,

"I saved the world right?" Xander demanded for a moment worried about the people who had been in the cave a moment ago,

"For now, yes it would appear that the world is indeed saved." The voice explained but the smile stayed gone from Xander's lips.

"So what's wrong? I closed the portal didn't I? Oh god I'm not dead am I?"

"No you're not dead and you did close the portal." Xander shook his head confused,

"Then why can't I smile? "

" Because now you must make your choice and it is not a choice that should be taken lightly."

"Are you actually going to give me to valid options this time?" Xander enquired and there was a small chuckle,

" Indeed."

"Ok so what does that mean?" Xander demanded and there was a sigh,

"I was playing with you, there will be two options each with different benefits and downsides, the pros and cons as you will."

"Speak English." Xander demanded,

"I'll play fair. "

" Really?" Xander asked

" Really." The voice replied and Xander shrugged,

"Ok so what are my options?" Xander asked

"Option 1 is that I will promptly return you to your 'normal' reality. Any link to the X-men will be erased and you will return home to Sunnydale in your original state and at your original age and you may continue with your previous life." The voice stated

"Sounds great," Xander exclaimed and then frowned,

"Wait, the X-men will never know that they met me?"

"That is correct."

"And what about Logan's son?" Xander asked

"Logan doesn't have a son, the bond between you two was artificially created." The voice stated and Xander rolled his eyes,

"I know that but Logan likes being a dad, can't you give him a replacement?"

"Logan does not yet have a family but that is not to say that in the future he will not enjoy fatherhood."

"So he's going to be a dad anyway, "Xander reasoned "Ok so that's all right I guess." Xander was talking to himself but the voice supplied,

"Would you like to hear option 2?"

Xander narrowed his eyebrows,

"I'm still thinking about option 1, so no not right this second."

"What is it about Option 1 that is concerning you?"

"You didn't mention anything about Willow, What's going to happen to Willow?" Xander asked frowning,

"Willow broke the rules, she interceded in matters that she shouldn't have, her punishment is as yet undecided." The voice explained and Xander looked shocked,

"Her punishment! She saved the world if she hadn't interceded then I would never have known what to do. She deserves to be rewarded not punished." Xander shouted,

"That is not the way it works." The voice explained and Xander let out a big sigh.

"So Willow doesn't get to see Tara?"

"Not at the moment, but after she has finished serving her punishment then there is still hope that the two may be reunited."

"That sucks." Xander ground out "This whole thing sucks. And there's nothing you can do for her?"

"There might be something."

"What?" Xander demanded

"Option 2. I will reunite Willow with her lover in heaven. If you agree to stay in the service of the PTB."

Xander stopped from where he had begun pacing,


"Two options Xander, both I think very reasonable. So now that you indeed have a choice which will it be?"

"I'm insulted that you would even ask, Willow saved the world and not just today but heaps of times with the Scooby's. If you won't reward her for that then I will. Option 2, now give the girl back her girlfriend."

There was an excited scream which echoed from the nothing and was met by a familiar happy squeal. Xander smiled as a warm glowing light enveloped him and he quickly sank into a blissful blackness then there was a flash and the boy was gone.

From the nothing came the voice again,

"Right then, let's get started."

AN: End Thief in the Night, but there will be a sequel